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Top 5 Vape Starter Kits and E-Liquids for giving up smoking

Top 5 Vape Starter Kits And E-Liquids For Giving Up Smoking

With Stoptober now in full swing, we understand that there may still be smokers that are thinking of giving up their cigarette habit. We would like to provide you with a selection of vape kits and devices that will make the switch easier and stress free. We have a variety of different vape kits and tanks including Mouth to Lung (MTL) tank, Sub Ohm Vape Kit (DTL) and Disposable Vapes but how do you know which would be the right option for you? Hopefully, the following breakdown will make this a little easier and help you on the way to becoming smoke-free, if you aren’t already!

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What is the difference between different types of vape kits?

For new vapers, we would always recommend using “vape starter kits”, which have been designed for people who are looking to make the switch to vaping. There are a variety of different options available including mouth to lung, sub ohm and disposable and they all work in slightly different ways to provide the user with their nicotine hit and have a range of different performance levels. We would recommend that if you are a new vaper then starter kits will be the ideal choice for you.

Which Starter Vape Kit is right for me?

We have come up with a selection of starter kits that are all very simple to use, offer a long lasting battery life and will be ideal for a new vaper.

1. ICON Vape Pod Kit


The ICON Vape Pod Kit is a durable vape kit that is designed to provide a simple vaping alternative to smoking and offers a range of delicious flavours too. The ICON Vape Kit is a rechargeable vape device that utilises replacement pods that are pre-filled with 1.5ml of a nicotine containing e-liquid.

The replacement vape pods are available in a variety of different flavour options including fruity flavours such as Lemon, Mixed Berry and Grape and also more traditional flavours for smokers to utilise like Tobacco and Menthol. This will give you the opportunity to use the pod and enjoy vaping the e-liquid within until it is empty. Then you can simply change the pod if you would like to vape another flavour.

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2. Aspire Pockex Starter Kit

Aspire Pockex Starter Kit

The Aspire Pockex Starter Kit is a pen style vape kit that has been designed by Aspire and has become a go-to starter kit for a variety of vapers, new and existing. It has a slimline design and Aspire opted for creating this kit to use replacement aspire pockex coils which are available in a variety different resistances and cater for a variety of vapers.

We would recommend the 1.2 ohm resistance coils for new vapers that are looking for a mouth to lung style of inhale, which is similar to a cigarette inhale. The Pockex Also has 0.6ohm sub-ohm coils which provide a larger vapour production but are designed more for a direct to lung (DTL) inhale.

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3. Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit by Uwell


The Caliburn AK2 is the newest Pod Kit from renowned vaping hardware manufacturer Uwell. The AK2 has a sleek and stylish design which is both compact and aesthetically pleasing. This pod style vape kit provides a clean and crisp flavour which is enhanced by the use of replacement pods that house a non-replaceable 0.9ohm mesh coil.

One of the incredible features of the Caliburn AK2 is it uses the A2 mesh coil replacement pods making it forwards and backwards compatible with the pods used with the Caliburn A2 Pod Kit. This impressive little vape kit contains a rechargeable 520mAh battery which is long lasting and will power the pods to provide an fantastic vaping experience.

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4. IORE Lite by Eleaf


The IORE Lite is a sleek vape kit that has been designed by Eleaf to provide up to 3000 puffs of incredible consistent flavour. This stylish vape kit has a compact design where the aesthetics of the device have been taken into consideration. It houses a 350mAh internal battery which is rechargeable via a Type-C USB charging port, which only takes a maximum of 40 minutes to charge The device uses the impressive replacement IORE Pods that offer a draw activated inhale system and the device has no fiddly buttons or settings for you to change. Simply enjoy vaping with this hassle-free kit.

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5. Thiner Pod Kit by Smok


The Thiner Pod Kit from Smok has been designed aesthetically to resemble a credit card styling and it has a compact design which is extremely lightweight. This device is creative and due to the space saving design is ideal for new vapers who are on the go a lot, including commuting or on nights out. The Thiner Pod Kit has been impressively designed and although the device ismall, it houses a large 700mAh internal battery and also features variable wattage between 5W - 25W of power.

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Which e-liquids will work best with my vape kit?

Starter kits are designed more for use with premium e-liquids and vape juices that contain a ratio of fifty percent of vegetable glycerin (VG) which ensures that the coils will provide great performance and the liquid is thin enough to be vapourised by the higher resistance coils. These e-liquids will also contain fifty percent of Propylene Glycol (PG) which is a mixing agent that is combined with the VG to create the main liquids base. The only other additional ingredients within the e-liquids will be natural and/or artificial flavours and for those who require, nicotine can also be included within the e-liquid too.

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What e-liquid flavours should I vape?

We have a fantastic variation of flavours available which are created by e-liquid manufacturers from all over the world. Here at Ecigwizard, we have hand-selected some of the most popular ranges and would like to give you a little information regarding some of the flavours we would suggest as a great coupling for the device mentioned above.

If you decide to go with the ICON Vape Kit then you will not need to purchase any bottles of vape juice, due to the ICON Pods coming pre-filled with delicious flavour choices. This can be seen as both a positive and negative as the flavours available in the ICON range are delicious, but there is no way for you to refill the pods with an e-liquid of your own choosing.

The Pockex vape kit has been designed to be a hybrid vape device which, depending on the coils you prefer to use, will determine the type of e-liquid you will want to use. If you use the 1.2 ohm replacement coils, which provide a mouth to lung inhale, then we would suggest using either 50VG/50PG e-liquids or Nicotine Salts. Traditional e-liquids use a freebase nicotine which provides a harsher throat hit and nicotine salts offer a smoother inhale. Both types of nicotine will satisfy your cravings, but depending on your personal preference, will determine which will work best for you.

The Caliburn AK2 is a new vape kit which is perfectly paired with a variety of 10ml e-liquids including nicotine salts. The pods hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and we have some fantastic ranges including the Forbidden Island Salts which are available in either 10mg or 20mg of salt nicotine. The flavoured e-juices within these ranges provide a delightfully enjoyable vaping experience that has a smooth inhale and minimal throat hit.

If the IORE Lite is to your liking, we would suggest trying the Button Junkie Salts range of e-liquids, which offer a plethora of enticing flavour options which have become one of the most popular e-liquid choices, especially for new vapers. Button Junkie has reformulated their deliciously exotic vape juice range with salt nicotine to provide a smooth inhale while still creating irresistible flavour and sweetness that will tantalise your taste buds.

The Smok Thiner Pod Kit is perfectly designed to be compatible with a variety of 10ml e-liquids, including 50VG/50PG ratio vape juices and also Nicotine Salts. Our incredible WizMix Salt range would be one of the best choices for all starter vape kits including the Thiner Pod Kit.

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Where can I get the best e-liquids?

Here at Ecigwizard, we strive to bring you the best possible selection of e-liquids which are both our own ranges as well as vape juices from manufacturers from within the vaping industry. Whatever you choose to vape as your personal flavour preference, we are sure that you will find a fantastic choice on our website or you can visit one of our ecig stores where our highly trained staff will be able to assist you to the best of their ability.

Hopefully this will help you to enjoy your vaping journey, whether you are a new vaper or an existing vaper looking for a smaller vape kit for convenience.

Keep vaping and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!