Highest standard to our customers. All of our e-juices undergo strict testing to ensure that it is entirely safe to vape.

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E-liquids are one of the most crucial components of an e-cigarette and an essential product for each and every vaper. E-liquid (also known as e-juice)is the substance inserted into an electronic cigarette pod, tank or capsule which gives the e-cig vapour its flavour. E-liquids come in a variety of flavours, sizes, nicotine strengths and consistency in order to cater to vaper's needs. 

The majority of e-juices comprise of four main ingredients; VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol), flavourings and nicotine (nicotine-free options are available). Each component is entirely safe for consumption. All of these ingredients combined create the e-liquids that provide the fuel for your e-cig, allowing you to have a satisfying vaping experience.


As the e-liquid industry continuously develops and expands, it is imperative that you know precisely what you are buying. Thus, we can guarantee you that we only sell e-liquids of the highest standard to our customers. Not only do we ensure that we produce the finest e-liquids, we want you to understand exactly how our e-juices are manufactured and the safeguards that Ecigwizard have put into place. 

Ecigwizard is based in Peterborough and operates out of a 10,000 square foot premises, to an ISO 9001 accredited level. This includes an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom and an independent laboratory equipped with UKAS certified equipment. All of our flavours (excluding a few of our American brands) are sourced right here in the UK, at our state of the art, purpose built laboratories. Each of our liquids are fully CLP compliant and manufactured under the strictest conditions, to food grade standards, in our very own ISO Class 8 cleanroom. Every batch of e-liquid that we produce undergoes meticulous GC-MS testing to ensure that it is entirely safe for consumption. 

All of our e-juices are handcrafted to perfection, by us, to ensure that we produce the highest quality product for our customers. We work tirelessly to guarantee that all of our products consist of only the finest ingredients, never compromising on quality or safety. 


Our strict testing process also applies to all products belonging to our friends from across the pond, in the US. The US e-juice that we stock, are all GC-MS tested by our industry experts, using their years of experience to produce the best results. Our testers ensure that all the liquids we sell to the open market are both chemically pure and free from diketones, guaranteeing that our customers receive the highest quality e-liquid available.

If you need any more information, then feel free to give us a call on 0345 305 2585 and talk to one of our experts today.