In April 2021, Vype is transforming into Vuse, a global brand with a resigned look to match.

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Vype Is Changing To Vuse

We all need a makeover every now and then, and that’s exactly what Vype has done. In April 2021, Vype is transforming into Vuse, a global brand with a redesigned look to match.

New Name. New Look. Same Quality & Taste

 Don’t worry, Vuse will still feature all of the brilliant, high-quality products that Vype had to offer; just in a more stylish package. Vuse will not only be launching with an updated design, but the Vuse e-liquids range will be reformulated for an enhanced vaping experience.

Alongside the new e-liquid flavour range, Vuse will launch with a brand-new look. Each of Vuse’s e-liquids will have a distinctive visual design based on the flavours, so you’ll have no trouble spotting the products in your nearest store.

Improved E-Liquid Formula

After months of studying your feedback, Vuse has selected the best-rated flavours across their global vaping brands to be included in the new range. Their e-liquids have been reformulated by experts and tested by vapers, for an unmatched vaping experience.

Containing an efficient nicotine satisfaction and an abundance of flavour, Vuse is the place to be when it comes to e-liquid. 

New E-Liquid, New Device

Vuse will also be introducing the new Vuse eTank Mini, their latest device which has been designed to get the best out of the Vuse e-liquid range. With a perfect combination of performance and ergonomic design, the eTank Mini opens up a world of flavour. The tank has been developed to get the best out of your e-liquids, so you're in for a real treat. 

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