How to deal with the condition known as vaper's tongue occurs when vapers lose their ability to taste vape juice.

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Vaper's Tongue

Vaper's tongue - have you heard of it? Whilst we recently did an article busting the most common vape myths, vaper’s tongue is no myth, and happens to almost all vapers at some point in their journey.

Vaper’s tongue is essentially the sudden inability to taste e-liquids and can largely be caused simply by repeatedly vaping the same flavour of vape juice. Luckily, this will last no more than a few days, and there are a few tricks that can help get rid of vaper’s tongue:

1. Drinking More Water

This may sound cliché but drinking more water really may be the cure for vaper’s tongue as vaping is known to cause dry mouth which can block your taste buds from receiving the flavour of your vape juice.

2. Switching Juices 

We get it - there’s always that one vape juice that ticks all the boxes and leaves you with no urge to try any other, but remember, there are thousands of flavours out there that you haven’t tried yet and simply changing it up once in a while will keep you from losing your taste sense all together.

3. Try a Menthol/Ice Flavour

Whilst you’re waiting for your taste to come back, a menthol flavoured e-liquid may speed up the process by providing a tingling sensation that your taste buds will find hard to ignore. We have a range of menthol/ice-based flavours for you to browse.

4. Cutting Back

If you’re a frequent vaper, you may find that stronger nicotine levels may help keep your cravings away for longer, allowing you to cut back which could be all you need to do in order to kiss that pesky vaper’s tongue goodbye.

Remember, this does not replace professional advice, so if you’ve lost your ability to taste vape juice for some time or experience frequent recurrences, we advise seeking medical advice.

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