As part of the government's new "swap to stop" scheme, 1 in 5 smokers will receive support in switching from cigarettes to vapes.

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What is Swap to Stop?

We are finally seeing some positive news on vaping and the health benefits compared to smoking!

Health Minister Neil O'Brien announced a new "Swap to Stop" scheme. To help smokers quit, the UK's new initiative will provide free vapes and e-liquids. Previous schemes to supply free vapes to smokers were successful. In 2018, the UK conducted its largest 'Swap to Stop' trail programme in Salford. It was a big success, with more than 60% of those who remained becoming smoke free after 4 weeks!

As part of a government initiative to assist people to stop smoking, 1 million smokers in England will be given a vape starter kits and support.The 'Swap to Stop' scheme offer 1 in 5 smokers in England to switch for a 95% healthier alternative to cigarettes and tobacco.The government is putting in place a number of measures and initiatives to reach their goal of lowering smoking rates to 5% or less and becoming smoke free by 2030.

With conflicting information on vaping available, it can prove difficult to completely quit smoking tobacco products and switch. People often believe the most dangerous aspect of smoking is the nicotine. Although nicotine is addictive, it does not cause smoking related diseases like cancer or heart disease. In truth, the nicotine included in vapes and e-liquids is not concentrated enough to be harmful. Vaping does not expose the body to toxic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, which can cause diseases associated with smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes, nicotine from e-cigarettes is delivered in the form of a vapour, eliminating the need for burning of tobacco.

Additional Support for Pregnant Women

Along with offering 1 million smokers to exchange their cigarettes for vape kits, the scheme will provide women who are pregnant with a £400 incentive to quit smoking. Researchers believe that 9% of pregnant women in England continue to smoke. According to the government, local studies show that financial incentives and behavioural support could effectively discourage all pregnant women from smoking by the end of next year. Supporting more women in having a smoke free pregnancy will minimise the number of babies born underweight or underdeveloped, requiring on going care. It will also lower the chances of miscarriage and stillbirth. Quitting tobacco use reduces the number of smoking related conditions that must be treated, putting fewer demands on the NHS.

Here at Ecigwizard we welcome this announcement! We encourage people to make the switch and work towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Check out our informative support pages for more information on products and the positives of quitting smoking.

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