Calling all Elf Bar lovers, the new Elfliq Nic Salts by vape giants Elf Bar, are finally here and available in your favourite flavours.

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Elfliq Nic Salts by Elf Bar

Elfliq Nic Salts by Elf Bar

Calling all Elf Bar lovers, the new Elfliq Nic Salts are the vape giants latest release. These 10ml nic salt e-liquids are available in an impressive 12 flavours, but not just any flavours... each nic salt takes inspiration from the much-adored Elf Bar 600 Disposable Devices range.

The flavours aren't the only great thing about these nic salts as they are also cost effective, longer-lasting and environmentally-friendly


The Elfliq Nic Salts are priced at just £5.49 each. Whilst an average Elf Bar 600 comes in at £4.95 - exactly 54p cheaper initially, they are much more expensive in the long run. This is because a £5.49 Elfliq Nic Salt will last the average vaper approximately one week, compared to a disposable which may last a day or two - which may quickly see £4.95 mount to over £30 in just a week. 

Providing you already have a starter kit or pod device, all you spend per week is £5.49. However, if you do need to make a one-time purchase of a kit, we offer plenty of quality kits such as the Vaporesso Xros 2 Vape Kit which is priced at only £18.99, bringing your total to £24.48 (including one Elfliq Nic Salt), which is still much cheaper than the average weekly cost of disposables.


Elf Bar are one of the latest vaping companies to go green. Despite the Elf Bar 600 being a success, it is no secret that disposables are often under fire for their impact on the environment. The 10ml bottle which the Elfliq Nic Salts are stored in, are fully recyclable - they can be melted down and put to other uses. Disposables, on the other hand, are difficult to recycle and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose!

More About The Elfliq Nic Salts

Additionally, these Elfliq Nic Salts are conveniently available in two nicotine strengths - 10mg and 20mg. Nicotine salts are known for providing smooth yet strong throat hits, and absorb faster into the bloodstream than freebase nic. On average, nic salts take only around 6-7 seconds to work its magic!

They carry a 50VG/50VG ratio which is perfect for MTL vaping. The discreet vapour also closely replicates a cigarette, but these nic salts will outlast a whole pack of cigarettes as a mere 10ml of nic salt goes a long way.

We recommend using with low wattage kits such as the Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit or Vaporesso Xros 2 Vape Kit.

Full List of Flavours