Traffic Roots Audience Pixel Cancer Research UK states that there is "growing evidence from around the world that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking".

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Cancer Research UK supports vaping in the fight against cancer 

Cancer Research UK states that there is "growing evidence from around the world that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking"

In their most recent blog post, Cancer Research UK has endorsed vaping as an effective way of quitting smoking and supports its position to recommend electronic cigarettes to all smokers considering switching. CRUK writes: 

"There’s growing evidence from around the world that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking. In England, a study that looked at e-cigarette use and smoking cessation across the population estimated that e-cigarettes helped an additional 18,000 people in England in 2015 to quit for the long term. So, if e-cigarettes can provide support for individuals as an aid to smoking cessation, then that’s of interest to cancer researchers.”

"We now have evidence that e-cigarettes combined with the behavioural support from stop smoking services are also effective in helping people to stop smoking."

CRUK claims that misinformed concerns over the safety of vaping have hampered its progress, saying that over 12,000 people per month ask Google if vaping is safe. The charity states that there are a number of studies from around the world that all point towards vaping working as a smoking cessation tool, despite some of the negative press that has surfaced over the years.

"Some studies have shown harmful effects of e-cigarette vapour. However, these are usually conducted on animals or cells in the lab rather than in people. The best evidence available in humans shows e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. For example, one study found significantly lower levels of exposure to harmful chemicals in people who switch from smoking to vaping compared with those who continued to smoke."

CRUK points to the annual reviews conducted by Public Health England and reports by the Royal College of Physicians as evidence that vaping remains far less harmful than smoking.

"Huge amounts of research [shows] that tobacco is extremely harmful, which is why experts can be confident that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco. This is broadly agreed by researchers and public health bodies.”

'Regular vaping in young people in the UK remains very low'

Cancer Research UK also goes on to clarify that the rumours that e-cigarette use leads to smoking are misguided and ultimately untrue. It stated:

“There’s no strong evidence for a gateway effect in the UK. Although experimentation with e-cigarettes among young people has increased in recent years, regular vaping in young people in the UK remains very low. In a representative survey of 11 to 18 year-olds in Great Britain in 2020, out of 1,926 never-smokers, not a single person reported vaping daily.”

Cancer Research UK has gone a long way in supporting vaping in the fight against smoking-related diseases and this extra vote of confidence will further strengthen vaping's position. This statement from CRUK comes as welcome news after a month of promise that saw the introduction of a trial in which free e-cigarettes will be offered to smokers in A&E. As more studies emerge and more companies endorse vaping, we will certainly see an increase in the use of e-cigarettes as a tool of smoking cessation which, in turn, will hopefully lead to a drop in UK smokers. 

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