Due to concerns about vaping amongst young people, the Government has charted guidelines which will have huge implications for the vaping industry.

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The UK Government and Vaping

The UK Government and Vaping

Primarily due to concerns about vaping amongst young people, the UK Government has announced a ban on disposable vapes, which will become law after a 6 month period to allow retailers to make the required adjustments. 

These restrictions include:

  • Restriction of vape flavours.

  • Regulation of packaging.

  • Regulating point-of-sale displays.

  • Banning disposable vapes.

  • Taking action on the “affordability of vapes”.

These potential restrictions come during a time when the government plans to create Britain’s first “smoke-free” generation. If the government truly wants to reduce or even eradicate smoking altogether, limiting the public’s access to vapes could be one of the worst decisions they could feasibly make.

According to the NHS, adults who combine vaping with face-to-face support are up to twice as likely to quit smoking as people using other nicotine replacement products, like gum and patches (Source: Using Cigarettes to Stop Smoking). Whilst vaping is not completely risk-free, it is significantly less harmful than smoking, presenting a fraction of the dangers that smoking carries, and there is no reputable evidence to suggest vaping causes cancer (Source: Is Vaping Harmful?).

Much of the reasoning behind creating a “smoke-free” generation is the massive strain that smoking-related health problems put on our National Health Service. Within as little as one month of using vapes instead of conventional cigarettes, smokers studied by the University of Dundee were experiencing observable improvements in the health of their blood vessels (Source: Is Vaping Safe?).

A considerable number of reputable and accredited health organisations passionately recommend the use of vapes and E-cigarettes as an incredibly effective means of quitting smoking, that has the added benefit of not producing any tar or carbon monoxide, which are two of the most harmful chemicals found in cigarettes (Source: Clearing Up Some Myths About E-Cigarettes).

The NHS prescribe vapes as a smoking cessation tool, noting that vaping is regulated far more rigorously in the UK than in other countries, such as the United States (Source: What Are E-Cigarettes And Are They Safe?). 

According to Public Health England, in 2017 over 50,000 people who would have otherwise continued smoking quit via the use of vaping products (Source: Vaping in England). If the UK government has a genuine interest in creating a smoke-free country, surely these results are something to be encouraged, rather than pushed back against?

The evidence is irrefutable and backed by a gargantuan amount of trustworthy sources and reliable findings. Vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, whilst also being one of the most effective tools available to help quit smoking (Source: Guideline To Tackle the Health Burden of Smoking). 

The collective consensus of healthcare professionals is that vaping is an unquestionably effective means for reducing the percentage of smokers both in the UK and globally.

Whilst the relatively new status of vaping means that there is still uncertainty about the health implications of vaping over a long period of time, extensive research on the short-term effects of vaping clearly shows that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking and that vaping is incredibly advantageous in the struggle against both smoking and its associated health problems (Source: Electronic Cigarettes For Smoking Cessation).

Considering all of these findings, and the objective data that has been gathered by numerous organisations, it is evident that vaping is one of the strongest means in the fight against smoking. A smoke-free future is something that would be transformative for the well-being of us all, and ease the considerable burden that smoking places on our National Health Service.

The broad conclusion that these referenced case studies have reached is that more people vaping means fewer people smoking. However, given the grey area surrounding the long-term effects of vaping, it is easy to see why concerned parties are anxious about the possibility of under-18s taking up vaping, especially whilst their bodies are still developing. 

Here at Ecigwizard we have taken strides to ensure that young people don't have access to our products, by implementing safeguards such as a mandatory age verification check before every purchase. 

Whilst it is unfortunate that disposable vapes are being banned, we understand and appreciate the intention to oppose youth vaping, and we will continue to provide high-quality vaping products to our customer base, whilst also making certain that our wares are not falling into the hands of those who are below the age requirements outlined by health professionals. 

Although it is easy to fixate on the negatives, there are also a lot of positives to consider when reflecting on how far the vaping industry has come over the last few years! 

As of the end of 2023, Vapes are the fastest-growing retail product in the UK. One in eight people in the UK are smokers, which equates to 12.9% of our population. During the year 2000 27% of the UK's population were smokers. Considering this data, we can see a clear and incontestable link between the decreasing number of smokers and the emergence of vapes in the early 2000s. 

It cannot be disputed that the public availability of vapes has been a force for good in the war against smoking. 

Even though your favourite disposable vapes may be disappearing, almost every leading manufacturer of disposable vapes also provides a reusable alternative to their flagship product! SKE Crystal has the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit, Elf Bar has the Elfa Pod Kit, and Geekvape has an exhaustive selection of different reusable vape kits! 

These fantastic reusable vapes are functionally identical to their disposable counterparts, providing the same delicious flavours and satisfying nicotine hit, whilst offering a more cost-effective and environmental-friendly vaping experience! 

If you want to get your hands on something as close to your preferred disposable vape as you can manage, try taking a look at the reusable kits that the manufacturers of your favourite vapes also produce. 


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