How your body repairs itself after quitting, as well as touch on what to expect when you start vaping. what type of e-cigs & vape juices we’d recommend.

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What Happens When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping?

The incredibly harmful effects of smoking are well-known, but what might not be quite as widely known, however, is how your body repairs itself after having stopped and how quickly these changes take effect. We’re going to take a look at how your body repairs itself after quitting, as well as touch on what to expect when you start vaping and what type of e-cigs and vape juices we’d recommend to someone switching from smoking to vaping.

20 Minutes to 1 Hour

You might be somewhat surprised to learn that the process of your body repairing itself from the damage caused by smoking starts after as little time as about one hour after your last cigarette. During this timeframe, both your heart rate and blood pressure drop to a healthy level. For some, your circulation may also start improving.

8-12 Hours

Fast forward about 8-12 hours, and your body will start cleansing itself of Carbon Monoxide leftover from smoking. This, in turn, will lead the oxygen levels in your body to return to a healthy amount. This is because Carbon Monoxide is a highly toxic gas that prevents Oxygen from reaching our lungs in high doses.

24 Hours

So now that you’ve managed to go a whole day (24 hours) without a cigarette or roll-up, the constriction in your veins and arteries will reduce significantly. Not only this, but the further increased levels of Oxygen in your system will improve your heart’s functioning. Nicotine levels in your bloodstream will also decrease fairly significantly but don’t worry, you can always pick up a high-nicotine E-Liquid if you’re finding it hard to cope without that boost.

48 Hours

Congratulations, now you’ve made it to two whole days without smoking. Your reward? Well for starters, your nerve endings will start to regrow and repair themselves. Not only this, but you’ll also find that your senses such as taste and smell will be reinvigorated. We suppose now would be a good time to take in the strong flavours and aromas of the plethora of delicious vape juices we have available.

72 Hours

At the 72 hour mark, you’ll be breathing with greater ease, due to the bronchial tubes relaxing. This is triggered by the tar that has built up over the timeframe of your smoking habit reducing significantly.

1 Week

So now you’ve made it a whole week, congratulations! This is a pretty big thing, as your chances of staying off the cigarettes have gone way up. It’s said that smokers who successfully make it to one week without smoking are nine times as likely to successfully quit in the long run. Add a trusty vape kit and some tongue-tantalising vape juice to the equation and will you even look back?

2 Weeks

Fast forward another week or so and you may find that you’re slightly physically fitter than before. Maybe you can get more done in the gym, or you can go faster on your morning run without getting out of breath. This is due to further improvements in circulation and oxygenation (The addition of oxygen to the human body). After a month you’ll start feeling the benefits of having quit smoking. By now you’ll probably feel that your sinuses are a lot less congested and that you’ll find it easier not only during exercise but in general. The fibres in your lungs that protect them against bacterial infections and prevent the buildup of excess mucus will start to rebuild themselves.

3-9 Months

Between three and nine months of avoiding cigarettes and tobacco, you’ll probably find yourself coughing a lot less. There’ll also be less buildup of phlegm and mucus in general, as your throat and lungs will be less inflamed now that they’re being exposed to delicious and refreshing vapour, as opposed to nasty carcinogenic cigarette smoke. Your lungs will have had the chance to cleanse themselves of excess detritus that would’ve built up throughout your smoking habit.

1 Year

After one year the health benefits of having stopped smoking will be significant and noticeable. You’ll breathe better and cough less. You’ll perform better physically, whether that means on your run, in the gym, or at your physically demanding job. In addition to the plethora of health benefits that come with stopping smoking, you’ll also probably feel your wallet benefitting without cigarettes burning through your pockets as well as lungs.

10 Years

So now, let’s fast forward a decade. Your risk of lung cancer will have decreased by 50% compared to when you were smoking. Your cells that were previously at risk will by now have been replaced by healthy ones. Your risk of a heart attack will also have decreased, as E-liquid vapour doesn’t reduce oxygen flow to your heart or damage the lining of your arteries, as opposed to the harmful chemicals present in cigarette smoke (this can happen after three-five years of abstinence from smoking).

Vaping Advice

Now, to make the switch from smoking to vaping work you’ll want a bit of prior knowledge so that you’ll know what types of vape kits and juices will satisfy your nicotine cravings sufficiently. Firstly, we recommend a Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape device. This is because they more closely resemble the action and sensation of smoking, as opposed to Direct Lung devices. Vapour is held in the mouth before being inhaled into your lungs, again, much like smoking a cigarette.

Secondly, we’d suggest you start with some of the higher nicotine strengths E-Liquids and gradually work your way down. If you’re not getting a strong enough nicotine hit in your vape, you’ll likely fall back into the habit of smoking. For new vapers and former smokers, we’d recommend either 12mg or 18mg E-liquids.

12mg vape juices are designed with your typical 20 a day smoker in mind, whereas 18mg vape liquids are the highest nicotine strength we offer, made for the heaviest of smokers.

To learn more about the different nicotine strengths we offer at Ecigwizard, have a look at our guide on the different nicotine strengths. For information on vaping in general, check out our Ultimate Vaping Starter Guide. See here our Best Selling Vape Products.