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The JUUL2: Introducing JUUL’s New And Improved Starter Pod Kit

We don’t know if it’s just us or if you had an inkling too, but it’s apparent that JUUL are soon to be releasing the successor to their world-renowned and ubiquitous JUUL starter pod kit. While we don’t know much yet, what we do know is that the JUUL2 will feature several improvements to the functionality of its predecessor, including:

JUUL2 Device

Key Features:

  • Bigger and more powerful battery, improving its lifespan in-between charges.
  • Impressively child-proof design, utilising Bluetooth technology to combat underage use.
  • This Bluetooth technology is also supposed to allow vapers to monitor and taper their nicotine intake.

While the JUUL2 device  is expected to be given a fresh redesign, fans of the originals shouldn’t worry, as it is expected to still follow a similar slimline style to its predecessors.

What do we know about the new pods?

Previous JUUL Pods offered nicotine concentrations of around 50-59 mg per millilitres of vape liquid. The JUUL2 Pods are said to offer a reduced strength of 30mg/ml. This means that e-liquid contained in the original JUUL Pods are ten times stronger than offered by the proposed JUUL2 Pods, as more standard open-system vape kits tend to utilise 3-6mg/ml strength vape juice.

We’re sure you’re very aware by now, but if you aren’t, the original JUUL pods are available in 6 flavours:

The brand new JUUL2 Pods offer improved flavours, and robust, consistent vapour. If that wasn’t enough for you, the JUUL 2 pods will also be able to house 70% more e-liquid in their sleek and stylish design. JUUL2 pods will be exclusively compatible with the JUUL2 Device, and your subscription requires at least 4 packs. 

The updated JUUL2 flavours are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JUUL2?

From the limited information we’ve been able to gather so far, we know that the JUUL2 will be the widely anticipated successor to their world-renowned starter pod kits. It's rumoured that the JUUL2 will boast a larger and more powerful battery, and provide a satisfying yet lower strength hit offered by the reduced-strength of the nicotine salt JUUL2 pods. This device will also utilise Bluetooth technology to both prevent underage use, and monitor and limit your nicotine consumption. Most importantly, the JUUL2 is expected to be an even better quality device than previous variations of the JUUL devices in general.

How long will my JUUL2 Pods last?

The original JUUL Pods provide up to approximately 200 puffs, which should last you around 1-3 days depending on how often you use your device. It should be expected that the JUUL2 Pods will build upon this and provide more puffs and vaping time.

How will the JUUL2 be charged?

Previous variations of the JUUL devices are charged using a USB Charging Dock. While we don't yet know how the JUUL2 will be charged, vapers should expect a similar means of charging their device.

How much should I expect the JUUL2 to cost?

The original JUUL starter pod kit (with 4 pods included) costs £14.99. Vapers should expect the JUUL2 to fall at a fairly similar price point, perhaps a little higher upon first release.