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The countdown to the festive season is officially on, so let the gifting commence! Whether you're treating your loved ones or grabbing a present for yourself, Ecigwizard has you covered with our special gift sets.

Simply add one of the gift sets below to your basket, along with your choice of any two 10ml e-liquids then enter discount code "FESTIVE" at checkout

Aspire Pockex Bundle
Aspire Pockex Bundle

Aspire Pockex Bundle


Aspire PockeX Bundle

Kick start the new year with our Aspire Pockex Bundle, featuring one of the most in-demand starter kits on the market, the Aspire PockeX, and two premium bottles of 10ml e-liquid. To take advantage of this brilliant gift set, add it to your basket along with your choice of any two 10ml e-liquids.

The Aspire PockeX is an all-new, discreet, compact sub-ohm device from Aspire. Perfect for those of you who are new to vaping; the PockeX makes the switch from smoking to vaping seamless. Standing at just 12cm tall and less than 2cm wide, this all-in-one device can easily fit into your pocket, bag or any other accessory that you own. When it comes to innovative electronic cigarettes, the PockeX is up there with the best; fast becoming one of our most popular e-cigarettes.

The Pockex e-cig starter kit easily charged via a micro USB cable and also features a range of safety precautions, including battery overcharge protection. 

The starter kit has a top-fill design, making the e-liquid filling process as mess-free and hassle-free as possible. The tank has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml, giving you the perfect amount of e-juice to vape all day.

The PockeX vape kit comes with a pre-installed 0.6ohm Aspire coil. The 0.6ohm Aspire coil is renowned for its cloud production and flavour enhancement; perfect for the sub-ohm  vapers among us. We recommend that you use Wizmaxx e-liquids with this coil. Each coil has a superb lifespan and is very simple to replace. 

If you prefer a tighter draw with more of a throat hit, then pop in the 1.2ohm coil and vape away. The 1.2ohm coil is for mouth to lung (MTL) vapers as it allows you to vape in a way that resembles smoking a conventional cigarette, without losing any of the flavour along the way. We recommend that you use Wizmix e-liquids with this coil. Replacement coils can be purchased here

Two 10ml E-Liquids

    Add this product with your choice of any two 10ml e-liquids to get the e-liquids completely free.  

    Whether you're treating your loved ones or grabbing a gift for yourself, Ecigwizard has you covered with the special Aspire PockeX Bundle.

    Add this product along with any two 10ml e-liquids to your basket to receive the e-liquids for free.

    ENTER discount code "FESTIVE" at checkout.

    Free E-liquids with your kit
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Black
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Black
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Blue
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Grey
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Iris Purple
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Pink
    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit - Red

    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit


    Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit

    Uwell's latest Caliburn Pod System is the first pod vape kit created by Uwell. It has an ultra-thin frame and is extremely lightweight. Powered by a 520mAh internal battery, with air switch design so you can adjust the direction when vaping from mouth to lung. If at any time the draw-activated mechanism fails, the Caliburn kit will automatically disable the draw-activated working mode so you can press the fire button to vape alternatively. The pod cartridge has a 2ml capacity and comes with a top filling system to stop leakage. The Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit is an ideal piece of kit for beginner vapers.  


    • 1x Caliburn Battery
    • 1 x Caliburn Pod Kit
    • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 2 x 10ml e-liquids of your choice


    • Size: 110 × 21.2 × 11.6mm
    • Material: Aluminium Alloy, PP, PC, ABS
    • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
    • Battery: 520mAh (internal)
    • Output: 11W (max)
    • Pod resistance: 1.4ohm
    • Button or automatic fire control
    • Fault diagnosis function
    • Top fill pod

    Replacement pods available to purchase here

    Asvape Micro Pod Kit Bundle
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit Bundle
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Black & White Resin
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Green & Purple Resin
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Orange & Blue Resin
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Purple & Yellow Resin
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Red & Blue Resin
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Side View 1
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Side View 2
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Side View 3
    Asvape Micro Pod Kit - Box

    Asvape Micro Pod Kit Bundle



    Leave your old habits behind this January with our special Asvape Micro Pod Kit Bundle. With this bundle, you get the ever-popular Asvape Micro Pod Kit plus a selection of any two 10ml e-liquids. The Asvape Micro Pod Kit Bundle has everything that you need to leave smoking behind and get you started on your vaping journey. To get started, select a colour for the Asvape Micro Pod Kit and add it to your basket along with your choice of two 10ml e-liquidsEnter discount code: SAVE2 at checkout to get your e-liquids absolutely free!  

    The latest Asvape Micro Pod Kit is a remarkable all in one device with some truly unique features. A super lightweight and compact kit, it tops its competition by including a humongous 1100mAh battery! In addition, the Asvape Pod Kit and has a 2ml e-liquid capacity as well as the most advanced USB charging port. The Asvape Micro pod is supported by Nicotine Salt E-Juices and produces a satisfying, flavourful vape with the help of its mesh coil technology.

    The Asvape Micro Kit comes with detachable magnetic easily to slide panels with just one swipe of the finger you can gain quick access to see your e‑liquid level or check your wattage settings paired with a matching mouthpiece and is available in 5 stylish resin finished colours. Featuring an intelligent Chip-set the micro automatically recognises whichever coil is installed and adjusts the power accordingly. The Chip-set also offers the user a wide range of protections against possible faults.

    Replacement Mesh Coils available to purchase here


    • Size: 70mm x 43mm x 18mm
    • Capacity: 2ML
    • Battery: 1100mAh
    • Wattage: 5W-30W
    • Charging Current: 1A
    • Weight: 85g
    • Charging Voltage: 5V
    • High Speed Charging Type-C
    • Micro Chip (Automatically Identifies Resistance & Sets Power)


    • 2 x 10ml E-liquids of your choice.
    • 1 x Asvape Micro Pod Kit
    • 1 x Micro 0.5ohm Mesh Coil (Direct to lung)
    • 1 x Micro 1.0ohm Mesh Coil (Mouth to lung)
    • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Warranty Card

    Add any two 10ml e-liquids to your basket and
    enter discount code SAVE2 at checkout
    to get them absolutely free