The Kanger SUBVOD 1000-C ecig is the newest version and achieves compliance with the recent Tobacco & Related Products Regulations.

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Kanger SUBVOD 1000-C: A review of Kanger’s new TRPR compliant ecig

KangerTech are one of the major names in the vaping world, with the Chinese manufacturer having been around since 2007 and developed a reputation for innovation. Their range includes a whole host of vaping devices, from the heavy duty KBOX mods to the sleek EVOD pens. It is from these EVOD ancestors that the Kanger Subvod 1000-c Starter Kit was born – a sub-ohm wonderkid blazing his own trail far below the resistances of his parents.

What is the Kanger SUBVOD 1000-C?

The SUBVOD is a streamlined vape pen for sub-ohm vaping that is very easy to use. The 1000-C is the newest version, and achieves compliance with the recent Tobacco & Related Products Regulations (TRPR – read our update on it here) by virtue of the redesigned 2ml capacity Nano C tank. Previous models are going to be phased out, so essentially this is the future of the SUBVOD line. As ever, it’s sleek and good-looking, not being too bulky so it’s a viable discreet option for those that don’t wish to attract attention.

Who is the Kanager SUBVOD for?

The Kanger SUBVOD has long been a mainstay of beginners just getting into vaping as well as more experienced vapour enthusiasts.

For beginners, this is a safe and simple device to use which requires very little technical knowledge in order to have a good experience. It offers an easy way to take your first steps into sub-ohm vaping – the world of lower resistance coils and big, flavourful clouds – and has a simple one button design.

For those more experienced vapers among us, many choose the SUBVOD as a great stealthy or backup device that still delivers strong sub-ohm performance. If you want to be a bit more subtle, or just prefer a straightforward vaping experience, the SUBVOD delivers.

What does the Kanager SUBVOD offer?

As mentioned above, the reason for this new version is TRPR compliance, which means a 2ml capacity Nano tank – this one is the Nano C. The normal Kanger build quality applies, so this has a leak resistant design and is top-filled by removing the tank and coil from the battery. The battery itself is 1000mAh, not as much as some of the top mods out there, but it still offers a good amount of charge. It features protection from short circuiting, low resistance and overcharging, enhancing its safety to use. For beginners, it offers real peace of mind to know it’s not easy to use incorrectly.

Adjustable airflow lets you customise your vape, with maximum airflow often the preferred setting for sub-ohm vaping, though some people just prefer a tighter draw!

When it comes to performance, the SUBVOD can be used sub-ohm with 0.5 ohm Kanger SSOCC (stainless steel organic cotton coils) or 1.5 ohm versions. Both offer excellent performances at their resistance levels, with the sub-ohm coil great for direct to lung (DTL) vaping, and the higher resistance coil a strong mouth to lung (MTL) option.

So how do I use it?

Straight of the box, the SUBVOD is very straightforward to use. The kit contains the battery, the Nano C tank, one 0.5 ohm coil, a USB charging cable and the user manual.

You’ll need to charge your SUBVOD, so remove the tank and plug the USB cable into the port in the base of the device. It will likely take a few hours to fully charge the first time around, with the LED lights indicating the charging status.

While it’s charging, you can fill the tank – trust us, it’s very easy to do! The tank is comprised of two sections – remove the lower section that houses the coil and fill the Pyrex tank, being sure to stay below the level of the chimney that leads to the mouthpiece. You should also prime the coil by dripping a bit of e-liquid (for the sake of this review we used a selection of Element E-Liquid flavours) onto the cotton visible at the juice inlets, and allowing the e-liquid to soak in.

Once it’s charged, primed and filled, it’s time to vape! Turn on the device by pressing the button five times – a flashing light will indicate it’s now active – then hold the button as you draw to activate the coil and start vaping.

Once you’re done, it’s a simple case of pressing the button five times again to turn it off. Once more, the light will flash, but if you’re not sure, try pressing the button just once – when the device is off, this won’t do anything.

Overall verdict

It’s hard to go wrong with Kanger when it comes to build quality and delivering ‘as promised’ performance from your device. The Kanger SUBVOD 1000-C continues the strong offerings in the SUBVOD line with its TRPR-compliant design and will doubtless become a go-to vape pen for beginners and the stealth backup choice of many more knowledgeable vapers too.


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