Ecigwizard Spalding opened its doors in mid-January 2014 and very quickly proved that this style of ecig shop is very popular with its customers.

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ECigWizard Spalding is one of a growing number of ECigWizard Vaping Franchises opening across the country… and this one is a bit special. ECigWizard Spalding is large enough to have a ‘Vaping Lounge’ it’s a place for vapers to gather – chill, relax, have a vape and a chat. They have splashed out on beautiful, Chesterfield sofas and chairs for your comfort and soon there will be free Wi-fi and they will be offering coffee too, making them a coffee/ecig shop.

I have never previously visited an Ecig shop in the UK with this level of relaxed and friendly, continental style customer comfort and service. The impetus for this remarkably different approach stems from being a family business with close personal ties to the Spalding area, it is a partnership of two brothers both of whom are keen vapers (and evangelical converts from the stranglehold of smoking).

Success Story

ECigWizard Spalding opened its doors in mid-January 2014 and very quickly proved that this style of ecig shop is very popular with its customers, the shop has very quickly established itself as a successful business and has been received with great enthusiasm from the local vaping community.

ECigWizard Spalding are already planning to open more shops throughout the country based on their unique model – With the combination of ECigWizard’s reputation and support with the ideas and drive demonstrated in this shop, success is virtually guaranteed.

As a vaper I am hugely encouraged that the future of vaping is moving toward ecig outlets like ECigWizard Spalding, the days of retail cowboys jumping on a perceived ecig bandwagon will quickly come to an end – Good quality products and excellent service delivered in comfortable and innovative surroundings will naturally be preferred by customers when offered the choice.


Some areas become synonymous with businesses that incorporate their area’s name, I guess that the examples that come to your mind will depend on age and interests but for me Brentford will always be associated with Brentford Nylons in my mind – and Spalding is always Spalding Bulbs.

Spalding is indeed renowned for its vast tulip production and the annual Spalding Flower Parade, which attracted many regular visitors from around the world until its 50+ year history came to an end when it was announced that the 2013 event would be the last.

As a vaper you will naturally wish to visit Spalding so that you can enjoy the hospitality and ambiance offered by ECigWizard Spalding – if you are making a long trip to visit or bringing along your family you may also be interested in what Wikipedia has to suggest about the area;

The best-known building in Spalding is Ayscoughfee Hall, a 15th-century country house which is now a museum. Other local attractions are the Pinchbeck Engine Museum (just north of Spalding), the Bulb Museum (situated at Birch Grove Garden Centre, Pinchbeck) and the Gordon Boswell Romany Museum, to the south of the town. The Chain Bridge Forge is a 19th-century blacksmith’s forge on the River Welland which has retained many of its original features, and is now a museum.”

“Spalding and the surrounding area is noted for its parish churches. St Paul’s at Fulney, on the eastern side of the town, was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the designer of St Pancras Station, London, who was a friend of Spalding Gentlemen’s Society. St John’s, the parish church of St John the Baptist, was built at the same time as the adjacent Church school in in 1875. Spalding parish church itself (St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding), has a spire visible for miles around and dates from the 13th century. The Chatterton Tower is near Sainsburys.

…I would also add that you really must buy sausages while in the area 🙂

ECigWizard Spalding

The main man at ECigWizard Spalding is Lawrie, he was a smoker until he discovered the pleasures of vaping – he says “My motivation to stop smoking came from a video I saw on You Tube. I was able to see EXACTLY what was going into my lungs – very, very nasty. My eyes were opened, I had never seen that before.  I stopped smoking on my 22nd birthday in June 2013, all thanks to ecigs. At first it was very difficult, the real hurdle was after a few beers, it took willpower. I have this personal interaction with my customers – I relate my story to them and the majority seem to agree that it is the same for them. I am now a very enthusiastic vaper – I enjoy Ecigs more than I did smoking!”

ECigWizard Spalding is quite large for an ecig shop and is situated just off the very busy ‘Sheep Market’, opposite Indian Cottage restaurant, there is plenty of car parking in the surroundings. They keep the majority of ECigWizard’s hardware in stock, anything that is not in stock at the shop but is available on ECigWizard’s website can be ordered for customers, it will be available the next day for collection – they will even phone or email to notify you when it has arrived.

The shop has plenty of walking room. The display counter is straight ahead of you as you enter showing the majority of the products that they sell, they also plan to have further glass display cabinets around the shop in the future.  Imagine a ‘backwards L’ shaped shop, the counter is ahead of you, on the right there is seating and on your left is their Vaping Lounge.

Flavour Station

The Flavour Station is a big draw for customers to ECigWizard Spalding as it is in all of the ECigWizard shops. Lawrie says that “the bestselling e-liquid is Wizard’s Leaf, but big contenders are Menthol Asylum, Cherry Bomb and the brand new Popular Vape.”

ECigWizard Spalding’s Flavour station features every e-liquid flavour that they stock – this is the complete range of Wizmix, Redwood, Pipe Sauce and many from the Vermillion River range – each ready in clearomisers for you to ‘try before you buy’. They employ hygiene tips which are in an attractive bowl right next to the flavour station, ready to use.  All hygiene tips are put straight in the bin after use and a point is made about this. Regularly charged batteries are available for customer use at the Flavour Station so you don’t even have to use your own. Also next to the flavour station is a laminated double-sided sheet displaying all the available flavours and strengths of e-liquid that are stocked, making it easy for you to choose.

Top Sellers

ECigWizard’s Fresh Start Kit is a very popular line, by being able to offer visitors the opportunity to try a good quality e-cig for themselves, Lawrie regularly gets the satisfaction of converting smokers into vapers, with all the benefits that it brings to them.

The single best selling piece of e-cig hardware in the shop is the Aspire BDC clearomiser – it is a testament to their service that they enthusiastically guide customers toward such a good product.

Key Facts

The opening hours are 10 – 6, Monday – Saturday.

Address – 23 Station Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1EB

Telephone – 01775 248 008

Facebook page URL – Ecigwizard Spalding


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