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Festival Survival Guide

Summer is here and for some of us that means voluntarily sleeping in a field with thousands of strangers for a long weekend filled with music, friends and incredible experiences… Festival season is officially here!

For some, festival season is an annual pilgrimage and for many others, it’s their first time to experience the wonders of shared facilities, huge communities, unusual entertainments and so much more. To ensure you’re ready for the festivals ahead, we’ve created a short list of festival essentials…

Invest in a power bank

We’ve all been there… You’re having a great time and want to capture a specific moment in time with a quick snap or with a short video and then… Your phone dies. Worry no more! Don’t let your phone battery get low and don’t wait in long queues to use the communal charging points when can simply invest in a portable power bank for as little as £10.

Smoking safety first

If you are planning on taking your ecig with you to a festival make sure you know it’s safe and TPD compliant. Browse our range here. Also keep your ecig in a safe place, not in your pocket or in direct sunlight. If you’re device needs charging, be sure to use a charging station and check the wattage to ensure you don’t exceed your battery limit.

For more information check out our battery safety guide here.

Food glorious food

Festival food can get a bit pricey, so unless you are taking enough cash to buy a small car, you may want to take a stash of food and drink with you. What’s more, you’ll be thankful when you wake up the morning after the night before and have something nearby to soak up the excess alcohol and to give you some much needed energy. Keep it simple – Crackers and cereal bars are a great option as they’re portable and filling.

Minimal cleanliness

It’s day one. You are having a great time, you’ve managed to successfully put up the tent and now you need the loo. You have to face it, you’ve got to use the porta potty. Unspeakable things have been witnessed in these dreaded blue cubicles. What’s more, showers are out of the question at a festival. The best option available is wet wipes. Not only are they handy for drips, spills, washing, but also wiping down communal areas and generally making your festival experience just that tiny bit cleaner.

Plan ahead

It may not be the most exciting thing to do before you go away for a weekend of pure freedom, but it will save you so much stress in the long run. Simple things like how you are going to get there can get a whole lot more complicated if you leave it last minute and there are roadworks or huge queues.

You’ll also want to make sure you get to see the best acts – know what stage they’re on, what day and what time.

Festival dates 2017
For a full list of upcoming festivals, check out The Festival Calendar


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