To help you feel refreshed this summer we've put together a must see list of brands full of summer inspired, fruity flavours you won't want to miss!

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Top E-Liquid Brands For The Summer

Summer is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited about the warmer weather, longer days and of course - indulging in fun, fruit-bursting e-liquids to enjoy though-out the summer months!

You will be pleased to hear that we’ve put together a list of brands to try this summer! These brands already offer an extensive range of summer-inspired, fruit and cocktail based e-liquids, to help keep you refreshed!


ULTD are no amateurs in the vaping industry, so it’s only right they are awarded the number one spot to represent the top e-liquid brands for the summer! With flavours such as Mango Crush and Citrus Seven, ULTD have summer sorted!

For every mouth-watering shortfill, there’s a nic salt in the exact same flavour, so you can enjoy these fruity favourites with an added nicotine kick.

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Gator Vapes

Gator Vapes are well known for their UK-manufactured e-liquids; offering both a 10ml and 50ml option for each enticing flavour. Whisk yourself to a tropical beach with each puff of their delightful fruity juices such as Raspberry Riot and Kiwi Berry. The masterful combination of these sweet, exotic flavours is what makes these shortfills irresistibly unique.

If you're wanting something cooler this summer, then Gator on Ice is just the thing you need! This range offer the same classic Gator flavours with an added menthol kick!

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Good Life Vape Co.

Start living the good life with The Good Life Vape Co this summer! This e-liquid brand manufactures shortfills that exude the flavours of summer with their range of fruity and cocktail flavours!

From the nostalgic Twisted Lolly to the deliciously refreshing Southern Peach Ice Tea, these e-liquids are sure to tantalise your tastebuds this summer!

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Road Trip

Road Trip has created a delicious selection of e-liquids with inspiration from their trip across the USA. From visiting Area 52 to try and catch a glimpse of extra-terrestrial life forms, to going off the beaten track in the search of Bigfoot or simply taking a well-earned rest at Big Tony’s Motel; this impressive lineup will have you fantasising about the adventures still to come this summer!

All of Road Trips e-liquids have sweet and fruity flavour profiles that will easily become your next all day vape.

Road TripShop The Range

Forbidden Island

Embrace the flavours of the tropics with Forbidden Island’s e-liquid range. This range of deliciously refreshing vape juices is sure to tickle your taste buds. Home to some of the most exotic flavours, come rain or shine, Forbidden Island will inject a tropical breeze into your day with every vape.

Forbidden Island is available in 50ml shortfills, as well as 10ml hybrid nic salts, so there's a flavour for every vaper!

Forbidden Island


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