How to selects the temperature limit, usually within the range of 300°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C). Here is the guide on temperature control vape.

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A Starter Guide to Temperature Control Vaping




Temperature control (TC) in vape mods is essentially the answer to dry and burnt hits. It also produces consistent vapour while taking longer pulls, as the temperature stays the same rather than increasing in heat. The user selects the temperature limit, usually within the range of 300°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C). The power directed to the coil is then automatically adjusted to ensure your coil and vape maintain your chosen temperature.


The metal of specific coils within the vape mod increases its resistance while the temperature also increases. Seasoned vapers will most likely be already familiar with resistance. You know there’s a coil inside your tank or atomizer that has a resistance, which if you use any regulated mod is displayed on the screen typically with a “Ω” sign. When you vape using Kanthal (the most popular vape wire), the resistance value remains the same. This is a specific property of Kanthal: its resistance does not change regardless of the temperature.

For Temperature Control vaping, you’ll use wires that have a known resistance-increase as they heat up. The vape mod checks the resistance of the coil at room temperature, and keeps monitoring while you vape. The resistance change is converted into heat, and the vape mod adjusts its power to maintain your preferred temperature.


Firstly, you’ll need a vape mod that supports it. Most mods on the market are available with a temperature control mode, however, it’s sometimes left out from otherwise fully capable mods. If unsure, check the specs prior to purchase. Certain vape mods will do a much more effective job regarding temperature control than others. Many brands are well renowned for their impressive vape mod technology but generally fall on the pricier side of things

You’ll be pleased to know numerous affordable vape mod companies have done a fantastic job in their own right at a fraction of the cost. Mods by brands like AspireVaporesso and Innokin have proven themselves as reliable companies when it comes to temperature control.


Temperature Control Vaping typically utilises one of the following four types of vape wires:

  • Stainless Steel: Incredibly popular and easily accessible, Stainless Steel wire is available in a variety of grades such as 304, 316, 316L, 317, and 430, with the most ubiquitous being the SS316L. SS allows vapers to choose between wattage or temperature control mode.
  • Nickel 200: Or the ni200, as it’s more casually known. This was the very first temperature control coil but is unfortunately less common now, as some people suffer allergic reactions to nickel.
  • Nickel Ferrous: This is available in multiple grades such as 48, 30, 52, 70 and can be flexibly used in both TC and wattage mode, however, it is relatively less widely available.
  • Titanium Grade 1: Also known as Ti. While performing well in Temperature control, the user must ensure that the wire does not overheat.


First, set your vape mod to TC mode and choose the corresponding wire type for your preferred type of vape coils. If the mod has a TCR you can enter the exact TCR value. Then, make sure that your vape mod and tank are both at room temperature, so that the temperature readings are as accurate as possible. The simplest way to do this is to avoid using the tank or the mod for at least five minutes prior to vaping.

Install the coil like you usually would, but be mindful to ensure that it is screwed down as tightly, as it can be. Regarding rebuildable tanks, ensure the leads are trapped firmly. Then attach the atomizer or tank to the mod, making sure that it’s tightened as hard as possible. Check that the resistance is reading correctly and lock it if applicable (usually by pushing the +/- buttons).

When using a rebuildable atomizer, stainless steel is the only TC compatible vape coil material that can be dry-burned if required - but we’d suggest starting at a very low wattage and skipping the dry burning process is generally recommended anyway. If you somewhat space out your coils, you’ll find that you won’t have hot spots. The resistance will also be more consistent and easier for your vape mod to identify.

Certain temperature control mods will let you adjust the wattage as well as the temperature, but others will automatically set your wattage for simplicity. If you’re able to adjust the watts and you’re using stock vape coils for your tank, set your wattage and temperature to the lowest options possible. You can keep adjusting from there to meet your vaping preferences. A vape mod that performs well in temperature control will automatically limit the wattage once the temperature limit is reached or exceeded. 



The most Common vaping temperatures fall within the range of 390°F to 480°F (200°C to 250°C ), with the temperature typically adjusted swiftly in increments of 10°F (5°C).

First, you’ll want to select your target temperature. Ideally, you'll have decent vapour and flavour production and because it’s in temperature control mode, you should be able to take long, indulgent pulls without having to worry about overheating your coil and wick. It should be just like normal except when you run out of e-liquid, then you’ll notice the clouds and flavour diminishing considerably.

Adjust the temperature up or down as you see fit. Like almost everything else in the vaping world, your vaping preferences are subjective. Whether you prefer your vapour warm or cool, it's entirely your call. While vaping in temperature control mode, if you happen to experience a dry hit when you’re low on e-liquid, simply adjust to a lower temperature. If your vape mod also offers wattage control, you can adjust that too. Higher is typically okay, but don’t adjust too low; While your vape mod should limit your wattage when your selected temperature is reached, it won’t do the same when the wattage is too low.


  • No dry or burnt hits: While In temperature control mode, if the wick runs dry the temperature will start heating up, and therefore the temperature protection will instantly reduce its power to make up for it. This means that instead of an unpleasant dry hit, you’ll just get less vapour and weaker flavour, reminding you that you need to replenish your e-liquid. 

  • Coil and wick life: Avoiding bad hits means not letting the coil overheat and avoiding singeing your cotton, which ruins the taste of your coil.T emperature control coils can last longer than standard coils, and wicks can last longer too as they don’t exceed the temperature necessary for a decent hit.

  • Battery life: As TC vape mods just use the power required for your coil to remain at the right temperature, they use an estimated 1.5 times less power than the equivalent variable wattage vape.

  • Vapour consistency: By giving you control over the temperature your vape coils can heat up to, your vaping experience will be more consistent from hit to hit. In regular wattage mode, your puffs won’t be as consistent, as the temperature of your coil adjusts according to the length of the hit. While this works for shorter and quicker hits, the longer you puff on a non-TC friendly coil, the hotter it becomes, easily overheating if you’re not careful. 


  • Not always as straightforward: Typically, wattage mode tends to be simpler and more intuitive to work with. All you have to do is select your wattage and vape. Temperature control, on the other hand, can require a bit of trial and error and occasional slight tweaking.

  • Mod limitations: Most vape mods on the market don’t actually make for very good TC mods. Affordable mass-produced vape mods are simply not designed with temperature control in mind and will come with a number of limitations and setbacks. 


Temperature control vaping can be a truly sensational experience. It offers the consistency that wattage vaping often just isn’t able to. Dry and burnt hits are highly unpleasant to experience, temperature resolves this altogether.

Despite not being quite as ubiquitous as standard wattage mode, there are a number of devices that make temperature control a little more user-friendly. At Ecigwizard, you can browse through some of the best vape starter kits in the UK. There are now even vape pods that make temperature control automatic. While browsing, look out for vapes that come with “automatic dry hit protection”. If you’re sick of dealing with dry hits all the time and don’t particularly fancy messing about with settings and temperatures, auto temperature control might be just what you need.

 For more information and advice on using the best e-juicevape batteries, coils and much more that the UK has to offer, please read our ultimate vape guide. 


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