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The Sherlock

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Looking for a traditional tasting tobacco flavour? Then it's no mystery 'The Sherlock' is for you.

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Product Description


The Sherlock - a tobacco flavoured e-liquid

Looking for a mellow, contemplative vape? The Sherlock has a delightful woody tobacco base, rounded and with the slightest hint of resinous sweetness. Over this sits a smoky top and a very gentle bitter touch. The aftertaste has a whiff of real tobacco smoke about it. The result is tasty without being urgent or loud. It's mild enough to puff all day, but has enough complementary flavours and body to remain interesting. If you fancy a decent tobacco, but don't want to be hit about the head and neck by bitterness or harshness, then this is the ticket. A proper adult tobacco flavour with depth.

The Sherlock is one of a whole range of new tobacco flavours from ECW's exclusive new flavour house. It uses a 70% PG and 30% VG base, for extra vapour production. Tobacco is a notoriously difficult flavour to capture, and early efforts left a lot to be desired. The Sherlock shows just how far things have come. It manages to captu re all the best bits of tobacco without any of its vices. There are no rough edges or discordant parts here, just an enjoyable silky smooth smoke. Perfect.

The highest quality UK-made e-liquid available

Chinese made e-liquid was great in the beginning of the ecig revolution.
However, here at Ecigwizard we wanted to ensure our customers were receiving the highest quality in terms of manufacturing our e-liquid, and in terms of quality. For that reason, our Wizmix e -liquid range is made in-house, right here in the UK.
UK made e-liquid

Premium UK e-liquid, at a budget price

  • All our e-l iquid is fully CHIP compliant.
  • Mixed and bottled in our purpose built clean room for the very highest quality e-juice.
  • The very best flavourings, UK made, to food grade standards.
  • Unlike vendors who import their e-liqui d from China, we know exactly what goes in our e-liquid.
  • Strict batch control - every bottle of e-liquid is traceable from the moment it is bottled.
  • Highest quality, premium e-liquids at budget prices.
  • E-liquid, m ade by vapers, for vapers.

The Sherlock e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles, 70% PG / 30% VG mix, with a discount for buying 3 bottles in the same flavour strength.

Recommended steeping time

We recommend st eeping for 5 days.


Customer Reviews

Seems to be popular...Review by jan
I'm still in two minds about old 'Sherlock' here...

Watson tells me that 'the old fellow' loves this flavour, but I'm not wholly convinced.
Next time I order some I think l I'll try a lower (6mg?) amount of nicotine, and see if that makes it a little less harsh. For the moment I'm favouring some of Ecigwiz's other ersatz 'tobacco' flavours, as they seem to suit best.

"...Now... call Mrs Hudson in, will you Watson? I think she's stolen my dratted violin again!"

:) (Posted on 07/06/2015)
Nice! Review by Jack
Kinda chocolate/coffee tasting, very satisfying vape! :) (Posted on 27/01/2015)
First TimerReview by David
Just bought my setup yesterday and when deciding on my flavour, out of the ones tried, this one seemed perfect. As most have put above, great tobacco flavour with a hint of sweet. (Posted on 09/01/2015)
Smooth tasteReview by Tuomas
This one has a really smooth and somehow sweet taste to it. Very good for all-day vape. Easily one of the best tobacco flavour e-liquid. (Posted on 05/11/2014)
Go to vapeReview by luke
My go to vape. When im done experimenting with different flavours I always come back to this trusty favourite. Tobacco earthy taste with a hint of sweet, love it.
If it's a original tobacco taste you want with a hint of sweet this is it (Posted on 08/10/2014)
Bit too sweet for my likingReview by Karl
Mix this with the coffee flavour to remove some of the sweet after taste. The closest I've got to tabacco so far with the mix but wouldn't try this on it's own (Posted on 02/09/2014)
not quite enough umph Review by robert
Started with wizards leaf, found a little sweet n harsh after a while so tried Sherlock, but in comparison not have enough UMP,. But found best solution mix together 50/50 .That hit spot for me. (Posted on 10/08/2014)
Nice flavourReview by Ben
This has turned in to on of my regular vapes. Really smooth with a nice rich tobacco flavour. If you're after a tobacco tasting liquid you won't go far wrong with this. (Posted on 01/08/2014)
Deliciously smoothReview by Steven
A very good all day brew. High notes of dark chocolate with low notes of roasted coffee beans. (Posted on 07/07/2014)
FantasticReview by Lycette
At first I was hesitant to buy this one because I was looking for something mild. This is perfect, not too soft and not too strong, with a slight caramel or coffee taste at the end. (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Brilliant!Review by bob
I love this flavour, it isn't as strong as Wizards Leaf but still gives you enough of a taste to make you feel something.
Most other tobacco flavoured ones are not anywhere near as nice as this. (Posted on 01/04/2014)
BrilliantReview by jon
As other reviews have said it really does grow on you.
I mix it with a dash of tutti frutti and it sweetens it up nicely.
Brilliant stuff (Posted on 26/03/2014)
LovelyReview by George
If you take a trip from Wizard's Leaf all the way down to RY4, The Sherlock is the place to rest. (Posted on 28/02/2014)
Love this one tooReview by Joakim
Its kind of like the wizard leaf but not so as sweet...
Thats my opinion :-) (Posted on 20/02/2014)
Jolly good!Review by Connor
Only ordered this because of its name if I'm honest, but it's already become my favourite! Tobacco-ey and sweet, with an almost fruity scent. I could imagine enjoying it with a nice coffee, glass of whiskey or whilst sat pondering a case I'm working on. (Posted on 18/02/2014)
Excellent chocolate/tobacco flavourReview by Katie
Lovely tobacco flavour with a coffee/chocolaty flavour on exhale.

Great all day vape, love it with a coffee. (Posted on 26/01/2014)
Growing appreciationReview by Antony
At first I found this a bit harsh, but stuck with and have grown to love it. Use it as an all day vape, excellent with an espresso. (Posted on 08/01/2014)
excellent tasteReview by diana
really good tobacco taste,will buy more:)) (Posted on 27/12/2013)
new advReview by Oliver
This one hit the sweet spot for me. It's not too sweet and not too bitter. It's right in the middle. Tastes alot like wizards leaf but it's alot more "clean" tasting. I've been looking for a juice that goes well with a pint and this really does that well. (Posted on 17/12/2013)
grows on you Review by david
was not sure about this one at first but the more I smoke it the better it gets, tastes of tobacco with an after taste of coffee/caramel, worth a try (Posted on 15/12/2013)
Caramel ?Review by raven
This is a nice tobacco flavour with a touch of caramel.
Its not as sweet as RY4, but if your a smoker and try this as your fitst vape
its going to taste sweet.
If your an experienced vaper, this is a nice round, slightly sweet tobacco flavour.
Having said that , this is so much better than the so called branded Chinese ones
that all taste exactly the same.
I am still on a quest to find something that really tastes like tobacco,
so for me the search goes on. (Posted on 11/12/2013)
Deducted that this is among the bestReview by Dene
Probably the best balanced wizmix tobacco flavour, somewhere between the sweetness of Wizards Leaf & the woodiness of Black horse. Worth a try as very subjective. (Posted on 04/12/2013)
My favourite tobacco e-liquid (so far...)Review by GemFawn
A good tobacco flavour that's not too rich, not too sweet, and has a decent throat hit (I have 12mg). It's probably not the best e-liquid to try if you're looking for a strong tobacco taste as I find it kind of subtle in comparison to others.

I've only tried a few tobacco flavours (I prefer fruitier/sweeter juices), but of the ones I have tried this is my favourite - fantastic value too! (Posted on 25/11/2013)
Translation to finnishReview by Vapored
Maku on kokonaisuutena aika makea, alussa hieman hedelmäinen,
jonka jälkeen maistaa selvästi sherlokin seoksen maun.
sherlokkia on aika vaikea määritellä, se on hento, jännähkö ja ihan kiva.
kurkkutuntuma on onneton, potku uupuu.
Tämä on liian makeaa mömmöä jatkuvaan maisteluun, mutta jännä välipala höyrytys.
Suottaapi olla, että ko. erä on vakio sherlokista poikkeavaa muiden arvioiden perusteella.
jännä on kuiteskii. (Posted on 21/11/2013)
What to be expedtedReview by Vapored
BATCH 2013/11/13 - D2-Y2
SPECS 18mg 70PG 30VG

FLAVOR 68/100
TH 23/100

Taste quite sweet, just slighty fruity first, then "the sherlock mix"
Flavor hard to define, subtle, intresting, decent taste, worht a puff or two
Throat hit is weak.
Too sweet for whole day use, but still intresting for few tries.
This batch seems to differ from the normal sherlock as the TH is quite weak,
taste is still nice thought.

(Posted on 21/11/2013)
Not good, not badReview by vilde
I kinda like it, and I kinda don´t. (Posted on 21/10/2013)
It is okReview by paola
I don't know how to define this. Maybe because i was expecting something stronger. It is ok. Very subtle taste hard to compare with anything for me. Overall is good. (Posted on 11/10/2013)
Really GoodReview by EVg
I 'm a vaper for the last week ..I first started with wizards leaf and it was too sweet for a tobacco flavor. Went to the store the next day and bought this one and it is way better than the wizards leaf, I guess I am not for sweet juices. I definetely will search for more tobacco flavor next time but at least this one is a satisfying ejuice (Posted on 08/10/2013)
very very delectable :-)Review by stephen
This is my first e-liquid from ecigwizard and i have got to say it is so LUSH.
I love the smokey taste and it seems to have a dark chocolate after taste and a really good throat hit. I would seriously recommend it to anyone who takes their vaping seriously.Thank you ecigwizard :-)
(Posted on 25/09/2013)
not sure about this oneReview by Gary
smokey yes it is started out ok but just a bit too bitter for me. sorry wont be getting this anymore. (Posted on 14/08/2013)
Just Right !!Review by Annieaux
When I decided to give these electronic cigarettes a go, I spent a fortune trying out different flavours to vape, but found a lot of them too sweet, and even a lot of the tobacco flavours had a sweet aftertaste, I was getting very frustrated (and skint), and was on the verge of giving up all together and going back to cigarettes when I decided to try just one more flavour "The Sherlock" Thank god I did - finally something I could vape!!! Tastes near enough to a cigarette that I can vape it all day and haven't smoked now for 2 months, and for a heavy smoker for 30 years that's really saying something !!! I can now have all the pleasure of "smoking" without Smoking - Fantastic (Posted on 02/08/2013)
My new all day vapeReview by Mark
I've tried a number of 'tobacco' flavours, including Wizard's Leafs, each of which seems to taste completely different to the others.
Then I discovered The Sherlock (bought purely for my love of Conan Doyle's books), and everything changed.
At first, I wasn't too sure, but I persevered anyway. After filling my EVOD for the second time I 'got' the flavour.
This is a stunning liquid with a great taste, somewhat woody, with a nutty after taste.
Some people think this is a weaker version of Wizard's Leaf, I feel it is a purer tobacco version. (Posted on 28/07/2013)
Bad aftertasteReview by Russell
After reading all the reviews and being new to this; I thought this one was for me - but it was leaving a nasty aftertaste after each inhale.

I much prefer the Wizard's Leaf that I purchased at the same time. Disappointed that the Sherlock did not live up to the reviews: but it could have been a bad batch - I don't think I had done anything wrong as all the kit was new and the Wizard's Leaf tastes so fine.

Asked for an exchange anyway. Will see what they say. (Posted on 23/07/2013)
mmmmmm lushReview by Gary
What can I say about this e-liquid, its a little woddy with a nice tobacco aftertaste smooth as silk with another taste I can't quite put my finger on it, almost cinnamony I think, either way it's gorgeous, a deffo all day vape for me.
Will I buy more.... do I love this.... NO S**T SHERLOCK. :) (Posted on 17/07/2013)
Dark tobaccoReview by Ilkka
Good vapor and throathit. Hint of decaying plant matter with some sweetness. Nice almost cinnamony aftertaste.

Video review in finnish: (Posted on 12/07/2013)
Three pipe problemReview by CML
A tobacco flavour that manages to avoid all the nasty notes of tobacco and just give us the good bits. The base is very woody with a tiny touch of sweet. There's a good smoky element too, particularly in the aftertaste. There is no harshness at all, this is very smooth stuff. It keeps tasty for all day vaping, and never seems to get flat. Some fruit and sweet flavours can lose their appeal about lunchtime, this you can vape all day. It's a little too mild for me, Wizard's Leaf has so much more flavour and interest. This is much like it, but with everything turned down to simmer. It's too smooth for its own good. However, its an ideal introduction to tobacco flavours, especially if you find the stronger ones too bitter or rich. (Posted on 08/07/2013)
Good but mildReview by Vuohi
I was waiting for a stronger tobacco taste as I was used to smoking strong red flavours before started vaping. Quite comparable to those mild low-nicotine lady cigarettes, so not a complete miss. Doesn't leave any lingering after taste. (Posted on 06/07/2013)
Good TobaccoReview by VaBomb
Quality made tobacco flavour. Not too much of a fan of these real tobacco flavors but have to admit that this is pretty good (Posted on 03/07/2013)
Aptly namedReview by Julie
I ordered this to try, as a sweetish tobacco flavour, and it certainly lives up to the description! A real deep tobaccoey-taste with that pipe-smoke sweet edge. Not for me as a regular vape choice as I've lost the taste for tobacco now but if you're looking for a substitute for Olde England type of pipe or rolling tobacco then this is a good choice. (Posted on 02/07/2013)
Great all day tobaccoReview by James
I have just tried it for the first time and absolutely love it. It is very similar to another tobacco juice that used to be my all day everyday which is sadly no longer in production. This will be my new all day vape me thinks. Great stuff, spot on. (Posted on 26/06/2013)
Real goodReview by Laura
Fab flavour. Similar to the wizard's leaf liquid. Very good for an all day vape. Gives a great throat hit! (Posted on 22/06/2013)
ExcellentReview by PDJ
I am new to vaping after using SR for 2 months.

Ordered Menthol Asylum (1.8%) with the starter kit, which both are excellent. I decided to have a tobacco juice for a change so I ordered this one (1.2%)after reading the reviews.

Must say on first smoke I find it very smooth and a satisfying smoke. As I'm trying to cut sown on nictine levels and hopefully eventually stop, this is perfect.

Glad I found you as a supplier. (Posted on 21/06/2013)
Good throat hit but quite weak flavourReview by John
Agree with Robert that in some respects this is like a weaker version of Wizard's Leaf. There doesn't seem to be much (any?) aniseed flavours in this, so those who find that aspect of some juices off-putting may wish to give it a try. Good throat hit and plenty of vapour but the flavour just doesn't seem to be there. (Posted on 20/06/2013)
Not for meReview by Robert
Not much flavour in this, tasted like a weaker version of the wizards leaf to me. It wont offend. (Posted on 20/06/2013)
Very goodReview by Roman
I really like the taste of this eliquid. I have tried a couple of tobacco flavoured eliquids before and none were as good as this one.
Very good for an all day vape. Also really good as a base to mixing with other liquids. (Posted on 19/06/2013)
I named it, I Love it!Review by Sion
As I named this product, I thought I should review it!
I normally vape caramel or or fruit flavours as I have never found a tobacco flavour to my I approached my year's supply of The Sherlock with a mixture of elation, at having won and trepidation, at having a years supply of liquid that I might not actually like.....
Luckily this flavour is stunning. A great tobacco flavour with a good TH and a background mellow sweetness. I also tried combining it with different flavours and it made for a great tobacco base for the more adventurous!
I heartily recommend this to anyone.
Oh and many thanks to ecigwizard for the year's supply! (Posted on 13/06/2013)
Now my best! Review by jason
Thank God for this new one! After my favorite flavor ( Red Box Blend Ultimate Tobacco) running out months ago was getting pretty desperate for one I liked. I simply could not find one to match and new that with Ecigwizard making their own would likely never get my favorite vape again. I even went as far as to ring customer services for recommendations.

Well the Red Box is still not stocked but not to worry as this one is better! Great tasting with an equally satisfying vape! (Posted on 12/06/2013)
My new tobacco flavourReview by Peter
Like many others I have tried many tobacco flavours with limited success.

Until now!!

This is most realistic tobacco flavour I have found and has become my go to juice.

Smooth whilst having the throat hit of a proper cigarette and giving off plenty of vapour (even in my testing kit an ego t with ce4) it's even my mod which brings out other hints of flavours which only enhance the tobacco experience

I recommend this if your looking for a proper tobacco experience (Posted on 12/06/2013)
Elementary my dear tastebudReview by Danny
Had the pleasure of trying some of this last night, now i tend to only have one tobacco on the go as i tend to rotate my flavours and Ecigwizard are spoiling us as of late.

Well this is to my taste, a real tobacco, very very smooth with a beautiful throat hit that is just right. No harshness here at all, and after a while you do kind of lose yourself in a plume of vape and if it wasn't for the mod in my hand i think i would have forgot i am vaping.

I am almost tempted to buy a pipe mod especially for this liquid.

In fact the decision whether to buy more was elementary. (Posted on 11/06/2013)
perfectReview by Michael
You dont have to be sherlock to realise this tastes damn good ;) (Posted on 10/06/2013)
Solid E-LiquidReview by Nathan
Very good taste, very smooth and could easily be an all-day vape if you love tobacco flavours! (Posted on 09/06/2013)
A Good Tobacco Flavour.Review by Christopher
I tried a few different tobacco flavours when I first started vaping, although I never found one I liked, maybe because I was looking for that " real tobacco" flavour. After moving onto different flavours I have returned to try the tobacco again., and I must say I am very impressed. Lovely smooth vape with a nice TH. Good flavour, with no nasty after taste easily an all day vape. Buy and enjoy while it's in stock. (Posted on 07/06/2013)

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