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Myst Vape


The fantastic Myst collection features a range of renowned vape kits and pods. Here you can find the innovate Myst P1 vape devices, in moonlight sliver and stormy grey. Additionally, Myst have a range of delicious pre-filled pods that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. All of the latest and greatest Myst products in one place.

Myst P1 Moonlight Silver Device
Myst P1 Moonlight Silver Device

Myst P1 Moonlight Silver Device


Myst P1 Moonlight Silver Device

Key Features: 

  • Compact, lightweight and discreet
  • Powerful 350mAh battery
  • Simple to use; button-free making it perfect for new vapers
  • Approximately 300 puffs per pod
  • Compatible with pre-filled Myst pods (Not Included)
  • Tight draw with an excellent nicotine hit
  • Quick-charge battery 

The P1 Moonlight Silver Device is an innovative and simple to use pod-style vape kit developed by Myst.

Designed for smokers making the switch to vaping, the P1 offers an authentic experience, similar to that of smoking a traditional cigarette, without all of the nasty stuff. It offers a tight draw and a superb nicotine hit, giving you an easier transition into the world of vaping. The P1 has a 350 mAh battery, that gives you enough power to vape all day long. The battery takes less than an hour to fully charge, simply pop in the USB cable, connect it to a power source and you're done. 

The P1 features a hidden pod that can be accessed by pulling down the hygenic sliding cover. As you slide the cover down, the device will click, mimicking the action of using a lighter. Once it is exposed, simply inhale on the mouthpiece and savour all of the delicious flavours that the Myst pods have to offer. 

Simplicity is the name of the game with the P1 device. No buttons, settings or refilling required, simply insert a pre-filled P1 pod and you're ready to go. The P1 Pods have an e-liquid capacity of 1.3ml and each house a 1.35 ohm mouth to lung coil. Each pod delivers approximately 300 puffs.

The moonlight sliver device features a slick design in a compact and lightweight body. 

Box Contents: 

1 x MYST P1 Moonlight Silver Device
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Myst P1 Blueberry Pods (Pack of 3)
Myst P1 Blueberry Pods (Pack of 3)

Myst P1 Blueberry Pods (Pack of 3)



Introducing the brand-new technology brought to you by Myst; the innovative P1 Blueberry Pods.

Myst's Blueberry Pods are perfect for vapers who love the sweeter things in life. The ripe, hand-picked berries provide a deliciously tempting flavour with a memorable aftertaste. The berries produce a vibrant blend of sweet and sour sensations, giving you the best of both worlds when you vape.

The natural lightness of the blueberries gives these pods a delightfully airy feel, making them perfect for an all-day vape. Blueberry Hill is the essential partner for your Myst P1 Moonlight Silver Device or Myst P1 Stormy Grey Device. Each pod has a capacity of 1.3ml which equates to approximately 300 puffs.

Blueberry is available in 20mg nicotine strength pods.

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  • 3 x Myst P1 Blueberry Pods