Over the last three years we have spent a substantial amount of time and effort to develop our in-house analytical methods and equipment. Allowing us complete control and transparency on the quality of our products.

With ever increasing uncertainty amongst businesses on how to progress through the TPD, we feel that now is the time to provide our existing and potential customers with a clear understanding of our services and their costs.


TRAs (Toxicology Risk Assessments) are required for every compound found in your product. You are required to hold the complete formulation of your flavoring and their relevant CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) numbers to complete this step.

Some flavour houses are resisting releasing their formulations as this would allow an identical copy of their intellectual property.

If you find yourself in this situation, we offer a wide range of flavourings that meet TPD criteria, and we already hold the full list of CAS numbers and formulas for these flavour concentrates.

The cost of a TRA per flavour will vary depending on the number of chemicals found within your product. Our per CAS cost starts from as little as £300 + VAT

This will cover all variations of nicotine content you intend to notify. Should you use our flavouring, this section can be skipped (unless concentrations used vary)

Nicotine Uptake

This test will allow us to illustrate the amount of nicotine delivered to the body over a period of time.

The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) have asked manufacturers to assume a 100% uptake from the product, removing certain variables and the need for clinical trials.

Nicotine uptake can be bracketed to show the higher and lower-end nicotine concentration, as long as the results are similar this will illustrate medium-range contents.

Nicotine uptake analytical work is priced at £900 + VAT per sample.

Emissions testing

Emissions testing is required on each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit - so per flavour, per strength) - We use a variety of equipment to analyse the emissions delivered by your product, including ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) and GC-MS to TD-GC-MS-FID (Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer-Flame Ionisation Detector).

Pricing starts at: £1500 + VAT per SKU.

We appreciate this information can be slightly overwhelming and we can offer a more tailored set of costs and requirements. We recommend you get in contact with us to properly advise you of what’s required and your next steps based upon your current business model.

Production opportunities are available that will reduce quoted prices significantly.

Please get in contact for a more detailed explanation on 0345 305 2585.


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