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WizMix Cherry Bomb took me by surprise. All of the WizMix range of flavours are really quite remarkable, they are distinctive and individual in character. The whole WizMix range of e-liquids is made using the same UK produced nicotine base, this base is very ‘clean’ which allows the flavours to be adventurous – there is no ‘background flavour’ which needs to be disguised or which is detectable across the range. This nicotine base is also available in it’s un-mixed form as WizMix Platinum Ice, it’s remarkable cleanness makes it very popular with DIY juice mixers who value it’s ability not to impart unwanted ‘flavour notes’ to their own creations in addition to offering excellent value for money.

Cherry Bomb or Bombe

Something else that makes the WizMix range unusual is that the mix names were chosen from suggestions offered by the vaping community as competition replies. These names reflect a recent move by many manufacturers to give their e-liquid mixes a cool-title instead of a purely descriptive name. I had assumed that WizMix Cherry Bomb would be a sweet, sticky flavour reminiscent of the candied fruit ‘glacé cherries’. This assumption was wrong… I was thinking of ‘Bombe’ as in Dessert Bombe not ‘Bomb’ indicating an ‘explosive flavour’.

Very Cherry

Sniffing the open bottle reveals a Cherry Liqueur type smell. I dripped it into my Octopus atomiser which had a re-wicked impedance of 1.9ohm and was powered by a Smok Gripper mod at 4.5v. From the first inhale you get a sweet/smokey flavour, in the mouth the vapour tastes nutty-sweet with sour fruit flavours which becomes warm and sharp when exhaled, leaving a dry aftertaste. WizMix Cherry Bomb has an overall strong flavour of fresh cherries.

Like cherries, love cherries?

I love eating glacé cherries, I can happily consume half a jar that should have been destined for cake decoration, it is therefor strange-but-true that I don’t actually enjoy the true flavour of fresh cherries. I just don’t like their nutty-sour flavour.


I had the 18mg strength of WizMix Cherry Bomb e-liquid, it had an easy flowing consistency and a pleasant light pink colour, it produced plenty of vapour too and it really did taste of fresh cherries. If you are a lover of cherries I imagine that this could very easily become a firm favourite of yours – Unfortunately for me it is just too good at being ‘Cherry’.