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the UK, and the fastest growing anywhere in the world.  I’m from Birmingham so I’m biased but the statement above came from The Telegraph. As a shopping destination Birmingham has seen an unprecedented seasonal rise in popularity and that trend can only continue with the January sales due to start on Boxing Day.

ECigWizard’s Birmingham Shop is now open, it is at 532 Bearwood Road, Bearwood B66 4BX. This is a popular high street in its own right and it’s only about a ten minute drive from the City Centre. The shop is situated between the Aldi and the Co-Op on the opposite side of the road.

Here is the plan; Come to Birmingham on a Friday evening and enjoy the huge range of night life on offer on Broad Street, then you (and your hangover) can come and visit us on Saturday to stock up on your vaping goodies. If you prefer a less ferocious evening then maybe the Balti Triangle might suit you more for your Friday night out. Better still, stay for the weekend and visit both.

ECigWizard Shops

If you have ever visited an ECigWizard shop you will know what a worthwhile experience it can be, if you have never had the chance to visit one then you are in for a treat.

There are an ever growing number of ECigWizard shops, visit the site’s store locator to find your nearest.

When you visit an ECigWizard shop it is a bit like a mini Vapefest but a Vapefest at which you can actually get to the counter. In any of the shops you can view and handle much of the wonderful vaping equipment and accessories that you have seen on the website. Holding a product gives a much clearer idea of the extra quality inherent in ECigWizards goods, whereas with a photograph it is not always easy to spot the difference.

The Flavour Station is a fantastic idea, every EcigWizard shop has a wide array of e-liquids already in clearomisers for you to try. When you want to try an e-liquid you will be given a Hygiene Cover for e-liquid sampling which you just pop onto any of the cartomisers in the Flavour Station and sample the flavours to your heart’s content, you can even use one of our eGo batteries. This is the ideal way to try flavours that you like the sound of when viewing them online but are not sure that they will live up to your expectations, you should also try flavours that you suspect you wouldn’t enjoy…you might be surprised.

In ECigWizard shops you will find friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable vapers behind the counter ready to answer any of your questions and to chat about vaping.

ECigWizard Birmingham Shop

ECigWizard worked very hard to get their Birmingham shop open in time for New Year so that they can spread the good news about ecigs to all those struggling with their New Year’s resolutions. The shop actually opened at 10am on the 11th December this year, that was 10 on 11-12-13 🙂

Some small details are still being set up, like a full complement of ECigWizard graphics but everything that is needed is up and running. There is the great range of vaping gear that you will know from ECigWizard online.

Birmingham shop’s Flavour Station now has over 90 eliquid flavours all set up in CE clearomisers for you to try. WizMix, Vermillion River, Nordic Vapours, Pipe Sauce and Redwood Blend – I love them all.

The new Aspire BDC clearomiser is also set up on a Tesla mod for customers to try. The Aspire BDC is an amazing new Bottom Dual Coil clearomiser which delivers really smooth, deep flavour and clouds of vapour – it gives even the best rebuildable atomiser a good run for its money.

ECigWizard’s Birmingham shop also has its own Facebook page which you are encouraged to ‘like’ so that you can be kept up-to-date on the latest stock arrivals etc.

The opening hours at ECigWizards Birmingham shop are 9am to 6pm every day, excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Personal Note

Why am I waxing lyrical about ECigWizard’s Birmingham shop in particular? I live in Birmingham so naturally having a new vaping shop opening here is great news for me… but also having been ‘Blogging’ on ECigWizard’s site for the last six months or more I have now started actually working for ECigWizard – I am on duty at the new Birmingham shop whenever it is open. It is great to be able to vape and talk about vaping as part of my job.

Also at the shop is Dom who is as passionate about vaping and helping you get the most out of your ecigs as I am. We will both be pleased to meet you when you visit.

Working in the shop will also help with the Blogging that I do, I have quick access to the latest products and I can draw on opinions from the many vapers that I meet. So when you visit, if you see an old guy typing away at the counter you will know that it is just me writing this blog 🙂


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