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Vaping a “one-way bridge” to cigarette smoking among teens?

So less than 48 hours after research funded by Cancer Research UK found that people who swapped smoking regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes for at least six months, had much lower levels of toxic and cancer causing substances in their body than people who continued to use conventional cigarettes.

We are confounded by a team of US researches who have released a contradicting paper suggesting that E-cigarette use can act as a predictor of cigarette smoking.

A coincidence or just good timing?

The Tobacco Control Journal suggests that a desensitisation to the dangers of smoking may play a role in explaining how vaping can progress to smoking among youth who have no history of cigarette use.

With this said, we would like to point out that the data used to come to such a conclusion was collected in 2014 and 2015, so is potentially out of date given the speed at which this industry has grown over the last few years. Needless to say this study was also conducted on just 347 12th grade students, given that there is approximately 9 million vapers across the United States alone, would we agree that this is not a satisfactory sample group?

A major contradiction this journal article also touches on is that this rationale builds on the already-existing consensus and political will to reduce youth cigarette smoking, given that most people would favour age restrictions on sale of devices that lead youth to smoke. A complete contradiction when you consider the objective of the Cancer Research UK study which leads on to the suggestion that the health benefits are second to none and therefore could easily serve as a stop smoking tool, the averse to what the Tobacco Control Journal suggests which is that e-cigarettes lead to smoking.

So where does this leave us?

It appears we are we just falling into a continuous cycle of tit for tat, whereby one report hinting at the benefits of E-cigarettes is quickly diminished by that of a report highlighting the dangers of such devices. Is it not time that we all took a step back and collectively analysed the situation on a wider scale to be able to advise the general public better, currently they continue to receive conflicting news stories whether good or bad, this is neither helpful for them nor is it beneficial to the resources used to generate these reports.


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