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I started to vape as an alternative to smoking, I continue to vape to ensure that I’m not tempted to return to the evil leaf. The fantastic range of available e-liquid flavours and mixes guarantees that I keep loving the vape. I decided to look at what the top ten e-liquids are – and maybe tempt you to try a variety that you had not considered trying before.

Testing the Range

Over the last few months I have been pleasurably vaping my way through a sizeable percentage of the wide range of the top-end, high quality, e-liquid flavours stocked by ECigWizard. When I first eschewed tobacco for the blessed vape I chose e-liquid with a relatively high nicotine concentration of 3.6%, but that was more than two years ago. I now vape e-liquid of ever lower nicotine strength as my need for nicotine content is superseded by my enjoyment of flavour. I have moved to 12mg strength from 18mg while trying out the range of e-liquids and vaped them in a variety of different cartridges, cartomisers, dripping atomisers and rebuildables.

All Day or Treat Vape?

E-liquid falls into one of two basic categories; the ‘All day vape’ and the ‘Treat vape’. A useful analogy can be made with coffee, I like coffee but even if you don’t feel the same I think you will still follow the parallel. I like to follow a restaurant meal with a sweet, creamy liquor coffee – it is rich and lovely – but I drink five or six cups of coffee every day and I would not enjoy having liquor coffee as often as that. For regular cups of coffee a good filtered variety is much more pleasant. Likewise, some e-liquids have a flavour that immediately pleases one but would soon become oppressive if vaped continually. For vaping all day a more subtle recipe is needed.

Both ‘All day’ and ‘Treat’ e-liquids deserve equal respect and a good stock of e-liquid should have both. My ‘Top Ten E-liquids’ therefore consist of five of each.

My Top Ten E-liquids

Treat Vapes;

  • WizMix Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard – it is rich, sweet, vanilla, caramel, custard. Not just the stuff out of tins, the flavour is that of real old style custard. Overpowering and utterly gorgeous.
  • WizMix Primal Ice Cream  with the rounded sensations reminiscent of real dairy cream ice cream, this e-liquid just makes me smile with ever draw.
  • Vermillion River Florida Citrus Explosion – a real burst of flavours, citric and sharp while simultaneously tasting sweet and light. The flavours express themselves individually making for a complex taste sensation.
  • WizMix Nuclear Plusion – explosive, multi-layered taste that is arresting to the senses and blows your taste buds into orbit. A truly indescribable flavour that must be experienced to be understood.
  • Nordic Vapours Cloudberry Jam – I have no idea if this actually tastes of Cloudberry Jam because I have never had the pleasure of tasting this Scandinavian favourite – but if it tastes just half as lovely as this e-liquid then it must be sensational.

All Day Vapes;

  • Pipe Sauce Shire Malt – I even surprised myself to discover this e-liquid as my number one all day e-liquid choice, I don’t even normally like tobacco as a flavour. Just divorce your brain for a moment from the thought of smoke and think of chocolate and log fires. Next month it may not be my number one but right at the moment I just can’t get enough of this stuff, and it is made by Hobbits 🙂
  • WizMix Orchard Crunch – this is the most ‘treat like’ of any ‘all day’ vape that I have ever had the pleasure to introduce to my taste buds. It is fresh and crispy like a newly mown lawn, early on a summer morning.
  • WizMix Brain Freeze – Menthol, strong and pure. I was never a lover of menthol cigarettes but I really do enjoy a good menthol and will happily vape it all day. An alternative to Brain Freeze is WizMix Menthol Asylum which is more subtle and deeper but for me, I’ll take it strong.
  • WizMix Rich Bean Rocket – as a coffee lover this one is an obvious choice; it’s the best coffee e-liquid that I have ever vaped. Smokey, dark flavour which satisfies – not sweet like coffee flavour cakes, more like a not too milky straight cup of ground beans.
  • WizMix Strawberry Seduction – with it’s sensation of strawberries rather than artificial mimicry this e-liquid is easy and undemanding on one’s pallet while being delicately pleasing.

Your Top Ten E-liquids

There are limitations to data mining. To establish which are the most loved e-liquids I have studied two data-sets; the star rating given in reviews and the number of reviews given to each flavour. The limitations arise because a ‘love it or hate it’ juice may get a middling star rating despite the fact that for some that particular juice may be the best they have ever tried. Further, more recently introduced e-liquids will have fewer reviews than those e-liquids that are longer established and thus have had more time to gather reviews.

I regret that comprehensive data analysis is beyond my rather limited abilities – I present these two lists as being just what they are – The Top Ten E-liquids based on which are the most reviewed and highest average star user rating at the time of writing.

Most Popular E-liquids;

  • WizMix Nuclear Plusion
  • WizMix Menthol Asylum
  • WizMix Wizard’s Leaf
  • Wizmix Primal Ice Cream
  • Vermillion River KY4
  • WizMix Raging Bull
  • Nordic Vapours Pätkis
  • Pipe Sauce Long Bottom Leaf
  • WizMix Rich Bean Rocket
  • Vermillion River Florida Citrus Explosion

Top Star E-liquids

  • WizMix Menthol Asylum
  • WizMix Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard
  • WizMix Primal Ice Cream
  • WizMix Raging Bull
  • Nordic Vapours Pätkis
  • WizMix Rich Bean Rocket
  • Vermillion River Fresh Mint
  • Vermillion River Caramelized Cappuccino
  • WizMix The Sherlock
  • Nordic Vapours Salmiakki – Salty Liquorice

Conclusions and Notes

I compiled the list of my favourites before checking which the most popular e-liquids were; my intension in writing this blog was to highlight some e-liquid flavours that you might not have previously considered trying. As a result I have discovered something myself – I have never tried Nordic Vapours’ Pätkis and maybe I should do, judging by its popularity and star rating. It has been interesting for me compiling these lists because the results are not what I would have predicted – even for my own choices.

The Star Rating list has been ‘weighted’ to balance average star ratings with number of submissions. One juice (Vermillion River Pomegranate) was excluded despite being five star rated, this was because it had attracted only one review which may not be representative.


Which are your favourite Top Ten E-Liquids from ECigWizard?


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