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There is nothing special about DIY E-Juice mixers

The first confession has to be that there is nothing special about DIY E-Juice mixers, those of us that mix our own e-juice might like to think we posses a special talent but it is not true. Anybody can mix their own e-juice if they choose to do so.

still buy pre-mixed e-liquid.

As a DIY’er I might be convinced that mine are the greatest available e-juice mixes known to mortal man but I’m not exclusively faithfully to my own concoctions – Confession number two is that I still buy pre-mixed e-liquid. There are some flavorous that I enjoy vaping but am utterly and repeatedly unable to recreate satisfactorily. I guess that every DIY’er has some flavours that exceed his capabilities, if they are lucky the tastes that they can’t create are not one’s that they enjoy. Personally I can’t help but love WizMix’sRich Bean Rocket and Primal Icecream – but despite numerous attempts to capture their magic I have failed to produce my own e-juice mix which is close enough to be acceptable to me.

I don’t always make DIY e-juice from scratch.

Number three – I don’t always make DIY e-juice from scratch. Completely accidentally I discovered that a 50/50 mix of the WizMix e-liquids Nuclear Plusion and Primal Icecream combine to make an exquisite flavour. I’m now prepared to blatantly refer to this amalgamate as my own, even going so far as to imagine a portmanteau name for it.

Maybe you have stumbled on a sublime mixture of commercial e-liquids, if so please feel free to share them in the ‘comments’ below.

I lock myself away

The serious DIY’er needs a space of his or her own and either live alone or have an understanding partner. Confession four; I lock myself away.  Once you have a collection of DIY e-juice mixer’s equipment and ingredients you need to keep them together but above all they must be kept safely. E-juice Nicotine base liquid is typically a 5.4 % Nicotine solution and is potentially dangerous in the hands of children, pets or the careless. In reality one does not need a great deal of space, a dedicated garden shed, an under-stairs cupboard or a spare box room is normally quite sufficient, so long as it has room for a seat and a shelf of small desk it will suffice – but it must have a lock on the door.

Self deception is an asset

An important personal attribute of a contented e-liquid DIY’er is a capacity for deception. Self deception is an asset when mixing your own e-juice. This is because there will be many occasions when you will produce a flavour that any normal vaper would immediately clean out of his or her cartomiser and never touch again…. but if you have just mixed up 100ml of the stuff you have to be prepared to convince yourself that ‘it is not too bad, once you are used to it’.

A DIY’er must also deceive those around him/herself. Having persuaded ones partner that a dedicated mixing room or shed is necessary in order to produce the world’s greatest DIY e-juice you really can’t be caught discarding your latest creation. One must either creep around under cover of the night to dispose of failed mixes or alternatively fill the shelves of your mixing room with them – naturally if the latter option is adopted then you need to be able to convincingly lie by claiming that they are ‘maturing’.

DIY e-juice mixers have have no better hobby.

Most people have too much else to do to have time to bother with DIY e-juice mixing -they attend to a child’s needs, care for an elderly relative or walk a dog,  some people even have a properly interesting hobby. Confession six is that ideally DIY e-juice mixers have no-one who needs their time and they have no better hobby. Cleaning the household windows or the family car may be pleasant on a nice day but this novelty pleasure soon dissipates after a few winters – mixing your own e-juice can very soon become a chore. Buying good quantity e-liquid pre-mixed is simply easier and more reliably dependable.

I inherently feel that I should save money

The uppermost reason that I’m a DIY’er is cost. I inherently feel that I should save money, that was confession number seven. Like the roll-your-own cigarette maker or the home-brew beer enthusiast, DIY e-juice mixers like to think that they are saving money. It is true that the ingredients used in mixing will combine to produce a remarkably cheap e-juice, when you DIY you are avoiding the many costs associated with pre-mixed e-liquid including packaging, distribution, delivery and regulation compliance. Against this must be counted the cost of personal free time and expensive mistakes.

DIY e-juice mixing is more hit-and-miss than a science

Number eight, DIY e-juice mixing is more hit-and-miss than a science. When you buy an 18mg ready made e-liquid you rightly expect it to be a 1.8% nicotine concentration, conversely as a DIY’er you are likely to add about a third of 54mg nicotine base with two thirds of ‘the other stuff’ (54/3=18). The ‘other stuff’ is Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and  flavourings. Depending on the PG/VG proportion you might also add a little sterilised water. If it doesn’t taste quite right or the viscosity is wrong you can always add a bit more of whatever is lacking – however this will inevitably lead to a nicotine concentration that is not exactly your intended target.

DIY’ers are show offs

DIY’ers are show offs. There are many sites and forums around on the interweb that have an area dedicated to ‘E-juice DIY Recipes’. I suspect that there are more DIY’ers uploading their newly found perfect e-juice recipe than there are people reading them.

Vapers who mix their own e-juice are also often tempted to give samples of their ‘genius concoction’ to other vapers. This practice is potentially dangerous for both the producer and the user because the product has not been produced in a ‘clean room’ and probably is not correctly packaged or properly labelled.

Arrogance is a pre-request.

Number ten: Arrogance is a pre-request. If a DIY’er starts to read-up too much he will find a steaming pile of contradictory mixing advice. He/she will be told unconditionally that the fresh mixture should be vigorously shaken on one page only to read advice recommending a gently swirling and tipping motion. Thicker liquid ingredients should either be added first or last depending on whose opinion you follow. ‘Steeping’ is a minefield all of its own. A DIY e-juice mixer must learn to ignore at least some of this advice and remember that they are the expert at mixing an e-juice that suits themselves.

Conclusion of this DIY E-Juice Mixer

I DIY because after investment in equipment, ingredients and time spent researching and mixing I have mixed some e-juices that I really enjoy vaping. I am currently particularly proud of my ‘Earl Grey’ mix, my numerous Menthol flavours and my ‘Sweet Lime’ e-juices.. and I won’t think about the occasional failures.


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