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Many vapers will have started considering where to take their ecig on holiday (and possibly their families too) this year. For some of those who have only recently chosen to vape as an alternative to smoking this may be the first time that they have had to take their new habit into consideration.

Ecig on Holiday

Personally my favourite vacations are spent on the UK’s coasts, taking long walks along remote costal paths or seeking out ancient churches and grand houses to explore. This sort of holiday poses no real vapingobstacles, there is a good chance of an ECigWizard shop nearby should fresh supplies be needed and vaping has become a common and widely accepted behaviour on these islands. I do not feel overly self-conscious using my ecig in the gardens of a National Trust property whereas smoking tobacco might feel slightly against the grain.

Occasionally I am tempted away from home shores by the guarantee of a rain free, sun filled week abroad – this is especially tempting to me if that particular destination is the home of interesting antiquities however going abroad can raise a few necessary considerations with regard to vaping and the transportation of vaping gear.

Foreign Holidays

It is not my intention or is it within the scope of this blog to pronounce any definitive (or even accurate) rules about taking and using ecigs abroad –  it is advisable to check with your individual courier and destination county representatives for accurate, specific guidance.

One of your first considerations should be the legal position of ecigs in the country that you intend to visit, generally tourists are not challenged about their own personal use of ecigs even in countries where they are not available – however you may choose to vape in an inconspicuous manner to avoid spending your whole vacation trying to explain what an ecig is in a language that you are unfamiliar with. It is also important that it is clear that you are taking vaping gear into a country for your own personal use and not commercially trading it.

A useful resource is the page ‘Electronic Cigarettes – Global Legal Status’ on the E-Cigarette Politics site, it is a fairly comprehensive list of countries and their ecig laws. As the site says “This is an online resource for materials related to e-cigarette politics, legal issues, regulatory issues and health-related topics. We aim to provide reference materials for EV (electronic vapouriser or ‘ecig’) advocates, and for those involved in the regulation and health debates. There are useful and in some cases unique information resources here, plus a news update / blog.

Unfortunately for me, the E-Cigarette Politics site has (as far as I can see) no information about the vaping status in Egypt, which is my chosen destination – if you know about vaping in Egypt from personal experience please let me know in the comments area below, thanks  🙂

Airport and Plane Vaping

Most airlines forbid vaping on their planes, it is probably good advice to not even attempt any stealth vaping given the potential consequences of your actions being misunderstood.

There are a few airports with facilities for ecig users but the vast majority do not, it is also unusual to have a ‘smoking area’ in airports but if there is, then you are likely to be allowed to vape with the tobacco users –if you really want to.   

Packing Your Ecig on Holiday

If you are carrying any liquid onto a plane in your hand luggage it must be in containers under 100ml and must be in a single resealable plastic bag, this restriction applies to e-liquid too – for more information visit the site.

It may be wise to take branded, correctly labelled and bottled e-liquids rather than kitchen sink juice because the latter may prove difficult to explain and substantiate if called upon. In a similar vein, you may consider that homemade mods, wire and syringes etc. in your luggage might look a bit suspicious to anyone unfamiliar with the vaping scene.

When going abroad I always split the e-liquid that I am taking between my hand luggage and my suitcase, I do this because I would hate to be in a foreign land with the luggage containing my entire supply missing in transit.

Do remember to take a suitable mains socket adapter so that you can charge your ecig’s battery and bear in mind that in countries with a lower voltage mains supply your battery will take longer to charge – but still should not be left unattended while charging.

Most importantly, enjoy your ecig on holiday.