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There are a vast array of reasons why people turn to the use of electronic cigarettes and shun the traditional tobacco ones for good. People want to quit smoking tobacco first and foremost because it is bad for our health – fact. But there are also many other secondary reasons as to why they may want to kick the habit – the stink of smoke on your clothes, the hacking cough, the fact that you have to go and stand outside. But hang on a minute there. I’ve heard various reports from our customers telling us that they have been asked to go outside if they wish to use their electronic cigarette with one of these establishments being the giant pub chain Wetherspoons. So, should vapers have to stick to the same ‘smoking etiquette’ as traditional smokers??

No Smoking. Should this extend to E-Cigs?

Of course, my instant thought is no, of course they shouldn’t! After all, this is an e-cig not a cigarette and it is not against the law to use them in public places. So why should I have to go and stand outside and passive smoke when the whole point of me vaping is that I don’t want to inhale tobacco smoke anymore?! I think the fact that the general public are not entirely sure exactly how electronic cigarettes work is why us vapers are told to go outside in bars, restaurants and other public places. Joe Bloggs may think that the vapour that comes from the e-cig contains tobacco and is in someway harmful to others. But we know different. There are no nasty chemicals or toxins in e-liquid and the nicotine is in the liquid only – not in the quickly-disappearing vapour. So we are not harming anyone – unlike those smokers we may have to stand next to in the smoking area.

Of course, I do appreciate that it may be seen as common courtesy to go outside and vape and everyone has their own opinion. But it just seems silly trying to penalise vapers – after all you only need look at a cigarette packet to be reminded how much the government and health authorities want us to stop! Personally, the more people educated about electronic cigarettes the better!

What do you think? Are you a vaper and been asked to go outside? Or are you happy to remove yourself from public places to vape?

*DISCLAIMER – The views posted in this blog are my own and not necessarily reflective of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES LTD*


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