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Choosing The right drip tip is like picking your spouse

No serious, choose your drip tip wisely..

Having the right drip tip on your electronic cigarette, is like picking the right partner. I’m deadly serious about this. Let me explain from a male perspective.

If I marry the wrong woman, I could find myself in the following trouble:

  • A wife that won’t let me go to the football.
  • Having to go shopping. Just to browse.
  • Biggy – with the mother-in-law from hell.

And from a female perspective, marrying the wrong guy, and you could find the following going on:

  • Caps left off toothpaste.
  • Dirty pants appearing magically on bedroom floor.
  • Being widowed to Fifa 2013.


For those of you hitting this page and asking, ‘what the hell is a drip tip?’, allow me to introduce this little baby, before explaining why you need to pick the right drip tip.

If you’ve used a standard ecig (one of the ones that looks like an actual cigarette) then you’ll not have an electronic cigarette that can use a drip tip. You are missing out. Let me tell you there’s a whole new world of electronic cigarettes out there that are far superior….such as any regular Vaping Starter Kit.

A drip tip sits on the end of your ecig, and simply adds style. Elegance. Class.

Which one of these bad boys would you put on your ecig?

Stainless Steel Drip Tips

Aren’t they just beautiful? The first time I clapped eyes on these stainless steel angels, I nearly cried. They are just so gorgeous. However, picking the right one is a bit of a minefield. You could either be the envy of your mates – an ecig trend setter. The self-elected fashion police of the E-Cigarette world. Or you could be the shellsuit of the ecig community. A dirty past, castrated to the bowel end of the museum of embarrassing memories. The kind of trend setter that melts when standing next to a radiator.

Just to prove my point, we found a video by Scott @ E-Cig-Reviews, where he allured to the mouthpiece on an ecig mod as being like a clitoral stimulater (skip to 8m49s)

I mean, come on Scott. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW?!

He has a point though. I’m not sure I could explain that one in the pub. Particularly in a time where we as the ecig community are trying to show non ecig users that we aren’t some kind of weird cult.

If you are going to introduce your ecig to one of these, just make sure it works for you. Because the union of ecig and drip tip is a marriage for life.


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