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Something us vapers have suspected for a while might just be around the corner. The boom of the electronic cigarette among the masses.

Just yesterday, The Times (British newspaper) ran a supplement entitled ‘The Electronic Cigarette’, which featured information, commentary and more on the product itself. There were even specific product reviews outlining suitability. And hey, we had an advert in there too of course. Not only this, but most larger Tesco stores now have an entire shelf dedicated to various electronic cigarette devices (though admittedly they do tend to refer to them as personal vapourisers, but hey, who are we to split hairs?)

Of course there’s the celebrity weighting that will influence a certain type of person, but for the rest of us it seems to be knowledge that we made a choice and feel better for it. It’s been nearly a year since my last cigarette, and my transition from analogue to electronic took about two weeks. Every person is going to be different, but for me I’ve noticed that I no longer cough (unless I pump my LavaTube up a bit too high with a new juice) and I can walk to the end of the road without feeling the need to pull a cigarette out to justify why I feel knackered. And come on, who really needs carbon monoxide, ammonia and tar in their body?

Good enough for Leo, good enough for us!

I can’t help but feel that we’re riding a wave that is continually gathering momentum, so surely it’s just a matter of time before there is some kind of official research to add some weighting to what most of us already know? Vaping isn’t dangerous, the isolated incidents (like the faulty battery blowing out) are not, in my opinion, comparable to the risks associated with tobacco.

What do you think? Is a franchised high street store of electronic cigarettes just around the corner? Will it soon be something that is as well known and understood in the same way that all meat eaters love bacon?

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