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In common with every other living thing on our planet the driving force behind our existence is reproduction – it’s built into our genes, the desire to perpetuate themselves. So what we vapers need to know is how does one look sexy vaping an e-cigarette?

Smokin Sex

Historically smoking was thought of as sexy, in today’s anti-smoking society it is hard to imagine that it was ever thought of as such, but it was.

When tobacco was first introduced to Europe by Conquistadors in 1570 it was the reserve of the rich because it was only the wealthy that could afford it. Naturally anything that demonstrates conspicuous consumption is sexy; a rich ugly man is more attractive than a poor handsome one.

To see examples of the perceived sexiness of smoking in more recent history, take a look at a few post-war romantic films. Flirting over the sharing and lighting of cigarettes was used as cinematographic shorthand. Puffing smoke in another’s face intimated desire and a post-coital cigarette indicated the act that was never shown.

Q) Do you smoke after sex?

A) I don’t know, I have never looked!

Everybody did it

When I was younger the majority of men smoked. Younger people in particular enthusiastically sucked away on those cancer sticks, thus if a young lady wished to ‘catch your eye’ she would sidle up and ask you for a ‘light’.

‘Crashing’ ones fags in the pub usually involved parting with the greater part of a twenty pack of Virginia’s finest to mates around the table. Thankfully cigarettes cost a great deal less, three decades or more ago.

Smokin Genes

It may seem counterintuitive that smoking increased one’s chance of mating but the social Bon Amithat smoking engendered along with its association with alcohol certainly was a positive factor, especially with the type of girl who smoked herself. My goodness haven’t times changed!

Indulging in a dangerous activity normally reduces the opportunity to pass on your genes to the next generation – you can’t successfully mate once you are dead. Thus anybody with a genetic predisposition to undertake risky behaviour is less likely to pass on their thrill seeking genes. Smoking, on the other hand is likely to kill you after you have passed your fertile age so would not be selectedagainst – in fact if there is a nicotine addiction gene it was more likely to be passed on due to the social attractiveness of smoking discussed above.

Now We Vape

Providing that the Government can resist the temptation to interfere, there is every chance that vaping will replace smoking for all but really die-hard smokers. Where does this leave us vapers when seeking to breed?

It would seem a bit weird for someone to sashay alongside and ask if you have a spare battery… I can’t see that tactic leading anywhere. Maybe it could become a social norm to scrounge a few millilitres of e-juice, in place of ‘cadging a fag’. I’m not sure how I would react if someone asked if would share my juice with them – I would probably just stutter something about not carrying any e-liquid on my person.

As a vaper one is even practically excluded from the shared camaraderie of the ‘smoking hut’ which has proven such a popular ‘chat-up’ space since the smoking ban was enforced.

Is that a Tesla in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Sexy Vaping Gear

Ones possessions, and the implied suggestion of wealth, are often desirable facets of a ‘partnering’ decision. I’m not sure if the term is still used but I remember some cars being referred to as ‘babe magnets’, although having never owned any car that was bigger or faster than a Ford Fiesta I can claim no knowledge of the success rate of this incentive.

I do recall having a rather nice cigarette lighter (costing over one week’s wages at the time) which I would leave on the table in a club while I was on the dance floor. Almost inevitably upon my return there was a young lady sat awaiting there, at the time I considered that my cigarette lighter made me an attractive proposition however in hindsight it is possible that it was my superb dance moves that proved irresistible or maybe (more plausibly) it was just the shortage of available seating :-/ Inevitably one night I returned to my table to find that my lighter and cigarettes had been stolen, the thief however had left me one cigarette behind – I guess taking anyone’s last cigarette would have been bad form even for a thief.

Could it be possible that a nice ecig mod could improve your hit rate with the opposite sex? I guess that a ProVari might give the impression of conspicuous wealth in the eyes of fellow vapers but I don’t think that most non-vapers would pay any more attention to it that any other Ecig. I guess that if one was brave enough to flaunt the use of a Tesla Mod in polite company it just might engendered some fruitful conversation.

Sexy Thinking

The strange train of thought that lead to this blog was started from a superb article from the Spectator and shared online by the Deccan Chronicle called ‘The jihad against e-cigarettes‘ in which the author asserts that the members of the British Medical Association (BMA) kill more people each year that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The piece refers to the BMA’s opposition to e-cigarettes as its “latest act of lunacy”. I wholeheartedly recommend reading the complete article because it deftly illuminates the idiocy of the anti-vaping lobby – but it was the end that most caught my imagination:

“E-cigarettes are possibly the least glamorous thing in the history of the world. Smoking may well be a filthy and dangerous habit, but at least smokers of proper fags could claim a certain devil-may-care insouciance attended to them, an agreeable recklessness. E-cigarettes, by contrast, are immediately redolent of a craven and cowardly addiction which cannot be shaken, in other words they are redolent of weakness. Also they look stupid. There is nothing glamorous about e-cigarettes and yet 1.5 million British people use them, knowing this. They use them in order to kick the habit: the BMA is trying to stop them doing so.”

So How Can You Look Sexy Vaping an E-Cigarette?

I just love the stark reality of vaping presented in the above quote which also underlines the obscurity of the logic presented by the BMA.

I too believe that there is, sadly, nothing about vaping that enhances one’s sex appeal, either one is, or is not, sexy – an e-cig doesn’t make a halfpence of difference to it. But at least if you do vape as an alternative to smoking you may have a chance of living long enough to reach an age where looking sexy is lower on your list of priorities.

To avoid confusion; American readers should note that ‘fag’ is a Brit colloquialism for a cigarette. The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those held by ECigWizard. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.