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Ecigwizard Celebrate Six Years In Business

This month Ecigwizard celebrated six years in business! How time flies!

To mark this momentous occasion, we decided to treat the team to a fun filled day of climbing… in the car park. We actually hired out a mobile climbing wall – Who knew they even existed?!

Throughout the day members of the Ecigwizard team challenged one another in a race to the top.


Our journey

Ecigwizard was founded in 2011 and began with just £500 investment. At the time, we realised electronic cigarettes had the potential to be a big hit, but it was still a huge gamble. Just six years later, Ecigwizard has grown to become the largest online and offline retailer in the UK, with a turnover of £7m pa.

We are now one of the largest stockists of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in Europe, supplying more than 600 independently owned ecig stores and over 80 private clients. We also have over 45 company owned and franchise stores across the UK, not to mention over 100 members of staff.

 As company Direct Oliver Warburton says, “The upwards spiral of growth has been incredible, but vaping is still in it’s infancy. With six million smokers still left in the UK alone, there’s still massive potential for growth and change.” He goes on to say, “We couldn’t have done it without the support of our dedicated workforce, and our continued growth relies on them.”


The heart of Ecigwizard
People and culture are at the heart of what we do and who we are. We’ve built a community, both internally within the business, and externally with you, our customers. Our caring nature and passion for vaping shines through in the reviews we’ve received on trust pilot here.

By establishing our vaping brand in Peterborough not only have we contributed to a smoke-free UK, we have also opened up new employment opportunities outside of London. It’s for this reason, we recently moved our head office and created a space our employees would love, one that we hope will intrigue ambitious individuals encouraging them to stay in Peterborough rather than commute to London.

We wanted to create an office space to rival that of Google’s, a space that would increase productivity and creativity. With colourful, relaxed seating areas, and large tables for communal working, our creative office space recognises the importance of people and culture.


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