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The European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI) needs your help. They need to collect one million signatures before the 25th of November 2014, and reach the minimum quota in seven member states – as part of the European Citizens’ Initiative, a mechanism provided by the EU that allows its concerned citizens to express their common opinion on how the European Parliament should approach certain subjects. Once EFVI’s goal has been reached they will have the opportunity to meet EU Commission representatives in person and to present their initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament. It will allow EFVI to participate directly in the development of EU policies regarding electronic cigarettes.

EFVI – Not Another Petition!

Petitions have been great, they brought the vaping community together to express their view, demonstrating to those in power that vapers are numerous, organised and unhappy with proposed ecig restrictions. The European Free Vaping Initiative however needs your signature to help trigger a specific action within the EU, an action that will get the views of vapers heard by the powers that be.

An email sent by the online vaping forum UK Vapers to members who have subscribed to their mailing list explains;

The EFVI collects signatures of support – *but is much more than just a petition*. It’s an official EU process (the EU designed it so we are using their own system against them!).

As such, if enough support for an initiative is gained, the European Commission is committed to:-

1. Meet the organisers so they can explain in detail the issues raised in their initiative

2. The organisers (vapers) will have the opportunity to present their initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament

3. The Commission will adopt a formal response spelling out what action it will propose in response to the citizens’ initiative, if any, and the reasons for doing or not doing so.

For this to happen – we need 55,000 signatures from the UK (and 6 other European countries must also reach their target). Across Europe, we need 1 million signatures, by November 2014.

However much you think the new restrictions will (or will not) affect you personally, please don’t let the EU take away the freedom of Vaping choices that we have enjoyed from potential vapers of the future.

We urge you (and your friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours etc etc) to support this initiative as much as possible.

Do It Now

It will take no more than a few moments to jump straight to the European Citizens’ Initiative site where you can click through to add your own support and see a map of how support is developing across Europe. It is important that everyone that cares about the future of vaping and the lives that it can save shows their support, do it now – CLICK HERE

Do more – Go to the EFVI website to read their manifesto and more about them. To quote from their site “Our goal is to express the will of the many, who are already vaping, plan to vape, have a loved one who is vaping or someone who simply respects the values of private sphere and personal rights. We will keep fighting until electronic cigarettes are finally to be discussed at the level they deserve, and until a regulation is born that says no to fears rooted in ignorance, and does not bypass scientific evidence nor the real needs of the people using electronic cigarettes.”

Spread the word – On EFVI’s site they also have badges that you can use on your blog or website to show your support for their initiative and a sheet of reasons for both vapers and non-vapers to do so too, available in PDF and SVG versions for A4 and 4xA5 printing.

Be social – By visiting and ‘Liking’ EFVI’s facebook page you can keep yourself informed – and at EFVI UK’s facebook page you will find more information about the part UK vapers are playing.  EFVI can also be followed on Twitter and Google+

European Union Wide

Vapers throughout the European Union are all part of the push for ‘free vaping’ without unnecessary restrictions being imposed upon us from above – restrictions that work counter to the public health.

The UK’s support for the EFVI is actually quite good but Finland currently shames us with the percentage of their target threshold that they have achieved. Let’s demonstrate to our fellow vapers across Europe how much we in the UK care about saving vaping.


It is not the intension of this post to imply any endorsement of ECigWizard by EFVI, EFVI UK or UK Vapers.


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