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ECigWizard’s store in Hinckley has been set-up by Joe who I first met as the Manager of ECigWizard in Leicester. Knowing the high standards that Joe maintains I was keen to visit this new shop, which I did shortly after it first opened its doors on 1st October 2014.


I was immediately impressed with the shops appearance. It is situated on Castle Street, a busy Hinckley main road, so is easily spotted with its distinctive black frontage and white window graphics which extend the invitation to Join the Electronic Revolution. There is ample car parking space nearby.

ECigWizard Hinckley is considerably smaller than the Leicester shop but Joe has used his considerable retail experience to fit everything needed into the available space creating a comfortable and intimate area to serve all your vaping needs and to chat while you try out all the great WizMix e-liquids in their Flavour Station. As you would expect from an ECigWizard store, hygiene tips are freely available for your use.

Contributing to the friendly feel of ECigWizard Hinckley is the two cube stools in a small alcove near the window and a TV showing vaping related information, that is wall mounted near the counter. The décor is in ECigWizard’s white, black and blue colour scheme and the floor has a solid wood finish.

Hinckley Stock

Mike works at ECigWizard Hinckley, he is a keen vapour and has an excellent knowledge of ECigWizard’s full product range all of which is available in-store. Mike will be enthusiastic to demonstrate all of the ecig hardware and answer any questions that you may have, giving particular attention to smokers who need advice on starting vaping as an alternative to their existing, unhealthy and expensive habit.

At ECigWizard Hinckley they have the full range of WizMix e-liquids including the latest additions to the range – Black Jacks, Cinnamon Hearts, Gob Stopper, Fruit Salad, Jelly Bean Dream, Mint Choc Swirl and Old English Toffee – if you haven’t yet tried these yourself then you should not miss the opportunity, they are all superb.

In addition to the WizMix e-liquid range at ECigWizard Hinckley which they stock in all available strengths they also have everything from the small but perfect Redwood Blend and Mrs B’s e-liquid ranges. I think that Redwood Breakfast Blend and Mrs B’s Strawberry Jam e-liquids are unequalled for distinctive and delightful flavour.

Hinckley Leicestershire

The Market Town of Hinckley is in southwest Leicestershire, about 13 miles from Leicester. When I visited ECigWizard Hinckley I was allowed to venture through a Hobbit size door that is behind the counter, this lead down to a vaulted cellar, this, and the charming period lamppost outside the shop front indicated something of the age of the building. I now wanted to know more about Hinckley’s history….

The first record of a market at Hinckley dates back to 1311 but its history stretches back to the Anglo-Saxon period, by the time it is listed in the Domesday Book, Hinckley was a fair sized village. In 1801 the first National Census showed Hinckley to have a population of over 5,000 – during the next 20 years this number had increased to over 6,000 inhabitants. Hinckley now boasts over 40,000 residents as a result of the many new housing developments constructed in the 1950s, 60s and 90s.

Hosiery was Hinckley’s largest industry in the early 19th century, in England only Leicester had a greater output of stockings. The association with hosiery began in the 17th century and continued strongly until World War II after which production declined, although several textile companies still operate in the area.

Stockings are not Hinckley’s only claim to fame, the Company who produce the magnificent Triumph motorbike has its home here and the world famous Hansom cab was first built here by Joseph Hansom in 1835.

Hinckley Folklore

I was amused to read a bit about Hinckley’s folklore which was given in Wikipedia’s entry about the town, it said that “Hinckley was known to its residents for many years as “Tin ‘At” (tin hat). It is reputed that, many years ago, one of the itinerant sheep drovers bragged that he could drink a hat full of ale. The local landlord put this man to the test by getting the local blacksmith to make a tin hat, which he then filled with ale. Thereafter, the town became known as “Tin ‘At”. Another explanation is that the people of Hinckley used to place buckets on water pumps to keep them clean and prevent the spread of illness, the bucket obviously being the “Tin ‘At”. A tin hat can be seen on top of the flag pole which sits on the roof of the Coral branch at the corner of Castle Street and Market Place. There is also a pub called The Tin Hat.”

Key Facts


106 Castle Street, Hinckley. LE10 1DD

Phone 0145 535 6001

Opening Hours

9am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday


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