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Ecigwizard launch the incredible Vaptio Tyro!

It’s been months in the making, but it’s finally here… Introducing the versatile powerhouse, that is the one and only… Vaptio Tyro!

Brought to you from the creative minds of both Vaptio and Ecigwizard, this kit is certain to change your world!



We all know how difficult it is to find your perfect piece of kit when you start vaping. There’re so many variables to consider. Which type of kit should you choose and what kind of liquids do you want to use, and what can you use in which device?

Honestly, it can all get a little confusing. It’s not just new users, but experienced vapers too that struggle to find one device to rule them all, something that’s simply more flexible to suit how they want to vape.

With this in mind, we set about creating a solution to all your problems. Your vaping problems, at least. We’ve been bubbling with excitement, waiting on the edges of our seats until it was time to introduce the Tyro - the kit that literally has it all!

The Tyro is a vaping innovation. Designed, created and brought to you as a Vaptio and Ecigwizard collaboration, we’ve managed to overcome the pitfalls of all other kits on the market:

  • Adjustable airflow –The Tyro gives you the control to vape how you want, to handle 50/50, salts or high VG liquids and it takes it all in its stride.
  • Filling and spilling –How many times have you spilt your e-liquid when filling your vape? The Tyro completely removes this issue as it has an innovative top-side filling mechanism, which makes filling easy and completely mess-free.
  • Leaking –This is one of the biggest reasons why kits end up in the bin. it’s frustrating and is the biggest let-down of a kit - the Tyro has an incredibly simplistic coil locking method - when you refill the tank, the coil locks off so that flooding the coil is impossible.
  • Styling –It’s nice to have options, right? But we can’t just rely on style, there needs to be substance too! The Tyro delivers all this a much, much more, with beautiful colour schemes and clean, simple lines. You really can have it all!
  • Pricing –Does an expensive kit mean that it’s a better kit? Not always, as many of us have come to realise. Plus, when you’re starting out, you want something that’s affordable. Many basic pod systems provide a consistent experience but no flexibility coming in around the £20 mark. We wanted the Tyro to come in at the same price to provide everyone with opportunity to choose this when looking for a first or a secondary kit, but with all the added extras included, of course!

Bringing you up to speed

When you look at the pitfalls of other kits and then the Tyro, it’s literally incomparable. It offers pure vaping flexibility like no other vape kit on the market!

So, what do you get with the Tyro? It comes with two coil options, a 0.7ohm Direct to Lung (DTL) coil which copes with higher VG liquids with ease, what’s more the 1500mAh battery will keep this going for the whole day without dropping a beat. What’s more, with the adjustable airflow, you’ll pick up flavour-notes you’ve never experienced before from thicker sub-ohm liquids.

Pop in the 1.6ohm Mouth to Lung (MTL) coil in and the battery life improves even further (as you would expect), and nicotine salts or 50/50 liquids take on a precise nicotine delivery role. Flavours are sharp and on-point, whilst retaining the smooth but satisfying throat kick you’re after.

The Tyro is also compatible with Aspire Nautilus coils, which are a very popular, plus it gives you even more flexibility when creating a setup that works for you. But, it doesn’t stop there! Oh, no. We’ll also be launching the all new ceramic 1.2ohm coil very soon. These coils are perfect for CBD liquids. So, watch this space.

Stacking up against the competition

Our main aim was to create the new breed of kit, while taking safety into consideration too. Take comfort in the fact the Tyro has:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Over-vaping protection
  • Over-charging protection

At a glance this is how the Tyro compares to similar products on the market:






Fill Type


Output Wattage



1500 mAh


Top Side Fill

0.7 & 1.6Ω and 1.2Ω (ceramic)


Aspire PockeX


1500 mAh


Top Fill

0.6 & 1.2Ω


Endura T18 II


1300 mAh


Top Fill




The Tyro is the most flexible device available, providing MTL and DTL vaping experiences and to top it all off, it costs less than any of the similar (one might say lesser) products currently available.

The Tyro comes with all the bells and whistles. It is the future of vaping as we know it and will lead the way in e-cig product development.

Complete feature list

  • No mess top-side fill for e-liquid
  • Available in 6 Colours - Black, Stainless Steel, Red, Blue, Purple and Rainbow
  • Safety Features: Short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, over-vaping protection, over-charging protection
  • COSMO coils included (C1 1.6Ω / C2 0.7Ω)
  • 1500 mAh battery included, providing 12 hours of vaping
  • Compatible with Aspire Nautilus Coils
  • Adjustable airflow offering MTL and DTL
  • Suitable for use with all kinds of e-liquid including nic salts, 50/50, high VG,CBD

To try yours today, Get the Tyro for £29.99, along with 3x 10ml e-liquids of your choice: Get your Tyro kit here >


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