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Ecigwizard has been preparing for the TPD / TRPR for the past three years, we’ve been working closely with manufacturers and wholesale customers since this point to provide clarification and guidance on the requirements and legalities involved with making products compliant.

We manufacture and distribute a number of e-liquid lines which have all been successfully submitted through the EU-CEG portal using Ecigwizard’s submitter ID of 00014.

We are already starting to release compliant versions of Lazy Bear, Just Joe’s WizMix with many more including WizMAXX, HeisenB, PnkMn, Button Junkie, Snap Liquids and Coil Glaze to follow shortly.

The EC-ID is displayed on each product – each flavour/strength has a unique EC-ID number, for ease of information the full list of our EC-ID numbers is available here.

Additionally, we have non-compliant stock on hand of all lines, which you are able to freely purchase from us and sell off until May 2017.