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E-liquid quality, purity and taste are a pivotal part of the vaping experience. E-liquids are available from many sources but these can normally be broken down into one of three categories;

  • UK or USA professionally produced juice – Tested and regulated
  • Chinese imports – sometimes labelled as a UK vendor’s brand
  • Kitchen Sink –  hobbyist made but often sold without GC-MS testing


The importance of good e-liquid cannot be overstated, if a newbie vaper has a negative experience with the first juice he/she tries, then it is possible that they could return to smoking before they have found a juice that is of sufficient quality to replace their tobacco habit.

A smoker who begins their journey into vaping by trying the cheapest ecig and e-liquid that they can find is far less likely to quit smoking and choose vaping as an alternative – I believe that it is the moral duty of all ecig vendors or sellers to supply goods of sufficient quality to convert tobacco users to vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, to do otherwise is simply to take profit without considering the consequential effects on their customers health if they return to smoking.


There are now many suppliers of ecigs and e-liquids who have jumped on the bandwagon of ecig popularity. Some sellers on market stalls and in non-specialist shops are only interested in the quick turnover of ecigs and e-liquids while they perceive them to be the latest craze, they will often have no personal interest in vaping and will move on to sell another type of product once they have run out of willing fools to sell second-rate ecigs and e-liquid to.

Buying Chinese

China has become an economic powerhouse having a GDP of 8,226,885 million US dollars in 2012 alone. Much of the material goods that we now desire are produced in China and their popularity as a manufacturing centre is perpetuated on their ability to produce goods at a very competitive price – the quality of the goods is often dependent on requirements of the importer.

In the early days of vaping, e-liquids were normally imported from China however with the evolution of the ecig market vapers have become much more interested in the quality standards of the e-liquids that they choose.

Because we inhale the vapour produced by e-liquid it is vitally important that we are confident that the product is free from any contamination either from pathogens or unintended ingredients.

Kitchen Sink

Some hobbyist vapers mix e-liquids for sale to other vapers, these can often offer interesting flavours and are probably made from the best ingredients available to the hobbyist. Unfortunately without the controlled conditions afforded by a dedicated cleanroom and its associated hygiene protocols it is not possible to guarantee an uncontaminated product continually.

Other back street e-liquid makers sometimes appear to have little regard to the quality of their product – I suspect these also fall into the bandwagon category too. Someone handed a bottle of ‘Lemon’ flavour e-liquid to me with the request that I ‘bin it’ for them, they explained that they had bought it from a corner shop because they had been caught short without spare e-liquid on them – they also said that it was practically un-vapable.  Looking at the label (I won’t name the maker) I noticed that their given phone number was a mobile, their email domain was generic and their postal address began with ‘Rear of…’  Needless to say the bottle was binned.

WizMix E-Liquids

The WizMix range of e-liquids are excellent, I am not suggesting that WizMix is the only UK made e-liquid that is good… but it does have a good range of really great flavours and it is a brand which I know is produced under ideal conditions with exceptional care taken to ensure its purity. In short, it is a brand that I trust.

The Nordic Vapour range now also comes under the WizMix banner which has resulted in a significant price reduction in their five unique Nordic flavours while maintaining the same excellent quality.

  • Pätkis – Chocolate mint flavour
  • Alpine Strawberry– Fresh and fruity but not too sweet
  • Cloudberry Jam – A subtlety sweet flavour of the Scandinavian fruit
  • Salmiakki – Salty Liquorice (my personal new favourite)
  • Tervaleijona (Terva) – Finnish tar candy flavour

With these flavours now added and the addition of a new Ciggy like tobacco flavour called ‘Popular Vape’ the WizMix range now boasts 48 different flavours – each in a choice of five nicotine strengths.

Clean Room

ECigWizard have their own ‘clean room’, it is independently accessed to conform to ISO Class 8 Particle Cleanliness and it overachieves on the acceptance criteria of both Air Change Rate and Room Pressure Differential. I have seen ECigWizard’s ‘clean room’, looking through the small windows I could see it resembled a professional laboratory more than a production line – I was not allowed to enter… I was not ‘clean’ enough.

Every batch of WizMix is GC-MS tested and each batch is traceable.  To quote the WizMix blurb online ‘We do not import our liquids from unregulated and questionable facilities in China. Our WizMix range is made right here in our clean room facilities in the UK! We source all of our raw materials and ingredients from UK produced pharmaceutical sources to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are met on EVERY bottle.

Add to that ECigWizard’s full compliance with all the relevant labelling requirements, tactile warning triangles and child proof caps – I can’t imagine anything more that they could do to guarantee the best possible product.

Whacky Names

The WizMix range has some fairly whacky names for the flavours, many of these have been suggested by the users – coupled with the cool graphics that accompany the WizMix online page, you soon understand that they are really into their e-liquids.

ECigWizard are so proud of their WizMix range that if you visit one of their shops you will be positively encouraged to try as many flavours as you like. What greater confidence in their product could they possibly demonstrate more than that?


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