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Many vaping evangelists are dedicated to their huge mods and rebuildable atomisers or drippers, while there are other vapers who simply use their ecig as a tool rather than ahobby and are perfectly happy with an eGo battery and an This status-quo has been disturbed by the latest generation of clearomisers which incorporate a twin coil atomiser head located at the base of the clearomiser – some mod bods are now slipping into using these latest clearomisers, partly for the sheer convenience but mainly because the vaping performance is comparable with a rebuildable. Do you desire an Aspire?

Aspire BDC, Aspire ET and Kanger Protank 3

ECigWizard currently sell three types of bottom dual coil clearomisers/glassomisers, they are the Aspire BVC, the Aspire ET and the Kanger Pro Tank 3. If you haven’t tried any of these yet then I recommend that you give them a go, the quality of the vaping experience is truly excellent.

The Aspire BDC looks a lot like a traditional CE style clearomiser, only without the hanging wicks – it costs about the same too. The Aspire ET has a larger capacity than the Aspire BDC and is arguably more aesthetically pleasing, it is sold as a kit with two spare atomiser heads – the price is higher than the Aspire ET but once you have taken the cost of two extra atomiser heads into consideration then there is not too much difference. The atomiser head is the crucial element, exactly the same one is used in both of these Aspire models and is interchangeable between them.

Kanger’s Protank 3 has an excellent build quality offering sturdy stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction, the atomiser heads are designed specifically to fit this model and, in common with the Aspire, it has a twin coil. Most of the Kanger Pro Tank 3 users absolutely love them, although some vapers have questioned the consistency of Kanger atomiser head quality – when you get a good Kanger atomiser head it is brilliant, unfortunately occasionally they are less so.

Heads Up

One manufacturer has made a glassomiser body which can accommodate either the Aspire atomiser head or the Kanger Pro Tank 3 atomiser head – the fact that any manufacturer is producing a product to work with another manufacturer’s replaceable part is testament to the esteem that many vapers hold their favourite in. Unfortunately the compromises made to achieve this compatibility with the two different atomiser heads has resulted in a product that is, in some ways, inferior to either – but that is just my opinion.

Another manufacturer has produced a converter that allows for the Aspire atomiser head to be used in the Kanger Pro Tank 3, it’s a solution for vapers who like the Pro Tank’s body but prefer Aspires atomiser heads.

Those who are accustomed to the need to regularly recoil rebuildable atomisers in order to maintain the best vapour production are not surprised by the need to replace an Aspire atomiser head fairly often however if you are the type who has previously sucked on a CE5 until it is utterly dead then it may be unexpected. The bottom line is that with an atomiser head like the Aspire or the Kanger you produce lots of lovely vapour but as a consequence it does have a higher e-liquid throughput which therefore results in a shorter atomiser head lifespan than a CE5 user might be typically accustomed to. Replacement Aspire and Kanger atomiser heads sell for just £2.50, it’s a small price to pay to maintain such a great vaping experience.

Mod Bods

If you are into mods then typically you are also into rebuildable tank atomisers or dripping atomisers – however with these new generation clearomisers like the Aspire and the Kanger Pro Tank 3 it may be time to question this yourself.

I’m one of three dedicated vapers who all work together, I was a regular rebuildable atomiser user – in fact I still keep four rebuildables filled and ready to go however I have increasingly found that it is this new generation of clearomisers that I am vaping on a regular basis, either atop a mod or an eGo battery. Rob, the second of my work colleagues does rate the Aspire clearomiser highly but his regular hardware choice is a nice rebuildable & mod setup… and a dripper too. The boss, ‘Vape King’ Dom is almost exclusively a user of any one of his numerous sub-ohm micro-coiled drippers attached to one of his many mechanical mods – but he too does own at least one Aspire clearomiser.

The extreme production of vapour produced by cloud chasers is usually achieved by rebuilding a dripping atomiser with a micro-coil into, and around which, organic cotton wool is packed to act as an e-liquid wick and reservoir. The term sub-ohm is a misnomer, it actually refers to the impedance of the atomising coil being below one ohm, variable voltage mods will cut out at such a low resistance and eGo batteries are likely to fry – a mechanical mod fitted with a good battery is needed to power it. E-liquid with a high VG content also helps enhance the vapour volume but it is often vaped as a low Nicotine content mix. If you fancy trying a bit of extreme vaping then you will need to head over to the You Tube for further instructions… and proceed with care.

Last Word

The important thing is that you are enjoying vaping instead of killing yourself for a smoke. It really doesn’t matter whether you use a clearomiser, rebuildable tank atomiser or a dripper – it should not concern you what other people’s opinions are, whatever you choose, as long as it does it for you then that is all that is important.

Just over one year ago I wrote a blog that was not too dissimilar to this one however the clearomiser in question at the time was the CE5, that blog post is still online click here. The evolution of ecigs is fast and it would be foolish to be too strident when predicting the future – however it would be my guess that the Aspire will still be a popular and much used clearomiser by this time next year.


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