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It’s always exciting when a new product is set to be launched for our great customers to get their hands on and none come much more exciting than the Groove Electronic Cigarette Mod! Made in the US, the Groove is a bottom-fed mod that takes a 18650 battery and is truly a brilliant piece of kit that we are sure will become a firm favourite with many of our customers and become the daddy of electronic cigarettes. Firstly, take a look at our YouTube video giving you a quick introduction to the Groove.

One of the most noticeable features is the opening hinge at the bottom of the mod. Held together by magnets, this sturdy hinge makes the process of putting in batteries and refills super quick and easy. When using it for the first time, all you will need to do is open the hinge then pop the battery in, take the lid off your e-liquid bottle then screw the bottle into the mod and finally close the catch – simple! The same thing applies when you want to refill your Groove, just simply screw and unscrew the bottle out and into the mod. This is certainly one of the most easy to use electronic cigarettes that we have come across.

To use this fantastic product, slightly press on the bottle, which will be visible, to push the liquid up through the mod in to the atomiser and then press on the large button towards the top of the Groove, inhale through the tip and voila! You have taken your first steps to enjoying this exciting product!

Made for longevity, the Groove Electronic Cigarette Mod is well-made and robust and is also aesthetically pleasing. It has a polished, stainless-steel appearance which adds a touch of class. It has also been made to be used with comfort and the large button at the top of the mod is exceptionally smooth so that it won’t hurt your finger after a long time using it.

There are many great features to the Groove but without doubt the best one is that it has all the advantages of the dripping method which is widely regarded as the best to use to get maximum flavour. Also, when you mix this with the advantages of a cartomiser like the Groove has then you are on to a winner!

Overall, the Groove Electronic Cigarette Mod is all mechanical making it extremely easy to use meaning that it is great for first-time vapers but also very appealing to veteran vapers who are looking to upgrade. With the unique vaping experience it gives, it will make its users want to use this and only this!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our website for the Groove in the coming weeks!


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