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ECigWizard has a number of different clearomisers from which to choose, the bodies of many of them look quite similar to one another – so, if you want a clearomiser, which one should you go for?

CE4 eGo

The  CE4 clearomiser shares the bullet shape clear plastic body style of the others in the ‘CE’ range. It is a semi-disposable clearomiser so when the atomiser coil or wick becomes too worn or clogged for efficient use the clearomiser needs to be replaced in its entirety.

The CE4 is the clearomiser that is supplied with the FreshStart starter bundle and very many vapers continue to use the CE4 after getting a starter kit because it consistently gives dependable performance – often it’s several weeks before replacement is necessary. It is slightly shorter than some of the replaceable head counterparts and has the advantage of ease of use – you don’t replace the head, you replace the whole clearomiser – simple.

The 1.8 Ohm resistance model is the most popular because it produces more vapour although this extra vapour does mean that it uses e-liquid faster.

Vision eGo CE5 V3

The CE5 is very much like a CE4 but with a replaceable atomiser/wick head. Like the CE4 the CE5 is filled from the top by removing the screw threaded drip tip.

The base of the CE5 has a knurled collar, this can be unscrewed in order to access the atomiser/wick head which itself screws onto the centre post. The clearomiser and the replacement heads are normally available in different impedances.

Due to subtle variations between CE5’s swww. by different vendors you should not expect a CE5 replacement head from one supplier to necessarily fit a CE5 cartomiser from a different supplier.

The extra threading needed to facilitate atomiser/wick head replacement makes the CE5 marginally taller than its semi-disposable cousin. Replacement heads for clearomisers generally cost about half the price of the complete clearomiser so can be a cost effective choice.

CE8 SS Mesh

The CE8’s body is almost identical to the CE5 except that the knurled collar at the base is slightly wider making the CE8 very slighter taller still.

Inside, the CE8 forgoes the dangling wicks of the CE4 and CE5 in favour of an atomising coil which sits inside a stainless steel mesh surrounded by silica which resides in the central column, this column has four holes in it to allow the ingression of e-liquid.

The CE8 is filled with e-liquid from the top and the replacement central column (which contains the atomiser) is fitted by unscrewing the base and then the column, from it – those that know the CE5 will recognise the configuration.

ViVi Nova Kit V2.5

The atomiser/wick replaceable head of the ViVi Nova is very similar to the CE5 (although not interchangeable) but the body of the clearomiser is quite different.

The kit includes both a 1.8 and 2.4 ohm head and replacement heads are normally available in either resistance.

Unlike the three clearomisers above, the ViVi Nova’s body isn’t bullet shaped – it has a wider diameter straight clear plastic tube with metal screw-on ends. The top end is unscrewed for filling while the base can be unscrewed for cleaning or atomiser/wick head replacement. The drip tip is the 510 friction held type which can be easily swapped with one of the many other drip tips of this type that are available.

The larger body allows for a greater capacity of e-liquid to be added to the tank.

The ViVi Nova has a 510 battery connection fitting which makes it particularly suited aesthetically to somemods however it can look a little ungainly on a standard eGo battery without the addition of a ViVi Nova plinth to smooth the transition between diameter differences.

Evod Clearomisers

This cartomiser is one of a new breed of clearomiser which have the atomising coil at the bottom, in common with other Bottom Coil Clearomisers this is filled with e-liquid by unscrewing the base, the Evod’s drip tip is integral with the tank and is not removable.

The advantage of having the atomising coil at the bottom of the clearomiser is that you are not reliant on a dangling wick to draw the e-liquid to the atomiser. The small atomising head is easily replaced by unscrewing it from the base.

The Evod comes in a number of striking colours and they have two integrated windows through which you can see the level of e-liquid remaining.

The vapour production from the Evod is excellent and in height it is a little shorter than a CE4 – these factors along with its overall pleasing appearance have made this a very popular choice for many vapers.

Aspire BDC

At first glance the Aspire BDC could be confused with the CE8 , they both have the bullet shaped clear plastic body style common to many clearomisers and like the CE8 the Aspire BDC has a central column without visible wicks hanging down. The body is taller than those discussed above and the drip tip is a friction held 510 type like that employed by the ViVi Nova.

The Aspire is a Bottom Dual Coil clearomiser, like the Evod it has the advantage of having its atomiser at the base of the tank and like the Evod the bottom is unscrewed to facilitate e-liquid filling and atomiser head replacement.

Due to the Aspire BDC’s twin coil the vapour production is excellent as is the flavour delivery.


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