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Congratulations! By vaping as an alternative to smoking you are already saving yourself a small fortune.

A couple who daily smoke a packet of 20 cigarettes each will be spending around £5,000 to £6,000 every year just to burn them. Just think of the great time a couple could have with an extra £100 every week spare, just by giving up smoking.

In addition to the money directly wasted on cigarettes there are also other costs associated with the smoking habit… If you smoke in your own house you have the added expense of needing to redecorate regularly to cover up the browning paint caused by the smoke, you will need air fresheners to disguise the Tobacco smell too. Smokers clothes need washing more often too, all this costs money, and let us not forget the biggest cost of smoking…the damage to your health.

Vaping Budget

You can save so much by vaping instead of smoking, so it is important that you don’t risk going back to that costly habit by becoming disillusioned with vaping by not owning and using good quality and reliable vaping equipment and supplies.

I’m always happy to spend some of the money saved by not smoking on vaping gear and liquids, when my VapeMail is delivered it is my reward for quitting smoking. Naturally it is possible to get carried away with this principal, looking at the massive range of vaping mods and rebuildable atomisers that some vapers own I suspect that they are spending just as much on vaping hardware as they ever did on cigarettes. The fact remains that you can achieve an excellent vape for a fraction of the cost of smoking, if you wish…equally if you can afford to spend loads of money on vaping stuff that is great, the important thing is that you no longer smoke. Whatever it takes!


Budget Vaping

It is naturally tempting to think that buying goods at the lowest possible price will save you money; sadly this is rarely the case. Ecig batteries and cartomisers are sometimes very poorly produced and you can often waste money by having to replace them too frequently, the lowest price is most often not the best value.

A good quality eGo battery and a cartomiser like the CE or Evod from a reputable supplier is likely to cost about £20, the battery is likely to recharge successfully for several months and the cartomiser can run for a number of weeks before a replacement (or replacement atomiser head) is required.

A good e-liquid is at the heart of vaping enjoyment. If you try to economise by vaping cheap imported e-liquid you run the risk of losing the pleasure of vaping and thus being tempted back to cigarettes.

It is probable that if you purchase a good vaping starter kit and high quality vaping supplies that you will not need to spend any more that a tenth of the money used up by smoking.

Replacement Heads

The atomiser coil and wicks of cartomisers eventually get gunky or give up, by paying just a little more for a cartomiser with a replacement head you can save yourself the cost of replacing the whole cartomiser by just swapping the head. Replacement cartomiser heads normally contain both the atomiser coil and wicks and are easily replaced – a replacement head normally cost about half of what you can pay for the whole cartomiser, so unless the the cartomiser body is broken why not reuse it?

If you have a cartomiser with a replaceable head you might also consider removing the head periodically and washing it carefully in fresh water, once thoroughly dried off it often gives it a whole new lease of life. Similarly delicately using a tissue to clean the threads etc on a cartomiser can help to prolong its useful life.

As is often the case, to save more money in the long-term you need to spend more in the short term. Rebuildable atomisers cost considerably more than cartomisers as an initial outlay however once you have made that investment it is possible to save money by building your own replacement atomiser heads with suitable wire and wick. Furthermore rebuildable atomisers are most often manufactured with more durable materials that a normal cartomiser. Rebuilding atomiser heads is not as daunting as it may sound, there are loads of instructional videos on You Tube too.

DIY E-Liquid

As noted above, buying cheap imported e-liquid is not a good way to save money, but if you have the time and inclination than mixing your own e-liquid from its simple ingredients can cut your costs considerably.

As with rebuildable atomisers, unfortunately there are some unavoidable up-front costs involved with DIY e-liquid mixing – you need to buy Nicotine liquid base, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and e-liquid flavourings, additionally you will need suitable spare bottles, syringes and safety-ware.  Great care must be taken by the DIY e-liquid mixer not to introduce any contaminates or unwanted substances into their e-liquid and it is important to remember that the mixing liquids and equipment must be safely locked out of reach from children and pets.

By buying larger volumes of the ingredients you can potentially make even larger savings on the cost of e-liquid – for example, a litre of the best quality 5.4% Nicotine liquid base will cost about £100 but that is enough Nicotine base (once mixed with the other ingredients) to produce 300 x 10ml bottles of 18mg e-liquid. More information on DIY mixing is widely available on the Interweb.

Mod Money

If your vaping budget can stretch to a mod like the Tesla then you can benefit from the experience of vaping at different voltages. This is no great benefit if you have already found an impedance of cartomiser that suits the battery that you use but for those using rebuildable atomisers then it is almost a necessity.

Although many serious vapers own several mods, one is quite sufficient because the vast majority of mods have a replaceable rechargeable battery – unlike using an ecig with an integral battery, you can just carry a spare battery with you (suitably protected from shorting) and swap it into your mod when needed. The cost of the replacement rechargeable batteries for mods is generally lower per mAh than an equivalent quality eGo type battery – however it will take quite a while to offset the expenditure on the mod itself.

Vape On!

The important thing is to vape on! Personally I now enjoy vaping more than I ever did smoking – I enjoy DIY mixing e-liquids as well as treating myself to the lush WizMix e-liquids, I use rebuildable atomisers but also nice straightforward cartomisers and I power them with a mod or an eGo battery depending on my mood and circumstance – Now, after more than two years of vaping, I am never even tempted to return to those money draining, smelly, unhealthy days of smoking.

Look after your chickens and the pounds will look after themselves. 


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