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New ECigWizard shops are opening at an astonishing rate. Earlier this year, on the Saturday 3rd May 2014 a rather special one opened in Bristol. I have had a long held love of Bristol, I very nearly settled there once. The famous Clifton Suspension Bridge that spans the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, linking Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset is an engineering marvel and a thing of great beauty that is now a Grade 1 building while still fulfilling its role as part of the B3129 road. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and opened in 1864.

Bristol Question Time

I had the opportunity to put some questions to Rich, one of the owners of the ECigWizard shop. Rich and his wife and co-owner, Sarah are non-smokers themselves and therefor don’t vape either, I was interested to know what had inspired them to open an ecig shop and how they knew that the ECigWizard Official Reseller scheme was the best way for it to be done - Rich explained it to me thus “The reason we decided to go into this area is that my mum smoked for a great many years, perhaps over 40 years in total. I saw how much money she spent on it and I saw her ill-health. I have lasting memories from my early years of her coughing through the night and worrying about her health. She did eventually manage to give up smoking, but I can’t help but wonder if she could’ve realised the health benefits many, many years before if the vaping technology we have today had only been available then.” Explaining the choice of ECigWizard he said it was “Partly due to the support from the Ecigwizard team – which has been fantastic – and partly because I’ve known Olly and Aaron from Ecigwizard for many years. Both my wife and I have seen their long days and hard work to make a dream into reality, and decided that now was a good time to get involved

Understanding the Business

In order to give the kind of great service that ECigWizard’s customers expect when visiting a vaping store takes a good understanding of business, Rich and Sarah have plenty. Rich works in IT, but explained “when you work in any industry long enough you learn a lot about how the company itself works and especially about customer service”. Sarah also worked to a senior level in her industry and learned a lot about running a business and opening a new franchise. In the shop Rai (pronounced ‘rye’) and Josh stand ready to help with all your vaping needs.

The shop is described by Rich as “crazy!” I don’t think there’s a right-angle in the whole place. It’s wide at the front and narrows at the back. It’s quite long with a counter across the narrow back of the store, with some comfy sofas to sit on while you wait, or while you vape. There’s display cabinets and posters about the range of products, and two plants. Apparently they haven’t named the plants yet – that may be a future Facebook competition ;)

Finding ECigWizard Bristol

Rich tells people about the location of his shop by saying “You know where Greggs is?” (Yeah) “You know the pink shop that is two doors left of it?” (Yeah) “Well it’s not pink anymore! We’re there” – he has not yet met anyone that doesn’t know where it is from that description but adds “We’re near the Old Post Office Pub” which also usually describes it very well J

The actual address is 753 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3UP.

Once in the shop you will find an ECigWizard Flavour Station with over sixty flavours to try before you buy, all in Aspire clearomisers . Rich explains that “We have found that customers really enjoy being able to try the flavours for free before they buy, and sometimes our customers have surprised themselves and enjoyed flavours they hadn’t even thought of. We use the Aspire BDC Clearomiser in the flavour station, they’re a customer favourite so it’s natural to pair these together. We’ve had customers come in to try the flavours and buy an Aspire because they liked it more than their CE4 or other brand of clearomiser. A colourful bowl is set up on the counter with plenty of ‘hygiene tips’ on hand.”

Stock at the Bristol Shop

You will normally find around 80 of the flavours of e-liquid across all the range from Ecigwizard in stock but there’s a couple of local favourites which sometimes test that. The best-selling e-liquids are Menthol Asylum and Wizard’s Leaf but Pomegranate Passion also appeals to people looking for something different, there are a lot of adventurous customers that come to see them in order to take full advantage of their wide range of flavours.

On the hardware side they sell most of the e-cigs, clearomisers, batteries and accessories available from ECigWizard. Rich says that “the Aspire Bundle is extremely popular, this includes two batteries and a case in the colour of your choice, two Aspire BVC Clearomisers, a USB rapid charger and a bottle of any WizMix flavour to get started. Our 3 for 11.99 on Wizmix e-liquid and 3 for 12.99 on Vermillion River e-liquid is very popular too and the recent addition of The Orbit battery and the Aerotank V2 tank to the product line-up has proven very popular indeed.”

False Start

Rich recounts the first day at ECigWizard Bristol “We opened at 10am and we closed again at 10.20am when we discovered that the card machine didn’t work right and the cash drawer was locked shut – and the keys were at home! I did a hurried round trip for the keys, made a call to the bank and we finally, properly opened at 11.30am. We had a nice cake which all our lovely first day customers enjoyed.” Thankfully everything seems to run very smoothly now.

Key Facts

Open: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

Address: 753 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3UP

Telephone: 0117 958 6175



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