The Tesla Mod – are you sure that’s not an adult toy?

By | February 6, 2013

It has been a while since we introduced a new mod to our ecig family, but finally The Tesla Mod VV & VW has arrived here at Ecigwizard.

For all the technical low down on the Tesla VV & VW Mod, watch Phil’s video below:

So what do you think? Personally, it scares me…just the reaction on our Facebook when we announced it, said enough..


Adrian:  Only a matter of time before someone turns up at A&E having tripped and… you know the rest.

Jano on our Tesla Youtube Video commented:

Ugly! Dildostyle.

So, I’m going to argue I’m not alone in thinking that the Tesla is NOT a personal vaping device you’d take to the pub with you.

I can just imagine what the landlord in my local would say..

It’s not that kind of place here..

So why would you buy the Tesla Mod?

I’m a self-confessed puritan when it comes to my vaping devices. Vision Ego, 1100mah battery, simples.

So this blog post, is from my personal viewpoint. I’d not want to be seen with the Tesla Mod for a few reasons:

  1. I might get the wrong kind of attention. There’s a lot of sexually frustrated people out there that might get the wrong idea.
  2. I’m shy.
  3. In my personal opinion, I’d struggle to get someone into vaping if a stranger came up to me and asked ‘what is that?’. You can do it with a Vision Ego. You couldn’t with this.

If you don’t believe me, just check this image out..

The Tesla Mod

On the flip side, this is a very good mod, mechanically. The introduction of variable wattage as well as voltage is a great new technological advance in the ecig world.

If you really don’t give a damn what people think, then you’ll be laughing at me..I’m changing my battery every 4 hours. This thing, for want of a better analogy (to the Duracell Bunny) keeps going and going.

It’s also very well made. Not long ago, the first affordable variable voltage device was the Lavatube. The original Lavatube doesn’t offer variable wattage, the Tesla does. We know that the cost of production in these devices is generally the circuitry (as opposed to the actual body itself).

There’s a very interesting shift going on in the ecig world, that I reported with the Vision Ego 3 months ago. New vapers are increasingly looking towards a cartomiser setup and a battery that lasts more than give minutes. I fear though, the likes of the Tesla Mod is a step to far. Actually, let’s be realistic. The Tesla is a backpacking trip around Europe too far. I can never, ever see this kind of electronic cigarette on the mass market.

So can I be turned by this ecig mod?

Why not? It’s built well, the features are pretty awesome. But it is ribbed, and it does look like something as Adrian pointed out on Facebook, you wouldn’t want to accidentally sit down on too quickly.

So as the Dragons would say….I’m out…

Unless of course, I’ve got the Tesla Mod in the comfort of my own home, and the curtains are drawn.

Author: Olly

I like sampling e-liquids, like posh people like tasting wines.

7 thoughts on “The Tesla Mod – are you sure that’s not an adult toy?

  1. Stuart Bailey

    I love the look of the display, far better than the ones on the Lavatube.

    Bring on payday!!

  2. Mark Dubanowski

    I stand by my Facebook comment and think it looks more like a lightsaber than an adult toy! I’d be happy enough to walk around with it anyways.

  3. David Mallick

    I agree with Mark, it’s a lightsaber! I do like the look of this. It’s time to start saving again I think…and also time to start explaining to the wife why I need another mod!

  4. UKBB

    How anyone could mistake that for an “adult toy” is quite beyond me…

    it would have to be at least twice that size…surely ?!

  5. Liam

    Well done to ecigwizard for bringing the first affordable VW mod to the market.
    But I have to agree with other people’s opinions, shame it’s been hit with the ugly stick.

    For £50 I would want something that draws the eye for the right reasons. So thatbleaves me gutted that I’m going to have to wait for a more aesthetic looking mod.


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