The Electronic Cigarette – An Advanced Guide

By | March 25, 2013

For this not to evolve into a boring lesson, I’ll skip the history of ecigs (which you can find from Wikipedia).

The basics :

There are several options for one to choose from when it comes to ecigs. The main thing is that you need an power source, something that vaporizes the e-liquid and naturally the e-liquid itself.

In the beginning we had ecigs that most were done in three parts : Battery (power source), tanks & atomizers (heating unit) and cartridge(liquid storage). And even today it’s still almost the same, only difference being that there’s a lot devices with combined heating unit and liquid storage in one.

There are power sources that work when you take a drag out of them and those that require you to press a button. The latter is the one that dominates the market, even though automatic batteries are still sold and manufactured. Most tobacco look-a-likes are automatic batteries so that the feel, size and the way you use it resembles regular tobacco the most.

Threading (Compatibility) :

This is the part that get’s most people confused in the beginning : “Can I use this part with that?” / “Will that work on this?”.

Currently at the market the two dominating threads are 510 and eGo. This said you can use almost any 510 threaded device on top of an eGo threaded battery (eGo/Tornado/iMist). Only difference on that would be the Super Tank units (that comes to mind), even though they are equipped with 510-threading their atomizer won’t fit on top of an eGo due to it’s flange design*. Also parts like dripping atomizers use the 510-threading so they are compatible with those two (510 and eGo).

Most vendors do list the threading of their devices which makes it easier for you to look up spare parts (knowing what you already have).

There is still different threadings out there : 901, 801, 808, RN4081 (and all sorts of letter combinations to go with those).

So you can use any510 (and 306) part with eGo battery due to the compatible threading they both have.

E-Liquids :

There really isn’t much limitation to what e-liquid you can vape with any device out there. Do-Note : Some VG ‘heavy’ liquids can be harder to use on cartomisers that have that have cotton type filling (the liquid won’t move as well due to it’s thick texture).  And true, there are some devices that are especially designed for certain base ingredient (Like Bud PG & VG tank atomizers).

The ingredients used to make e-liquid are the following : PG (Propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), Nicotine and foodgrade flavorings (same stuff can be used in pastry).

PG is the part that brings out more flavor and less vapor, when VG is the part that gives less flavor and more vapor (Pure PG vs VG comparison video from YouTube).

Lately a lot of e-liquid makers have switched into combination of those two ingredients (80PG/20VG, 70PG/30VG, 50PG/50VG). These e-liquids have a nice balance of flavor and vapor production, no matter what gear you are using to vape.

Understanding ohms (resistance) :

Smaller the ohms, less volts you need for it to produce nice vapor. Higher the ohms, more volts you need for it to produce nice vapor.

This meaning that a regular 510 / eGo battery (or a mod that has no built in boost chip) which work at ~3.7V will give nice vapor up to (around and this is just my opinion) 2.4ohms max.

So for non VV/VW (Variable Voltage/Wattage) devices I recommend using around 1.5Ω/2Ω resistance. And for VV/VW devices (ProVari, Zmax, Lavatube, Tesla, Aspire Archon etc) I recommend 2Ω and higher.

ADVANCED : It’s worth mentioning that it’s not recommended to use dual coil parts with small batteries (510) as they will shorten the lifespan of the battery (due to the strain it causes).


Maintenance and Lifespan :

Cartomisers, clearomisers and atomisers are semi-disposable. Their lifespan depends on multiple factors : Liquid used, the amount vaped, ohms (lower will have shorter lifespan) and voltage used (with VV/VW devices you can give more voltage which will naturally shorter the lifespan the same way as lower ohms). Lifespan on those can be anywhere from days to weeks, average being around 1-2weeks. So how do you know when it’s time to change? There won’t be as much vapor and the flavor diminishes closer to the end.

Average battery can be charged again and again around 200-300 times, some even up-to 500 times. So over time they too will lose the capacity to hold it’s charge. To extend the lifespan of your batteries and achieve the max use is to keep it clean. Best way to do this is cleaning the threading part before charging with a paper tissue or a piece of cloth, preferably at least once a day.

So where to begin?

If you haven’t tried ecigs yet, you can get an disposable electronic cigarette. Just take the other end to your lips and inhale / exhale the vapor. When the liquid and/or the battery runs out, just dispose it at your local battery disposal.

Next step is to get an ecig starter kit. These kit’s have everything you need except the e-liquid (in most cases). So there is an battery (or two), charger for the battery(s) and something to house/vaporize the e-liquid. Some kit’s can also have some sort of carry case that you can store your ecig in. One of our biggest sellers has been the New Users Starter Bundle that even has e-liquid with it (Filling tutorial,  Chargins tutorial).


In general your best buddy when it comes to vaping is your Vendor and Youtube (we have our own channel with guide videos too). Just enter the name of an item you are interested into Youtube’s search and you’ll get reviews, how-to’s and even videos just going around the item you are looking for.

Author: Jori

Finnish vaper since September 3 -11 CS Rep at eCigWizard since early -12

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  1. Elizabeth Tracy Rodgers

    Hey guys if you ever need anyone tobtry your new eliquides give me a shout I would love to try them and give you guys my honest opinion or do a video update on what its like and how ittastes I get alot of my friends and family coming to me asking me what vaping is like and have rreferred alot of friends and family your way when anyone I know is out of eliquid s they come to me coz they know I order alot maybe 4/5mayb more at atime if they arent sure they come to me and I guide them so if ever you need anyone to try a new ejuice out you have my name a email address I would be realy happy to do it…thankyou so much for a good product I love the different flavours but somtimes some ejuices seem to not taste the way they should like I like the watermelon one but it doesnt taste the same after s couple of times I clean mine after every flavour but I love what I have come up with see if you mix nuttella flavour with the mint flavour you get like a yummy choclate/mint I have a habit of mixing my flavours I get all sorts of flavours even if I get a tobacco flavour ejuice and its maybe to strong for me I mix it with a fruity flavour and it realy goes together my bro got som liquid/ejuice and he didnt like it I mixed it with one of my fruity ones and he loved it so now he is never away from me I even make up mocha flavoured ejuce from coffee and nuttella with a hint of nutty caramel ce4 I think its called but their great all mixed together so please have a think…it would be fun I think. .yours faithfully. ….tracy rodgers…

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