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Move away from smoking with the new healthier and cheaper alternative! You'll get everything you need with our great value starter kit.
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Product Description


'Fresh Start' – New User Electronic Cigarette Starter Bundle!

Take advantage of our New User Starter kit introductory offer in 2014!

Perfect as a healthier alternative to smoking this year

This exclusive package has everything you need to get started and keep you going for at least 1 week before having to buy a refill bottle of e-liquid.
Beware of cheaper, inferior electronic cigarette starter kits being sold to the masses! The Vision Ego Kit is t he real deal in terms of performance and quality.

Product description:

The Vision eGo is a fantastic piece of kit which is extremely popular in the electronic cigarette world. We have worked hard to put together a pe rfectly priced little kit for you to get started with electronic cigarettes.
In terms of price this sits perfectly between our low cost "try me" kits and our more premium high end double electronic cigarette kits - This means you can try a high en d electronic cigarette without the larger investment required from a double kit.


  • 1 x 900mah Battery, WITH the "5 click" feature which means you can lock the battery by clicking the activate button five times quickly (Large battery which will last longer between charging)
  • 1 x USB Fast Charger (Helps charge your battery quicker)
  • 1 x Clearomiser with 1.5ml capacity (This bit does the work and holds the nicotine based liquid)
  • 1 x 10Ml bottle of Eliquid (Several choices of flavour available, subject to stock.) - (This liquid contains the nicotine and flavouring. It produces the vapour inhaled once heated by the Clearomiser)

Please note: While charging any battery purchased from us we strongly advise using our USB wall plug, as well as our safe charging bag while charging batteries of any kind.

DO NOT under any circumstances use a Rapid USB charger on a battery lower than 900Mah.

DO NOT under any circumstances use our USB charger on batteries from different manufacturers.

DO NOT under any circumstances us any other USB wall charger other than one purchased from eCigWizard.



The kit is also extremely easy to use, we have included basic instructions on the packaging but if you have a ny issue please get in touch with us!

Video Instructions

Please note: The Nicot ine strength of the liquid which you get with the Starter Bundle, cannot be changed.


Customer Reviews (204)

Perfect place to startReview by Rob
Really easy to get up and running and a perfect place to start for anyone new to vaping. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking into e Cigs. (Posted on 09/01/2016)
Very DurableReview by Joan
Speaking as someone who has (accidentally) left this for sometimes up to 3 nights on the ground in my work's car park during typical British weather, I can confirm this is a very durable product.

Just ordered a spare for those days when I'm lead to believe my original is lost, to then find it again on the ground walking to my car. (Posted on 07/10/2015)
Just brilliant!Review by Jordan
Great product and reliable delivery. I bought this for my friend and he is loving it!! (Posted on 06/08/2015)
Great! Review by Sarah
Great starter kit! New to vaping! Went into ecig headquarters as its local to me and they were brilliant! (Posted on 09/06/2015)
A very good way to start!Review by Jan
If you're new to vaping, I would strongly recommend this kit as a good 'leaping off place' to begin your new vaping 'career' (or hobby?)
I began with one of these (after a few false starts, with products from other companies) and immediately felt at home, as it were, with this company and its products.

Nb: I'm not sure if Ecigwizard still makes the 'Tobacco' flavour vaping juice (shown in the picture above), but if so, it's quite a good flavour to begin with; it's not too sweet, nor to harsh.

Here's a tip for any beginners: once you get into vaping I'd strongly recommend that you purchase at least *one* extra battery (eg: the 'Ego' type), as well as a few other flavours to try out.
That way, once you come to rely more on your e-cigarette, and less on those nasty 'weeds', you'll not be suddenly caught short when your battery runs out -- you just exchange the depleted battery for one that you've previously charged.

Personally I also find it very useful to have at least two or three different 'clearomisers' as well, because sometimes they go wrong, so again it's good to have at least one spare as a back-up!
~ Good luck! (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Good Product Review by RS
Good Battery life but the cartomizers don't last for more than 10 days. And there's no way of cleaning the CE9 Cartomizer. (Posted on 25/05/2015)
quitting was effortless Review by roaming survivor
Bought so that I could stay around my newborn with out leaving the room for a smoke outside. had no intention of quitting and within a day after purchase I stopped smoking. It was so effortless and easy.
Girl on local stall was especially helpful and really made my experience a pleasure.
£20 well spent (Posted on 11/04/2015)
new to ecigwizardReview by vince
I bought this starter kit from my local store and although I was charged above the price on the website I found it to be well explained and very well made (Posted on 01/03/2015)
Top ProductReview by Phillip
This is my first e-cig and I think it's a great product, i'm looking forward to trying new liquids!!. (Posted on 21/02/2015)
brilliantReview by ..gnjf
me and my boyfriend got one each a couple of days ago and have gone from smoking 10g of tobacco each per day to nothing at all. no cravings at all, and feeling alot heathier already;D (Posted on 08/02/2015)
Great productReview by Rachel
After spending hours trawling through the net to find a decent ecig I found this site. I found out there was a store no more than 10 mins away from my house. The guy in the shop was very knowledgeable and helped me to pick the best starter kit for me. He let me try the flavours and different strengths so I could find the flavours and strengths that I liked. He was very helpful and answered all the questions I had. He also showed me how to set my ecig up and fill it up properly. I have not fully switched over to my ecig which I plan to do in the next week, however I have been using it in the evenings. It is easy to use, the 5 press button is very handy to activate and switch off the ecig. Light weight and easy to use. I did flood mine the first day but the man in the shop showed me how what to do if that happened. I managed to fix it and it works perfect. I really like the jagerbomb flavour and I am very happy with the starter kit.

I have just purchased the 1100mah battery from here so I have two batteries to prepare me for nights out however the 900mah is very good and lasts well. Recommend if you are not sure what flavours to have or which starter kit is best going into the ecigwizard shop nearest to you- the staff are friendly and helpful. I am glad I went with ecig wizard.

Also good to go know the liquid is uk certified which you have to be careful with many other shops and sites. Also like the fact I can get 6mg of nicotine. I tried the 18 and the 12 in the shop and coughed a lot. The 6mg is perfect for me and I really think I can give up smoking with this.

I have a six month warranty on my starter battery and feel like any time I have a question I can go into the shop and know I will get the answers or help I need.

Nice purple carry case too for my starter ecig - I went for the £24.99 which came with the 900mah battery, clearomiser, free spare atomiser, charger, adapter and choice of oil.

(Posted on 08/01/2015)
Good starter kitReview by Dave
On day 7 now and had no fags. I also purchased an aspire clearomizer and a spare battery. Only downside is the aspire top is a lot better than the standard wick style one that comes with the starter pack. So much I don't use the one that come in the starter pack. (Posted on 07/01/2015)
A step into the 21st century!Review by wheres_my_beard
Great product. Clean, stink-free, and a whole lot cheaper than tobacco.

It all feels very futuristic; all I need now is a shiny skin-suit and a hover board! (Posted on 23/12/2014)
fantastic valueReview by Anthony
The new starter kit is fantastic value. Very easy and satisfying to use. Really works (Posted on 28/11/2014)
Superb! Beware of cheap imitations.Review by Peter
I bought this a little tentatively as I don't like wasting money, but I can truly say this is one of the best 'smoking' purchases I have ever made.
I look forward to having a quick blast more than any fag, and the flavor is a lot better than the normal ashtray taste.
. Would recommend to anyone (unless you don't smoke, don't start), and is a lot more socially acceptable.
A superb product from a superb company, good job. (Posted on 21/11/2014)
Best thing we've purchasedReview by Catherine
Purchased 2 of these 3 weeks ago now for my husband and me. In that 3 weeks we have spent £140 on the kits, juices and atomisers, but that is better than the £384 we would have spent on smelly fags.

Since using this we have both noticed great changes, taste buds are alive, clothes don't stink, I don't have to wash my hands after every vape like I did after every fag, you get a better taste in your mouth after vaping, and the biggest one of all I HAVE NOT PUT ON A POUND IN WEIGHT. I normally put on 2 stone every time I stop smoking, so this is fantastic.

My husband was a heavyish smoker and I was a moderate smoker, so he is on 18mg and I am on 12mg of nicotine and neither one of us has had, or missed a cigarette since the day we started vaping. My husband has also got 2 work colleagues vaping. Its the best :) (Posted on 05/10/2014)
Looking forward to it =)Review by Joel
Just ordered myself this along with a couple flavors/accessories and I cant wait to get it and see if its as good as everybody says =) (Posted on 16/09/2014)
Smoke freeReview by Peter
I brought this 17th may, now 9th September, I have not even once considered a smoke since then.
Just upgraded with a Aspire clearomiser and I have given it a whole new lease of life.
Battery lasts at least 3 days, so its good to know you can rely on it when you need it.
Thank you very much :} (Posted on 09/09/2014)
ExcellentReview by Louise
Not had a cigarette since started week ago tell a lie had two blasts felt sick love the flavours aswell we'll worth the buy and saved loads already for my holiday (Posted on 02/09/2014)
No more cigarettes for meReview by Karl
Since bought this product I haven't looked back. Used to give up smoking and its worked a treat. Would recommend highly!!! (Posted on 02/09/2014)

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