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Tesla - VV & VW Mod

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Tesla - VV & VW Mod - Black Stainless Steel & Plain Stainless Steel

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Product Description


Tesla - VV & VW Mod

Here we have the new and fantastic Tesla mod!

Visually appealing to most and feeling solid in the hand the Tesla will keep the hardcore vaper happy all day long.


The Tesla is a VV (3.0-6.0V) and VW (3-15W) mod with an OLED screen and 18650 battery capacity.

The voltage can be increased/decreased in 0.1 increments and the wattage can be increased/decreased in 0.5 increments.


It comes in two great colours; Gun Metal Black Stainless Stell and plain Stainless Steel.


Some of the fantastic features of the Tesla Mod:

  • Highly tuned chipset
  • 510 connector with recess allowing for eGo connections
  • Floating pin connection
  • Organic LED Screen
  • Atomiser resistance check
  • Battery voltage check
  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • Well vented body
  • 5 click on/off protection function


You'll need an AW 18650 battery and charger to get going with the Tesla. Both can be found on the right hand side under "Related Products".



Customer Reviews

Endless frustration.Review by Paul
I'm intrigued by the idea of a bad batch because the below review describes my exact experience.

When this works, it's brilliant. Powerful and just wonderful to vape from. But the problem is it doesn't work, at least not consistently. Six or seven times a day I have to clear the juice out of it with a cotton bud. Most of the time it doesn't, but requires the clearomiser to be turned and played with until the display actually fires rather than just endlessly giving off the OHMs display.

You cannot rely on it at all; it seems to have its own mind, refusing to fire with one clearo and then happily working with another which it in turn will then turn upon. Every time my wife then tries the clearo in question on her device and it works perfectly; reattach it to the Tesla and it doesn't work at all.

I am contacting ECigWizard after reading the below review, because if there is a bad batch, this is one of them. It's miserable. (Posted on 31/03/2014)
Great bit of kitReview by Gavin
I have been using one for almost a year now and its still going strong, how ever I think i have a bit of dirt in the button and sometimes does not fire, every now and then..
Don't let that put you off, I have put the Tesla through the ringer (dropped many times, been paint balling with it in my pocket etc)

I bought this as a backup to my GGTS, and as it ended up, it the one that goes everywhere with me.
Easy to use/set up and off you go.
Also a great conversation starter to enplane Vapeing. got soooo many converted through the mod.
Great Mod and WELL worth the money, it just performs.. (Posted on 31/03/2014)
6 months later and still a happy bunnyReview by Claire
I have been using the Tesla Mod now for 6 months and its still working great. The only minor niggle I have found is that one particular RDA doesnt like to woek on the Tesla. Its no biggie as it was a cheap knock off RDA.

The Tesla is still going strong despite having been dropped twice onto hard floors. The second drop smashed a Vivi Nova to bits but the Tesla bounced back ok.

Well happy with this and am thinking of getting one in the black finisha s a backup.

Looks and works brilliant with the new Kanger Protank 3.....loving it. (Posted on 25/02/2014)
Amazin modReview by Toni
I got my Tesla about 2 weeks ago and it has been in heavy use ever since. I can honestly say this is the most valuable with most quality product what I have used what comes to vaping. I really recommend this device, I haven't got any cons to say about it, only a lot of pros. (Posted on 16/02/2014)
Has problemsReview by Kristian
It's an awesome looking piece and all that.

The problem is that apparently there's a batch that's bad.. The center pin goes down enough and it short circuits. The first one I bought worked for a week or so, the replacement I just got didn't work at all with my tank screwed all the way and unscrewing leaves it wobbly and impractical.

So basically if you get one that works, it's a very good device. I got two that don't work so I'll be moving to different mods. (Posted on 14/02/2014)
grat mod Review by martynn
Im only bin vaping for 3 weeks and this is rhe best buy iv made. Can tell the difrents batwen this and the ego 900 wich wos the first ecig i got. (Posted on 07/02/2014)
The one mod to rule them allReview by Izzi
Given that one knows how the variable voltage system works, this is a formidable piece for a satisfying vape. The fact that it looks like a next-level light saber helps too! Bought it for my close friend, and honest to whatever deity may be out there, I have never seen anyone so happy (Posted on 15/01/2014)
Love It...Review by Tony
Got mine in black and it looks brilliant. Funky design, weighty and well built. Great functionality. Works brilliantly. Absolutely love it and for the price it's a steal. I looked at the Provari, but decided it was style over substance. I prefer the Tesla's style, functionality and price. Job done.

(Posted on 16/11/2013)
Great piece of kit!Review by Adam
After buying this from a.n.other supplier (ecig wizard were out of stock) to replace my aged chrome lavatube, I now wish I'd bought one a lot sooner!

The wattage setting ensures you're always getting a consistent hit - and the pulse modulation works great too - never a crappy vape. I am getting through a lot more liquid now - but that's just down to the fact that I'm not dreading using the lavatube as it was giving me dry/burnt hits all the time. The Tesla has actually brought my iClear30 back to life!

Agree with the other reviewers on here - the + and - buttons need to be below the screen as opposed to above it, but it's no biggie. Once you've set your wattage/voltage you don't need to touch it again, except for when you want to check the remaining power in your battery perhaps.

One thing that I will point out - the Tesla is NOT stainless steel as described by Ecig Wizard - it's aluminium, so is a lot lighter than SS. If it were stainless it'd weigh about twice as much - and that's a lot! (Posted on 09/09/2013)
Dr Whos Sonic Screwdriver for vapers :)Review by Claire
Mine came a few weeks ago (think I had the last one at ecigwizard) but I put off writing a review until I had some time with it to give it a bit of welly with varioust atomisers.

Its larger than I had thought, quite a big beast and quite weighy when its got a battery in it - an eGo feels like your vaping a toothpick after using this). No one could accuse it of being lightweight.

Its heavy, its big and its very solid. I am not 100% sure the end cap is aluminium but its still a solid chunk of gear for under £50. Works very well and in the stainless finish it looks the bomb with a Kanger Protank on top or the Octopus RDA. The Kanger Protank makes it look very retro like some kind of weird prop for a 1950s sci fi film which is great !!!!!

I like the fact that all my tanks fit well on top - Vivi Nova, Kanger Protank, AGA-T2, Vision CE8, Octopus RDA etc without needing any mods or adapters.
The Tesla has a sprung loaded battery contact so should work well with any tank - all of mine work fine and I have had no contact issues.

The manual is fine - its a bit chinglish but its perfectly sufficient if you spend a few minutes playing around with the Tesla and reading the manual.

A lot of stuff has been written about the button placement for the menu options. Its not great but its hardly a deal breaker and most of the people who complain about it dont seem to have noticed that if the Tesla buttons were beneath the screen as they often demand the buttons would be pressed by your fingers very easily while you are vaping. It seems to me Tesla had a choice between having the buttons being accidentaly pressed while vaping with possibly unhappy consequences like burning out the atomiser or someone getting a mouthful of incinerated wick OR having the buttons somewhere thats slightly less convenient when your fiddling about with settings. I think they made the right choice and actually I dont find the buttons to be that big a pain - you dont use them THAT much. I have to admit the negative comments about button placement almost put me off getting this - I am glad I decided to try for myself because I find it no problem at all.

Its not a perfect product in some ways - my own issues would be the electronics arent sealed in with a baffle plate at the bottom of the electronics package (at the top of the tube above the battery) and the fact that the base plate is possibly plastic as is the fire buttom BUT (and its a big BUT) every product has to be built to a cost and to my mind the Tesla is excellent value for the money they are asking. Yes they could have made it perfect with metal everything but it might well have ended up costing like a Provari - so hats off for this product which gives you all the high tech and power you will need at a sensible price.

I cant see me changing up to a Provari anytime soon as the Tesla does everything I want it to do and it seems very durable. (Posted on 08/09/2013)
AmazingReview by daniel
Came yesterday, not put it down since. Took me a while to get the perfect wattage and voltage mix correct for a 1.8 ohm coil but now got it vaping just how i want it! Really tempted to get the octopus RDA to accompany the tesla but may have to wait till next pay day as 84 quid for the kit is pretty expensive. Ecig should put it all in a bundle and maybe knock the price down a fraction to make it that bit easier, it was only through fluke i realised the battery and charger were sold seperate. Other than that great product (Posted on 29/08/2013)
EXCELLENTReview by paul

VERY QUICK IN POSTING THANK YOU. (Posted on 21/08/2013)
GreatReview by Mark
Looking to get one had some really good things said about it (Posted on 08/08/2013)
Foolish designReview by Noesis
I find the the placement of the buttons are very bad.
I have been using Tesla with the Cobra atomizer and it just wont work as it keeps showing me the ohm and nothing else happens.
I have tried all settings with the Cobra and I have rebuild it around 5 times with new mesh but every time it fails and when I move the Cobra to the Lava tube it works fine so my conclusion is Tesla was a bad buy for me or I got a faulty product.
It works fine with viva nova.

Ps. I didn't buy my Tesla from this website as it was out of stock when I was buying it so I hope ecigwizard has a better version of the tesla as I have noticed the Lava tube I got from this site is of better quality here then on some other sites. (Posted on 11/06/2013)
funkyReview by mark
love mine had it a while now still looks great works great powerful and strong build
been dropped loads of tmes and still works fine (Posted on 03/06/2013)
Consistent performerReview by Mr.M
I won't dwell on the obvious button placement concerns, if you use two hands it's not an issue basically. This was my first variable mod having tried numerous setups including the Olympian iMist and eGo 900. I have this setup for home use and it mainly uses a vivi nova tank with a 2.4 ohm coil. You get great battery life, in my case from an AW 2000mAh battery, control over both voltage and wattage (I tend to use it only on wattage and set it typically around 6 to 7 Watt's. The screen is bright and clear to read and the performance is consistent with my expectations. I don't have any other mods to compare it with but I'd say you couldn't go wrong with this if you want something with a little more control and battery life than a iMist or eGo. It is quite a bit bigger than those others so I don't tend to carry it around much due to weight and odd looks, I use the iMist for that but compared to this with a vivi nova tank there is no comparison, the iMist is overall a good system but you have to clean it constantly to maintain performance, you also don't have any control over power. If you haven't got a mod yet I'd recommend this as a good starting point. (Posted on 31/05/2013)
An excellent mod that looks like a lightsaber. Best thing ever!Review by Haydn
I received my Tesla this morning - promptly delivered by Ecigwizard I might add - and was immediately blown away. The build quality and feel of it is excellent; a real quality item. The instructions supplied were a little bit 'Chinglish' but a quick view of the video on this page with it in my hand allowed me to work everything out in a few minutes.
I am now vaping very happily at 10watts and not at all regretting getting the cheaper device over the ProVari. I can't see how that could be better to be honest...
Interestingly, my male friends all thought it looked like a lightsaber (as did I) and my female colleagues all thought it looked like a sex toy. I'll leave you to figure that out on your own... (Posted on 10/05/2013)
Great looking mod.Review by heidi
love this mod...and the sprung centre pin is a lovely touch, easy to use and looks great. i especially like the display...easy to see and gives this mod a look of quality ! (Posted on 10/04/2013)
Excellent!Review by Lene Marie Poppe
I received my Tesla about 4 - 5 weeks ago now. I've been using it pretty exclusively since. It looks awesome and the functionality is fantastic. I'm currently using mine with a iClear30 tank from Inokin and it's simplly sublime at 8.5W. I really prefer the wattage setting as this permits you to set the strength and it will self adjust to any clearomizer tank / cartomizer tank you place on it, regardless of the Ohm of the clearomizer / cartomizer to produce your preferred vape. Can not recommend this enough! (Posted on 27/03/2013)
GoodReview by Adam
With the exception of the LED positioning (Not so good) I'd say this is as good as products with the same features but at a fraction of he price. At the time of writing it's sold out here so that says something! (Posted on 07/03/2013)
Great Button PlacementReview by lee
Nice looking MOD which works well, but what planet was the designer on when he positioned the voltage +/- buttons "above" the screen........ (Posted on 25/02/2013)

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