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Rhubarb Coulis

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Sweet and savoury rhubarb flavoured e-liquid.

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Product Description


Rhubarb Coulis e-liquid

Your very first hit of Rhubarb Coulis will probably raise an eyebrow, it delivers a heady rush of tartness which will shake you taste buds up a little. This hearty initial hit softens, and a more rounded fruitiness emerges, not too sweet and sticky, but bright and full. As you start to exhale the full rhubarb comes to the fore, clean and accurate. There are no jarring artificial notes anywhere. Like the real thing, it is a complex combination of elements with a distinct set of sweet and sour notes. The aftertaste has bite too, and resolves itself beautifully, leaving you with a clean, lingering flavour. This tastes like fresh-cut rhubarb, fizzing with acid.

The new WizMix fruit blends have included some very impressive juices, and Rhubarb Coulis is up there with the best. The flavour is solid and clean. The balance between fruit and acid, between sweet and tart, is spot on. There's enough bite to keep things lively, and a smoother undertone to add weight. This is way better than cheap rhubarb flavour sweets in jars, this is alive.

The highest quality UK-made e-liquid available

Chinese made e-liquid was great in the beginning of the ecig revolution.
However, here at Ecigwizard we wanted to ensure our customers were receiving the highest quality in terms of manufacturing our e-liquid, and in terms of quality. For that reason, our Wizmix e-liquid range is made in-house, right here in the UK.
UK made e-liquid

Premium UK e-liquid, at a budget price

  • All our e-liquid is fully CHIP compliant.
  • Mixed and bottled in our purpose built clean room for the very highest quality e-juice.
  • The very best flavourings, UK made, to food grade standards.
  • Unlike vendors who import their e-liquid from China, we know exactly what goes in our e-liquid.
  • Strict batch control - every bottle of e-liquid is traceable from the moment it is bottled.
  • Highest quality, premium e-liquids at budget prices.
  • E-liquid, made by vapers, for vapers.

Rhubarb Coulis e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles, 70% PG / 30% VG mix, with a discount for buying 3 bottles in the same flavour strength.


Customer Reviews

Best RhubarbReview by Clive
Was'nt sure at first but went by other reviews, lovely rhubarb taste, thought would be too sweet and sickly, not the case nice for long vaping sessions (Posted on 01/03/2015)
Rhubarb rock(s)Review by Colin
For aficionados of boiled sweets this one hits everything you remember about rhubarb rock.
It has that tart rhubarb overture with a nice syrupy sugar finish. Sweet, tangy, delicious. (Posted on 31/01/2015)
Fantastic!Review by balwns
Awesome flavour, the best I've tried so far. Tastes more like real rhubarb than sweets to me - it's tangy and delicious & gives you a decent throat hit. It also seems to leave a faint but pleasant smell in the room. (Posted on 28/01/2015)
AwesomeReview by Matt
There's not much of a rhubarb taste on initial vape, though it is still pleasant, but the aftertaste is really nice. I was half expecting this to taste too sweet but it's suprisingly nice! Definitely in my top 3 "go to" flavours now!

Definitely a winner for anyone who like rhubarb. (Posted on 10/09/2014)
Spot onReview by Alex
Can't get enough (Posted on 23/08/2014)
All day VapeReview by Fraser
This is prob my fav... nice all day vape very smooth and nice taste... I always order at least 2 of these.... (Posted on 16/08/2014)
LUSH!!!!Review by Nicole
Best juice best taste and smells good this is the best one out !!!!! (Posted on 30/06/2014)
not badReview by Nikki
Actually reminded me of the sweets with that tangy rhubarb flavour. (Posted on 04/06/2014)
too chemicallyReview by alasdair
A real shame has a nice taste on exhale and an excellent rhubarb aftertaste, but for me the inhale tastes very chemically. Best way to describe it is the difference between sugar and sweeteners, you just know its not the real thing!! (Posted on 05/03/2014)
Nom nomReview by Smokr
For me this tastes more rhubarb and cream, but who cares - it's lovely. Nice sour kick and aftertaste.

Vaped low strength in a Mini Protank 2 on an MVP 2. (Posted on 25/02/2014)
Great E-liquid - very refreshing but leaves a smell in the air.Review by Glen
This is a great rhubarb flavour and I love it at the moment. Really really nice...however, my Mum has been complaining about the chemical smell it leaves in the air (which I don't notice) - a few other people have mentioned it too while I've been vaping - for that I've deducted one star. Otherwise though it's great and I would recommend it. (Posted on 20/02/2014)
HorribleReview by Fredriksen
Bitter and sour taste. I cannot understand why people can say that this taste like real rhubarb. Maybe something was wrong with my bottle? (Posted on 11/02/2014)
so realisticReview by hannah
S juice is amazong! The best iv tried and I habe tried allot of different juices from all different venders, it tastes like actual rhubarb! My all day vape, just wish they had it in 30 ml bottles :( (Posted on 02/02/2014)
DeliciousReview by Alison
I love rhubarb. After reading the reviews that compare it with rhubarb and custard sweets I thought I might find this too sweet but gave it a go anyway and have to say I love it. Often I find with e-liquids that I like them to start with but after a while they start to taste less appealing. This one has kept its appeal, I keep going back to it. Real rhubarby taste and not sickly at all, definitely has a sharp tang. Very good indeed. (Posted on 31/01/2014)
FruityReview by Tom
As with others who have reviewed I expected an artificial rhubarb but I was greatly surprised. It tastes just like fresh rhubarb which is excellent. Will definitely be buying this on the regular. (Posted on 30/01/2014)
OMGReview by Robert
All i can say is wow. (Posted on 30/01/2014)
Perfect rhubarb flavour - 5 stars :)Review by Karen
If you love rhubarb then you will love this e-liquid. Tart, just as rhubarb is, but can be mixed with something like vanilla if it's too sharp. Recommend. (Posted on 28/01/2014)
Perfect rhubarbReview by Charlotte
The reviews are spot-on. This is a perfect rhubarb flavour. I adore rhubarb vapes anyway (I used to buy a rhubarb and custard flavour from a UK vendor elsewhere) and I can happily say that this one from Ecig Wizard beats it hands-down. It's very luscious, a perfect balance of flavour, sharp notes and sweet notes. Look forward to mixing this with a little vanilla custard. (Posted on 24/12/2013)
Queen of tartsReview by CML
This almost burns with fruity acid, quite a surprise. I was expecting an artificial flavour from the sweet jar, and I got a taste fresh from the allotment. The fruit base and that acid tartness are combined nicely, and the balance between the two keeps things properly interesting. The full rhubarb flavour takes a little while to emerge, but when it does it is a peach, accurate and well-rounded. The aftertaste probably gives the best rendition of it. A surprise hit for me as I don't like real rhubarb much, but I do like this. It's not something I can vape often though, but it is a first-rate fruit treat juice. It cries out for custard of course, I hope we get that version too. (Posted on 20/12/2013)
freeesshhhReview by brownsugar
lovely vape is much like rubarb and custard sweets i like to add a little of mrs B but thats if i want more of a sweetie like taste witout it is fresh and slight bitteness but very refreshing and easy all dayer (Posted on 19/12/2013)
FAVReview by kirsty
this liquid is the ultimate grape. i had been serching everywhere and tasting varous "grape" flavors and was giving up on finding one to my taste
i have to say after reading the reveiws i went for it and since i cant get enough of it this will be my 3rd bottle . Its very much like a grape soda its sweet refreshing and easy all day vape .out of the30+ flavours i have this is by far my favorite
it is a must for sweet/fruity vapers out there go buy it (Posted on 19/12/2013)
Spot on!Review by Laura
Bought this thinking it would be a bit cheap and tacky tasting but it's as good as the real deal! Especially mixed with custard! One of my best buys :) (Posted on 17/12/2013)
great flavourReview by david
love this flavour, tastes like rhubarb and custard sweets (Posted on 15/12/2013)
un régalReview by derf
Un liquide très réussi, on retrouve bien la rhubarbe, à peine sucré avec un brin d'acidité. mon liquide fruité préféré. (Posted on 10/12/2013)
One of the best juices aroundReview by Joona
The taste in unbelievable, very good tasting liquid and one of my favourites. Have to order more soon. (Posted on 28/11/2013)
My favourite by far!!Review by Chrissy
I love to try different flavours, some i like others i dont but this one i love! Not sure i need any other flavours.
I am not generally a Rhubarb fan but this tastes so fresh its lovely (Posted on 20/11/2013)
Sweet AND Savoury...Review by GemFawn
Just like the description says, I get the crisp tartness of rhubarb with a touch of sweetness. A juice I'd recommend for those that sometimes find fruit flavours too sweet or sickly.

I will definitely buy this again! (Posted on 17/11/2013)
A*Review by christopher
Have used a number of the other e-liquids but have to say this is the one I will be using from hear on out, gives you that burst of rhubarb from every vape ! have gone back to the other liquids when this ran out and they all seem lack lustre in comparison... keep up the good work ! (Posted on 12/11/2013)
LovelyReview by Alex
Really enjoy this one. Definately not fresh Rhubarb flavour but just like the sweets as mentioned.
Good vapour and nice thoat hit. Quite strong taste so i can't handle it all day but would definately recommend!! (Posted on 06/11/2013)
A really smooth flavour with a lovely sweet twist. I have found this a fab tobacco replacement
and the sweet taste has replaced my craving for chocolate and sweets so not only has it
replaced my need for a cigarette but it's been a great diet aid too! (Posted on 06/11/2013)
Nice!Review by Reece
Very Different but Very Nice!
Took Me A Little While To Really Get Into This!
It Really Does Taste Like The Rhubarb and Custard Hard Sweets! (Posted on 01/11/2013)
Not for me.Review by Nicklas
Not sweet.. just cant seem to like thisone.. ;( (Posted on 28/10/2013)
Very NiceReview by Paul
Tastes exactly like the rhubarb and custard sweets.
A bit much to vape all day, but mixed with my normal tobacco liquid its great. (Posted on 26/10/2013)
Nice new "novelty" flavourReview by Dene
Like other reviews, I think it tastes more of rhubarb type sweets than the real thing but this is a good thing. Maybe not an all day-er but a valuable addition to my collection of novelty flavours as a change to my regular standard of Redwood blend - imo the best ever made. Give it a try I say! (Posted on 22/10/2013)
Yummy!Review by vilde
Love it, buy this guys. (Posted on 21/10/2013)
RooooBarb!!!!Review by Lee
Close your eyes and your in rhubarb heaven!!!! Love it love it love it, not an all day vape but perfect for dripping. (Posted on 14/10/2013)
Mmm . . . RhubarbReview by James
Tasty. Not sickly sweet, but a nice tart Rhubarb tang. Good vapour and a middling throat hit. A winner. (Posted on 08/10/2013)
my favourite so far Review by Sean
The rhubarb taste is spot on and makes a really great eliquid flavour; has good throat hit and produces plenty of vapour. I have been using this one since i got it and cant get enough of it by far one of the best flavours around. Everyone should try this one. (Posted on 27/09/2013)
Better than the real thingReview by Daniel
Well that title might be a bit misleading to lovers of Rhubarb - I don't like cooked fruit, only raw. So I never go for the rhubarb crumble that others seem to love.

So I bought this on a whim not expecting to be impressed, but I love it. It's been in my daily rotation for a few days now and it's such a nice change from most others.

I'd definitely say it was more candy than natural but not sickly. Also comes with the brilliantly clear and vibrant flavour that has brought me returning to the Wizard.

I'd be a fool not to try this with some of the custard, right? (Posted on 26/09/2013)
GorgeousReview by Jennifer
Other reviewers are correct, this tastes just like the rhubarb part of a rhubarb and custard sweet. Had wondered about mixing it with a custard flavour myself.
I will be buying this again. (Posted on 26/09/2013)
retro tasteReview by Sarah
This is a lovely flavour, just like rhubarb, i add wizz mix custard and get the taste of them lovely classic sweets, my favourite flavour of the moment
(Posted on 22/09/2013)
This is the BEST!!Review by tracey
Ooooh wow ...... tastes the very same as rhubard & custard sweets I used to eat as a child --- saves me eating dessert after a meal - BONUS! (Posted on 19/09/2013)
Yes Yes YesReview by Linda
It's a winner !!
Slightly tart, but bright, you almost get the suck in your cheeks moment of real rhubarb - loving this new flavour. (Posted on 17/09/2013)

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