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ECigWizard Biddulph and a Day Out at Biddulph Grange Garden

ECigWizard Biddulph is a new breed of e-cig shop; it is an Official ECigWizard Reseller.

A Day Out?Biddulph Grange Garden

If you live in or near Biddulph you are very lucky, it's a pleasant area of England in which to live and you are close to ECigWizard Biddulph which is an excellent place to buy your vaping supplies. I live about 50 miles away, so it is a bit too far for me to pop-in for a bottle of e-juice. But I had a cunning plan; I proposed to my family that we had a pleasant day out by visiting Biddulph Grange Garden, and "O'h look - let's call into the ECigWizard Biddulph shop - while we are there"  :-)

Bull at Biddulph Grange GardenBiddulph Grange Gardens

I have visited these National Trust gardens on several previous occasions, they are a real delight. September may not seem the most obvious time to enjoy a garden but Biddulph Grange Garden has a wealth of foliage to enjoy even though most of the flowers have past their bloom. Better still, the gardens are architectural - this is a garden that is wonderful at any time of the year.

The National Trust describes Biddulph Grange Garden thus “This amazing Victorian garden was created by James Bateman for his collection of plants from around the world. A visit takes you on a global journey from Italy to the pyramids of Egypt, a Victorian vision of China and a re-creation of a Himalayan glen.” The garden is open throughout the year (except Christmas Day etc.) visit the garden's website page for full details and then bang Grange Road, Biddulph, ST8 7SD into your satnav.

ECigWizard BiddulphECigWizard Biddulph Shop Front

Shop 2 Congleton Road, Biddulph. ST8 6DX Stoke-on-Trent. Tel 01782 761276

ECigWizard Biddulph is an Official ECigWizard Reseller, what this means is that the shop is an independent business run by a dedicated and committed shopkeeper who sells just about all of ECigWizard's products in an ECigWizard branded shop.

As customers we benefit from the attention and service that is typical of an owner-managed and run shop, someone who knows their stock and their customers, offering a high level of personal service and advice. In addition to this, as an Official ECigWizard Reseller this is a shop in which you can be confident that you will be buying top quality e-cgarettes and e-liquids supplied by ECigWizard while being assured of the backup of a international e-cig supplier.


The ECigWizard Biddulph shop is fresh, clean and welcoming. From outside the shop looks professional and open, through the large windows you can view directly into the brightly lit sales area. When you enter the centralised door you will see a counter along the full length of the rear wall, on your left there is a small e-cig display cabinet and a series of large wall mounted, glass fronted units containing a very impressive range of WizMix, PipeSauce, Vermillion River and Redwood Blend e-liquids. On your right there is a round table with laminated e-liquid info sheets on, a further display of e-cigs and a screen running ECigWizard instructional videos.

Dave at ECigWizard BiddulphPersonal

ECigWizard Biddulph is run by Dave, he has extensive experience of business but prior to opening this shop he has never previously been a shopkeeper - he is not a salesman, he is a genuinely helpful adviser on e-cigarettes who delights in sharing his passionate conviction that e-cigs are a revolutionary alternative to smoking cigarettes. Dave was 'a forty a day man' until he discovered e-cigarettes about six months ago - from first trying e-cigs he stopped smoking. A chance conversation over a pint one evening led to the establishment of his shop fewer that three months ago.

Immediately ECigWizard Biddulph opened it was thriving business. During my visit customers were eagerly purchasing vaping gear and e-liquid but what impressed me most was the number of customers who were there to convert to vaping from smoking. I had the impression that these would-be converts must have had the idea of trying e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking in the back of their mind, the shop's professional appearance and Dave's clear and honest guidance offered them the impetus to do so.Biddulph ECigWizard

I can understand the obvious satisfaction that Dave derives from converting smokers away from tobacco and being able to see them leave his shop with a Vision-Ego starter kit. I wish that I had had the benefit of a shop like ECigWizard Biddulph when I first started vaping, Dave's guidance would have been invaluable to me - starting me on the right vaping gear and demonstrating its usage. The shop even has e-liquids available for customers to sample the vaping experience or try-before-you-buy unknown new flavours.


The success and growing popularity of ECigWizard Biddulph has meant that Dave's wife Cath has decided to change career, she is leaving her job as a Doctors Receptionist to be able to work full time with Dave in the shop. Dave and Cath work well together, they are a lovely couple and jointly offer the type of service that you often can only get in a family run shop.

ECigWizard Biddulph is a fantastic template for future e-cigarette retailers to follow. The brand of ECigWizard is widely recognised by vapers, the ECigWizard name on the shopfront inspires confidence in the quality of merchandise and service within. The short supply chain ECigWizard offer ensures good value stock, rapid delivery response times and industry leading support.

ECigWizard Biddulph on the StretMake it a Weekend?

Here's another plan, why not make a weekend of it? Drive to Stoke-on-Trent on a Friday evening and book into one of the many Bed and Breakfast places, or the nearby Travelodge. You then have Saturday morning to enjoy Biddulph Grange Gardens before indulging yourself with a visit to ECigWizard Biddulph. On Sunday you can visit the National Trust's Little Morton Hall or do some more walking by visiting Biddulph Grange Country Park. However, do remember to buy everything that you need from ECigWizard Biddulph on Saturday, because they are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays- and who can blame them, having been kept busy all week serving our vaping needs.

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ECigWizard Biddulph Shop

1 Response to ECigWizard Biddulph and a Day Out at Biddulph Grange Garden

  • Mark

    I remeber being at Biddulph Grange when it was a hospital in 1972.
    The grounds were stunning then and were a fantastic treat to wander round while convalescing.
    Congrats to Dave and EcigWizard, best of luck ... I'll be popping in soon.