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    RSST Genesis Style RBA

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    The RSST Genesis style rebuildable atomiser. Finally a part of the family of eCigWizard.

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    Product Description


    RSST Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomiser

    The RSST is a rebuildable atomiser made of stainless steel, which is using the advantage of a stainless steel mesh instead of a glass fibre or Silica wick.

    Due to the fine stainless steel mesh, it does not have any sidetastes nor does it get burnt after a longer time of use.

    The clear Makrolon tank takes massive 4ml of your favorite liquid.

    To make sure that you get always a proper connection with your battery or mod, you can adjust the positive pole by screwing it up or down. When you first get your RSST, make sure that you unscrew the center pin. Then, screw the RSST on your battery or mod and screw the center pin slowly back in until you feel a slight resistance.

    The RSST comes with a single „Ming“ stainless steel drip tip.

    To get it working and start using the RSST, you will need stainless steel mesh (400 mesh recommended) and NiChrome or Kanthal wire.


    1. Cut out a SS mesh piece with the dimensions 3,9x1,5-2,0cm
    2. Make a roll out of the SS mesh piece
    3. Oxidice the mesh by heating it up with a gas burner (a video instruction will be added soon)
    4. Put the oxidiced mesh into the whole in the top cap and start doing your coils around the mesh
    5. Fix the wire with the lower screw and the upper screw
    6. Top up the tank with your liquid and start vaping

    NiCr-wire and stainless steel mesh needs to be purchased separately

    This purchase is for a single RSST rebuildable atomiser.

    Please, before you start using the atomiser, make sure that the mesh is oxidized properly to prevent a hard short which can damage your battery. Due to that, please try the RSST first on a regulated mod (mod with electronic circuit, like Zmax) or on a mod which uses a protected battery.



    Customer Reviews

    brilliant Review by kieran
    i think this product worked really well. (Posted on 03/05/2014)
    Totally AwesomeReview by Gary
    First of all I just want to thank ecigwizard for their rapid next day delivery.
    Now down to business, I received my RBA today, and due to having my wick already prepared, I had this amazing pice of kit up and running in less than 5 mins.
    Let me tell you guys, for the price, this is quality, I can't believe the vapour flavour and throat hit I'm getting out of this atty. OMG! It's totally blew me away.
    If any of you are thinking, hmmmm should I shouldn't I buy one, trust me if you don't your deffo missing out.
    So so easy to set up, no leaks no fuss no messing, this beauty is by far my favourite RBA and will be the one I'm always reaching for.
    The only negative I have is the air hole, but I drilled it out to 1.5mm and boom!!! Vapes like a steam train. (Posted on 24/07/2013)
    Brilliant Starter Genesis TankReview by Jerry
    I watched a few reviews of this tank online and decided that it was time to man-up and give a Genesis type tank a try! The usual very fast service from Ecigwizard and the tank, mesh and wire arrived promptly. You have to make your own steel mesh wick and coil for this unit and I was keep to get started. After a bit of fiddling around I had my wickin place and new coil ready to start. I used the "pulse" method to get the wick oxidised and this worked a treat. A few more minutes to get the coil glowing evenly and we were ready.

    Filled up with juice and started vaping. The draw was very "tight", probably due to the small air hole which is only 1mm diameter. I drilled this out to 1.5mm and the tank now draws beautifully. Clouds of thick vapour and a warm, satisfying vape!

    The feeling of satisfaction you get from assembling the tank, making the wick and coil and then getting a really great vape is amazing. This is an entry level unit but the build and vape quality are fantastic.

    If you think that you are ready for a Genesis style tank then this is the unit for you. (Posted on 05/06/2013)
    Excellent ValueReview by Travis
    This was my second genesis style after the AGA T2.

    Much easier to build and setup, and I had it working a treat in no time.

    The only 2 criticisms I have are:

    -The very tight draw, but this was easily fixed by drilling out the air hole to 1.5mm.

    -The centre pin, which needs setting up correctly before you build your coil, otherwise you could easily damage the connection on your battery/mod. I filed the point down a little to take the edge off so as to help avoid that.

    I am currently using some SS rope for a wick it is an absolute belter!

    No leaking at all.

    My T2 is now relegated, sitting unloved in the drawer! (Posted on 05/06/2013)
    Perfect Price/Performance ratioReview by Matthew
    The RSST is fantastic value for the price. Works well and is one of the easiest RBAs to build that I've seen. Plastic tank and insulated wick hole mean quick and easy build.

    Had no problems with leaks when screwed up tight.

    Air hole could do with being a little bigger (easy enough to drill out yourself).

    All in all, very happy with it! (Posted on 18/05/2013)
    Perfect Price/Performance ratioReview by Matthew
    The RSST is fantastic value for the price. Works well and is one of the easiest RBAs to build that I've seen. Plastic tank and insulated wick hole mean quick and easy build.

    Had no problems with leaks when screwed up tight.

    Air hole could do with being a little bigger (easy enough to drill out yourself).

    All in all, very happy with it! (Posted on 18/05/2013)
    leaking junkReview by Leigh
    I got this with my last order and built it up as recommended (I'm a mechanical & electrical fitter). It has been sat over the weekend as I didn't want to be playing with it, setting it up and tweeking every 5 minutes to get the settings right... Anyway, I've had another week to play with it and am now laundering 2 pairs of jeans as it leaks (very heavily) every time it's sat around. At the best part of £30 I would've expected more but I'm back to the old faithful atty's for now (Posted on 09/05/2013)
    Great product for entry levelReview by richard
    Not a bad attempt at a high end genesis atomizer this one. I love the spring loaded positive post and the idea of an easily removable filling plug. I think there is a little too much gap between the negative screw and the wick hole, but it doesn't cause that many problems. The overall look of the device is pretty good, and the push on top cap gives you more option if you want to control the vapour/throat hit. This is really a great price for a device with so many high end features. The fully insulated wick hole and self contained tank add a touch of class that a lot of other manufacturers would do well to take note of. All in all, this gets a thumbs up from me! (Posted on 08/05/2013)
    Great rba for the money :)Review by Beth
    great little rba,good flavour and throat hit,one of the best cheaper rbas available.Easy to take apart and clean,bit trickier to set up with the spring would be suited to a more experienced user. (Posted on 10/04/2013)
    Great product, its a keeper.Review by Tim
    I have a few other genesis RBA's, but this is now my favourite.

    Cost, good quality for the money.
    Great looking on any mod (even on Vamo).
    Big wick hole and good tank design with reasonable capacity.
    Adjustable centre post, with spring retainer for heating coil.
    Not too heavy - Some SS RBA make PV's too top heavy.
    Perfect first genesis,(IMO easier to rebuild than AGA's)

    Tiny air hole, needs enlarging (easy with right tools)
    Can over wick, Just don't max out the filling.
    Pointy centre post at 510 connection, care needs to be taken when screwing down onto mods.

    Very happy customer, thanks ECW for the great service once again. (Posted on 09/04/2013)

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