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    Olympian Imist Starter Kit - Tank System - 1100mAh Battery Zoom


    Olympian Imist Starter Kit - Tank System - 1100mAh Battery

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    Olympian Imist Starter Kit (1100mAh battery) with empty cartridges - 510/eGo Fitting

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    Olympian Imist Starter Kit - Tank System - 1100mAh Battery Atomiser/Battery/Case Colour - Silver 1

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    Product Description


    The Imist is a revolutionary tank system, taking all the best features of some of our favourite devices and cramming them into one unit.  

    Featuring a removable atomiser with easy access to clean the coil, you're guaranteed a clean and fresh tasting vape every single time! 

    Featuring a replaceable wick, 5 click battery lock switch and a 510/eGo fitting.

    All this combined with its sleek chrome finish and a stylish zip case, you're going to be the talk of the town!


    Each kit contains:

    2x 1100Mah Imist Batteries

    2x Imist Cones

    2x Imist replaceable atomisers

    5x Imist Cartridges

    1x USB charger

    1x Manual

    1x Carry case

    Please note: While charging any battery purchased from us we strongly advise using our USB wall plug, as well as our safe charging bag while charging batteries of any kind.

    DO NOT under any circumstances use a Rapid USB charger on a battery lower than 900Mah.

    DO NOT under any circumstances use our USB charger on batteries from different manufacturers.

    DO NOT under any circumstances us any other USB wall charger other than one purchased from eCigWizard.


    Customer Reviews

    Great atomiserReview by Oliver
    Moving from the normal tank design, this is much better. No leaks great smoke production and cleanable coil. Brilliant. (Posted on 03/10/2013)
    great kitReview by EDMUND
    Have this kit a week now, its just great. Smoked 40+fags a day, now down to under 20.Smart looking and easy to top up Very satisfied (Posted on 16/07/2013)
    ExcellentReview by Andrew
    I've used quite a few different systems and this is the best so far.

    Good vapour production
    Good throat hit
    Easy to assemble
    Cleaning the coil is simple
    No leaks
    Simple to fill
    Good battery life
    Looks good
    Spares are reasonable priced

    Low tank capacity - however, you do get spare tanks and a handy little carry case to keep them in
    I wish the battery would give a low charge warning like most batteries do

    Overall, I would recommend this kit (Posted on 24/06/2013)
    Great on the go kitReview by Mr.M
    This was my first "proper" setup and I still use it consistently when out and about or travelling, the case is very useful and means you don't end up searching for juice or a charger when top ups are needed. I would say once I found my level ground in terms of preference for setup I found it lacking compared to a vivi nova on a tesla mod. You must take care to check all parts and clean it regularly. I will typically refill the tank 2/3 times in a day and after that the coil is pretty black and gunky. You also have to use tweezers to pull the wick down slightly as it tends to sit a little high up out of the box, a little tweaking will get it where you know it's happy. If it feels like it's getting a bit burnt out then I tend to burn off the excess juice with just the atomiser attached to the battery, running it till you can see the coil glow orange for a second or two, don't run it like that for more than 2/3 seconds or the coil will burn out and snap! Regular flushing of all the parts and allowing everything to dry out completely is a must, if you run it constantly for a few days the performance will depreciate considerably. The tanks are pretty small so if you are hitting it hard expect to have to carry around enough top up juice if you're out and about, other than that the build quality is excellent, the battery is a solid 1/2 day of use and charges pretty quick from flat too, I also use the battery with a Volish CE5 type tank I bought in a shopping centre store in Poland, for a clearomiser, that is recommended and has less leak issues than the vivi ones, where the rubber grommet on top of the atomiser can suffer from a slight gap against the drip tip and cause leakage into the mouth. If you want a solid, well made kit to get you off the tobacco this is as good a start as any, consider a higher capacity clearomiser as well to compliment the cart system it ships with. Don't forget to clean regularly and replace the wick and atomiser fairly often. (Posted on 31/05/2013)
    A good tank, but not for meReview by Oskar
    This was the first ecig I got. I did a lot of research and I thought that this would be the easiest one to start with.
    I did vape with this for two-three weeks, however I noticed that the tank system is not for me. I thought it was a lot of work to fill the tanks so often since they're so small (ok, you can fill a few at the same time and just change, but still) and I had quite some trouble with the wicks.
    Then the atomizers went bad, I think I didn't maintain them well enough.

    Anyway, this might be great for someone who likes the tank system, and it doesn't leak (which is great), but it simply wasn't for me. If I would have known better at first I would have bought a clearomizer, which is the system I prefer.

    I will however give it 4/5 because it did what I wanted it to - it helped me stop smoking. (Posted on 29/05/2013)
    A VERY nice KitReview by Viviane
    The Imist is a very nice e-cigarette and the price/quality ratio is good. Spare parts are cheap and easy to find. The cartridges are good sized,easy to fill and I've never had leaks. It gives a good amount of vapor and a nice throat-hit. Easy to clean and maintain. The battery lastts longer than expected, a very nice suprice, aswell as the fact that you can actually lock the battery, so it wont empty itself accidentaly. I strongly recommend this e-cig. (Posted on 21/02/2013)
    easy and effectiveReview by Trish
    Very pleased with how easy this is to use and set up. Battery last over a day, and charges quickly.
    Easy to clean.
    Stopped smoking cigarettes within a couple of days, after failing miserably for years before. (Posted on 20/02/2013)
    Hit n missReview by Neil
    It's not too bad, but it's quite messy, you can lose liquid easily if its not together "just right"
    great battery life, and you have the thread choice to find the right tank or cart thats best for you.
    I'm glad I bought it, but I'm going to try a different tank with it because leaks=wasted vape. (Posted on 17/02/2013)
    ExcellentReview by Kristina
    My first kit and I became an ex smoker as soon as it arrived. The Imist is easy to use, refill and clean, solid to handle and good looking. Very pleased. (Posted on 10/02/2013)
    ExcellentReview by Kristina
    My first kit and I became an ex smoker as soon as it arrived. The Imist is easy to use, refill and clean, solid to handle and good looking. Very pleased. (Posted on 10/02/2013)
    Wonderfull ProductReview by Kashif
    Its been 3 months since I got the Imist and compared with other products that I have used I have been very impressed with it. I got the gun metal colour and it looks great.
    Having said that, the colour on the battery is still great, though it is coming off the atomiser sections. But at 8.50 for a replacement its not a great issue. The Cartridge for holding the liquid is great, and that fact that nothing seems to leak out means I can have 2 or 3 prefilled in the carry case, safe in the knowledge that its not going to be all over that place.
    I would highly recommend that you get the syringe for filling them, so that the outside keeps nice and clean, and you can measure different mixes effectively.
    In terms of vapour production it is great you get loads of vape and it feels great smoking it.
    The battery life after 3 months of constant use is still great and they are lasting me a full day and a half before I need to worry about recharging. The fact that you have two means you will never be without a charged battery.
    One feature I would love to see is some sort of low battery warning, so you can be prepared rather than it just running out.
    Overall great product. (Posted on 31/01/2013)
    ButlerReview by Steve
    Just bought one of these, i must say, i'm well impressed. Went into the shopand was given all the help i needed as i didn't want to buy the kit, just 1 of these, with some spare wicks, customer service is excellent, thank you (Posted on 17/01/2013)
    Top Quality ItemReview by Roberto
    This imist is fantastic quality. New to vaping and started with an ego-t 650 mha. The ego is good, however, it leaks alot and only just lasts me a day before I need to charge.
    So bought the imist 1100mha, best decition I ever made like getting out of a ford into an audi! Battery on 50hrs so far not had to charge again yet, no leaks or drips, feel confident to just put in my pocket.
    Good idea being able to get to vital parts to clean.
    I ordered extra tanks in black for a change thinking I was getting 5 white with it ! D'oh! Now got 10 black.
    Oh yeah, it was a good service aswell, next day for me. (Posted on 11/01/2013)
    WichReview by Stephen
    I think these new ecigs are awesome I've been practicing with the wife's and its great (Posted on 09/01/2013)
    Excellent piece of kitReview by mikee
    Cant really add anymore to say that has not already been said in previous reviews. I,ve been using mine for several months without any problems and so impressed with it i,ve ordered a kit for my sons xmas present. (ooops hope he doesnt read this review yet!!!) (Posted on 16/12/2012)
    Very Smart KitReview by david
    out of all the kits i have this is the best one i have ever bought , some of my others seem to be to strong, i don"t like the throat hit these kits are just the job they suit me fine (Posted on 14/12/2012)
    It's gorgeousReview by Jana V
    I just falled in love with this little thing. Finally great pure taste, clouds of vapor on the ego sistem. No leaks. Looking great. Gives a great pleasure, doesn't compare with no other ego, and believe me, I've tried a lot of them. Thank you very much Esigwizard for your excellent work and very fast shipping.
    (Posted on 14/12/2012)
    The only tank you can recommendReview by Marcus V
    This is the most perfect device in the world of tanks, clearos and cartos. Zero leaks, zero dry hits and outstanding atomizer lifetime (6 weeks and still going strong) It can be easily dismantled and after cleaning+dry burning it is like new again! Never trying anything else again when enjoying vaping on the go. Perfect taste and vapor yet can be on the cool side for somebody wanting a good throat hit. Might dry a top notch drip atomizer but this is gonna be my nr.1 vaping equipment forever! (Posted on 14/12/2012)
    A Good Starter KitReview by Louise
    I tried and failed to get on with the Rok Star kit - too many battery and atomiser issues. This kit is so much better. Easy to refill, no leaks and easy to clean and works well. Looks good too. Long lasting batteries last me all day and night (Posted on 12/12/2012)

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