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Vision eGo Kit

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Vision eGo Kit - CE4 - 900mAh - Various Designs

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Product Description


The Vision Ego Kit

The Vision Ego Kit is available in 16 fun and colourful designs to bring out your personality. It also helps to distinguish your electronic cigarette apart from others. Both masculine and feminine designs are available. This system charges fast using a USB charging connection. It allows you to charge your eCigarette anywhere that a USB connection is available..

The kit includes a single cartomiser as well as one battery and a lock/unlock function. The cartomiser is capable of storing 1.5ml of e-liquid. With this system, users can adjust the ohms for usage between 2.7 and 3.2 ohms. The locking and unlocking function includes a 5-click system so that juice does not leak when the unit is not in use. Compatible with other 510 threaded parts, replacing or changing out pieces is quick and easy.

The kit is simple to put together when it arrives. It is important to charge the battery before use to ensure that it is ready to use at its full potential. Once the battery is charged, the atomiser is ready to be filled with e-liquid. From this point, you are ready to enjoy vaping whenever and wherever you'd like.

Vision Ego Kit features

  • 1 x Designer embossed/etched battery
  • 5 click lock/unlock function
  • 1 x USB Fast Charger
  • eGo & 510 Threading
  • 1 x CE5 Vision eGo Cartomiser with 1.5ml capacity
  • 2.4ohm resistance

Please note: While charging any battery purchased from us we strongly advise using our USB wall plug, as well as our safe charging bag while charging batteries of any kind.

DO NOT under any circumstances use a Rapid USB charger on a battery lower than 900Mah.

DO NOT under any circumstances use our USB charger on batteries from different manufacturers.

DO NOT under any circumstances us any other USB wall charger other than one purchased from eCigWizard.


Video Instruction

Please note, this video was originally made for the Fresh Starter Bundle, however, the Vision eGo kit is set up the same way.


Customer Reviews

Very good productReview by Elizabeth
Excellent product, very pretty design. Really quick delivery service. (Posted on 19/03/2014)
Hey! Why Not Become An EGO-nut! :)Review by jan
Before buying this Vision eGo Kit I’d literally read 100’s of reviews about e-cigarettes – (it’s just the way I’m built!) – and I feel I really got it spot on with this purchase.

Being an artistic type, I opted for the psychedelic-coloured battery design (lot’s of pretty, swirly colours!) :-) and have been using it almost exclusively for almost a month now, without a single hiccup (or a single tobacco-based cigarette!)

However, to those new to vaping, I would strongly suggest you also buy a spare battery to accompany your Ego Kit, because with heavy use the battery will possibly go flat after a long day (and night’s) use, and these batteries seem to need about 2 hours to re-charge, so it makes sense to have one battery on charge, while you make use of the spare one…

My back up/spare is the blue ‘eGo Battery - 900mah’ version, which – like the original power source, which came with the kit, seems to work very well indeed.

If it’s okay to mention it here, my very first experience of vaping was with a ‘Vapestick Max’ kit. It cost a lot of dough, but I wasn’t happy with it. True ‘nuff, it ‘looked’ flash – what with the very smart box, and all! – but it wasn’t long before one of the batteries started playing up. Also their replacement cartridges are very costly to buy, and weren’t refillable (like the Ego system), so it was expensive to run.

Since buying the Ego kit, I’ve also discovered the delights of vaping when one can visibly *see* how much ‘juice’ you have left in the clear ‘cartomiser’ thing, (which is impossible with the opaque metal tubes on the Vapestick model) – it’s a real nuisance when you suddenly ‘run out of steam’ at 10pm, out in the middle of nowhere, and can’t buy a new vaping tube or refill!

BTW: As an ‘added extra’ I also bought a different plastic mouthpiece for the Ego vaper; it’s one of the flatter-shaped designs (not black and rounded, like the one which came with the kit). It was a < Vision Ego CE5 V3 Mouth Piece > and that seems more suited to holding in the teeth, and saves you having to put it back down somewhere, = very useful when typing!

…And okay, as a big strapping fella, I admit that *pink* wouldn’t have been my *first* choice of colour for a mouthpiece, but hey – they didn’t have the colour I would have preferred! :o
~ Never mind, my Mrs has stopped taking the micky out of me now – for having such a ‘girly’ looking vaping device – and simply accepts her hunky artistic bloke the way he is, :) …which is an *ex-smoker* of tobacco, which is a win-win situation all round!

Are you wondering about getting into vaping, and giving up ‘the evil weed’? If so, I’d strongly recommend you just jump right in and get one of these splendid little Ego Kits, and emulate all the others who are now scaring the pants off the vile tobacco companies, as more and more of us quit tobacco *forever*, and set off down the pleasantly perfumed road of vaping!! :-)

~ Bon voyage! (Posted on 17/02/2014)
simply the best system aroundReview by chris
I have tried every system on the market. This is the only one that has worked for me. Its strong enough to knock my craving on the head at my worst times. Waking up and after a meal. No other system has made me feel like i have had a cigarette quite like this one. I swear by it. And will never look back. (Posted on 05/02/2014)
A wonderful introduction to vapingReview by Izzi
I was bought this kit to stop me smoking, and it didn't disappoint. It proved to be significantly more satisfying than cigarettes, I enjoyed the wide plethora of flavours, and even though I had to charge it, I didn't have to do so at regular intervals, which was handy. Though I initially had to change the cartomiser each month, I enjoyed this model nonetheless.
The beautiful designs helped too! (Posted on 15/01/2014)
ExcellenceReview by Sabby
For an entry level ecig, you can't go past this little gem. Mine arrived today and quite honestly I have trouble putting it down. The only recommendation I have is to replace the clearomiser with a 1.8ohm, you'll see a vast improvement in performance. (Posted on 24/09/2013)
EXCELLENT E-CIG!!!Review by sarah
I ordered this yesterday at 12pm and was shipped at 1pm received this morning less than 24hrs!! The design is so cute and vapes like a dream definitely recommend to anyone starting vaping!! (Posted on 20/09/2013)
Love it!Review by Michelle
Received my kit today, bought with some wizard mix. This is my first ecig/vaper and I'm well happy with my purchase!
Love the different designs available making it more personal to you and was pleasantly surprised at how effective it is! I have analogues on the shelf still as I wasn't sure when my kit would arrive but now it's here the analogues are no longer required!
I'm a very happy customer :) (Posted on 21/08/2013)
Trial and errorReview by Robert
I have tried many different types of ecigs and have came to the conclusion that this is by far the best I have tried very impressed with the battery life after charge lasted me 2 plus days and I was a heavy smoker 60 plus rolling cigs a day.
To date I have tried 10 different brands from ecigs to elites but this so far is totally blown the others away pardon the pun.
Rob (Posted on 26/07/2013)
Perfect starter kitReview by Tracy
Very stylish. Love the different battery designs. Gives it a more feminine touch if you choose the patterned ones. I have smoked for many many years and I liked the act of smoking far too much to even try to quit. Since I have had this, I have not had a cigarette since. I don't even miss it and if I walk past people smoking, I find the smell horrible. I feel better for switching. I have no cravings and I am using the low dose juices. Very happy with my purchase. If you are thinking of trying this then do so. You will not regret it. (Posted on 25/07/2013)
Amazing - except for the designs available!!Review by Aidan
Love this!! I havn't smoked a proper fag since getting it. However, I have had to use tape to cover the "girly" design of the battery. And the normal black/silver designs seem to be contantly out of stock - sort it out guys!!
Apart from the campness of it all - I would recommend this kit (when they sort out their stock availability). (Posted on 13/07/2013)
Highly Recommended! Amazing!Review by Leanne
I have tried to quit smoking several times. But this is the best I have done yet!
The Vision Ego is amazing! I would recommend to anyone and everyone... I haven't got one bad thing to say about this product.. Looks stylish, battery life is great.. Definitely stops the cravings, even after just one puff!

And the flavours are great.... Grape is my fav!

The service is also fab! Ordered mine on the sunday and it arrived on the tuesday! :-) (Posted on 27/06/2013)
brilliantReview by vicki
This is great, completely different from smoking the old style of e-cigs, no burning taste. Cannot recommend these things highly enough. (Posted on 21/06/2013)
AmazeballsReview by Claire
I have been smoking for 35 years. I have tried absolutely everything to give up, cut down etc etc and I mean EVERYTHING. Patches, inhalators, gum, hypnotherapy etc and NOTHING has ever worked.
My sister introduced me to this Vison Ego kit two weeks ago and lent me one of her spares to try before I buy. I was very sceptical it would work well having tried all sorts of stuff but what can I say....WOW !!! AMAZING !!! INCREDIBLE !!! I have been telling everyone I know about this product.

At the end of the first day on the EGO I had had a very stressful day and as I had a few normal fags in the car I lit one up......yeeeechhhhh ! It tasted B-A-D and I quickly stubbed it out and went back to my e-cig. Been fag free for 10 days and I cant say I have missed it once so a big shout out to my sister for putting me on to this but also I felt I had to write a review and say what a FANTASTIC product this has been for me. For the first time in 35 years I am smoke free.

Agreat product, does what it says on the tin, easy to use, no fuss - it couldnt be simpler and all for under £25 - I spend that in three days on fags normally so this thing has been a complete no brainer.
I have been telling everyone I know about this because if it stops me lighting up it should stop anyone :)
(Posted on 19/06/2013)
Excellent piece of kit.Review by Marion
I've been using this for over a month now and haven't even thought about a cigarette. Having stopped using SkyCig, which was OK. I started smoking again after a year due to a heavy night out. The SkyCig just wasn't cutting it anymore. This is fantastic!! Good throat hit, lovely flavours of E-Liquid (cherry coke is my favourite so far) and great battery life, although I will probably buy a spare battery for nights out. I can't fault this at all. With spares at a reasonable price, you really can't go wrong with this. What are you waiting for? get yours TODAY!!! (Posted on 30/05/2013)
FANTASTIC highly recommendReview by frederfffff
So i brought this product about three weeks ago and its amazing i pretty much went from 25 unfiltered roll-ups a day to ZERO on day one.It is so much like smoking and if you smoke a nice sweet e liquid it taste great too, the battery will easily all day and charges very quickly its easy to fill and clean.I have been showing my vision ego to all my friends and they have all like it, i am just about to buy another one for my friend so i highly recommend it especially with the Vision eGo CE5 V3. (Posted on 29/05/2013)
FantasticReview by Jayce
I brought two of these, one for myself and one for my missus, we both think they are brilient, the flavours that you can get with the E-Cigs are great! some you just want to keep puffing away on becasue they taste so good i wont point any out (Caramel, fresh mint, Caramalized Cappuchino) i would recomend this to ANY and EVERY smoker out there. (Posted on 20/05/2013)
Excilent productReview by craig
High quality and sturdy and well made I haven't had a cig since i received it yesterday the transition from cigarettes to this was a doddle . this has succeeded where patches ,gum and even Champix have failed in the passed can't praise it enough. (Posted on 19/05/2013)
Great E-Cig at a Great PriceReview by Sean
The first e-cig I bought was a very cheap mock cigarette design from Amazon. It was awful. It leaked, tasted disgusting and didn't hold a charge very well. I came to the conclusion that e-cigs were crap. Suffice to say I went 'analog' again pretty quickly.

A year later a friend suggested I try something like this and wow...I was wrong. Still being a newbie to vaping I was concerned by the lightsaber-esque design but you quickly adapt to the cigar size and it's actually a lot lighter than I expected.

I'd consider myself a fairly average smoker (previous 10 a day habit) and this handy little device easily holds its charge for a day and beyond. In terms of how it feels to use; there's a good amount of vapour produced and you get a nice throaty hit when inhaling. It doesn't feel quite the same as smoking a regular cigarette but it's close enough that you won't miss them. (Posted on 05/05/2013)
AmazingReview by darryl
received my vision ego kit yesterday morning and i am so impressed with this product that i have already ordered another one for back up...I have smoked 20 a day for 20+ years and now Im not even thinking about lighting up ....truly amazing ....anyone wanting to give up smoking?? well this product is for you.. (Posted on 04/05/2013)
Very Great E-CigaretteReview by Q.T
This is my second purchase.
first i bought it for myself to have a try,after try, i purchase it again for my hubby.
This is very great E-Cigarette,better than other, that i can say.

(Posted on 27/04/2013)
Very Great E-CigaretteReview by Q.T
I Has been try on other brand 510 e-cigarette is no that great, batteries and cartomisers easy and fast to run out. Until i find this Vision eGo, First try was a little weird, but is nice after few smoking, it was worth the try, just 1 days i already cut down half of a real cigarette, i feel better and its actually cheaper than smoking, and this is a cheap and perfect kit to get going, nice and simple to use, not difficult to use or fill, and lasts quite a while, but is little bit big for lady,just little bit!!
(Posted on 27/04/2013)
excellentReview by sarah
My vision ego arrived today. Dripped in some e-liquid and within a few minutes was vaping. I must say that it is far better than the purchase of the Olympian 510 starter set.
I absolutely love it, tastes great and no fiddling about, I am so glad that I made this choice :) and at a very affordable price...............try it and you will love it :) (Posted on 24/04/2013)
OMGReview by Tobias
I want this (Posted on 13/04/2013)
great buyReview by anja
I love my new design - Q6 It's great for a night on the town. And really quickly delivered - to Norway. Straight to my mailbox. Thank you ecig wizard! (Posted on 10/04/2013)
Total ConvertReview by Sue
I'd been smoking for 36 years when I discovered e-cigs. I've had a few of the small rechargeables but decided I'd better have a beefier battery for home use and so I bought this kit and totally love it. The clearomiser is easy to maintain and I know it will be a doddle when I need to replace anything. (Posted on 25/03/2013)
This is the fourth Ecig i`ve tried and put simply is the best as far as i`m concerened. I discovered it by accident in an advert in my local computer shop the guy doing the selling was using one himself and was very knowlegable about the different add ons and liquids, i even got to try it before i decided to buy and fell for it instantly. Its stylish desighn coupled with its ease of use makes it perfect for anyone i`ve smoked heavily for 23 years and the thought of giving them up was daunting the ego vision has let me make the transion effortlessly and its now 8 days since i saw the back of my habit. TAKE NOTE vaping is the future.:) (Posted on 24/03/2013)
Amazingly DifferentReview by Tabitha
Bought this earlier & absolutely love it! I have been using the elite. But this gives a much more realistic smoke. You feel like you've had a proper smoke without the nasties from a real cigarette! I love the fact it comes in different styles. I Wish it did come with a free liquid, but i did buy a delicious pineapple flavour :) (Posted on 20/03/2013)
Good starting pointReview by Daryll
This was my first e-cig, and I think i made the right choice. I've been smoking 15-20 a day for the last 40 years, and within days of buying this I stopped, and haven't had a real cig for nearly a month now.

Be warned that you will buy more bits though.... within a week of buying this i had ordered a spare battery, the following week some spare clearos (as the first one seems to leak e-liquid onto the top of the battery), and I've just ordered another starter pack, to give me another spare battery, charger and clearo.

... but it still works out cheaper (and healthier!) than smoking...
(Posted on 16/03/2013)
Great Value for use as an E-ShishaReview by Karl
I ordered this late friday, and it arrived on Tuesday after being despatched on the Monday. so 24 hour (working days) turn around :)

Worked straight from the packet. and what a great looking product. Im going to use this more as an E-Shisha. Tried it with a coconut 0.0% and gives great taste and vapour. The only let down is lack of instructions. I found out how to switch it on, (5 clicks)...and following a quick call to the excellent customer services informed me I needed to press the button when inhaling.

The inclusion of a CE5 clearomizer is a bonus, meaning i only need to replace the wicks.

One of my friends is interested in this, and i can see another order in the pipeline soon.

(Posted on 12/03/2013)
ExcellentReview by Nikki
I started off using skycig, battery life was rubbish and the carts were so expensive, each one last 24 hrs and at the price of a tenner for just 5 with £4 postage price it was actually cheaper smoking roll ups! Until I found these kits! So much choice of flavours and accessories! I'm sticking to this and just keeping the skycig in my bag as an emergency. (Posted on 03/03/2013)
fantastic starter kitReview by Michelle
at first I was a bit dubious but tried this anyway, the liquid flavours are really nice, much nicer than stinking of cigarettes, very easy to use and fill, could be easier to clean the tank but I will be getting a new one soon.
over all I am very impressed :D (Posted on 15/01/2013)
AmazeballsReview by Abi
This product is amazing. I will be buying another soon. (Posted on 14/01/2013)
Great starterReview by Mike
First try was a little weird, but after smoking for nearly 15 years it was worth the try, 4 weeks or so on and i havent had a cigarette, i feel better and its actually cheaper, until you find that you want another battery, different atomisers, more liquids etc etc....!! That said, its still cheaper than smoking, and this is a perfect kit to get going, nice and simple to use, not too big, not difficult to use or fill, and lasts quite a while if you dont hammer it!! If you are thinking about it, then do it, you have nothing to lose, and lots to gain! (Posted on 07/12/2012)

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    • How do I know which design is which number?
    • The design pictures should be visible now :)
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