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Baby Octopus RDA (rebuildable atomiser) - available in a range of great colours Zoom


Baby Octopus RDA

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The Baby Octopus is now here in mini form. The perfect rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA).

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Product Description


Baby Octopus RDA - Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser

First came the Octopus RDA, and now the Bab y Octopus Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) has landed!

The Baby Octopus RDA works exactly the same as the Octopus....

You want to try a new liquid without the need to top up a brand new atomiser and taking the risk that you do not like the liquid?

You do not want to buy the expensive dripping atomiser everytime?

Then we have the right thing here for you! The Baby Octopus Reb uildable Dripping Atomiser from Smoktech.

The Octopus RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomiser for a very low price.

It comes pre-build so you can use it out of the package.

< p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">You can use any 510 drip tip on it.

The Baby Octopus RDA is compatible with every 510 threading.

Available in a range of different colours.


To rebuild The Baby Octopus RDA please follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the cap

  2. Release both screws which fix the wire

  3. Bend a 6cm string of 1mm Silica wick at least 3 times.

  4. Do at least three coils of the 0.16mm NiCr-wire (five with the 0.20) around the Silica

  5. Put the wire ends through the little holes and tighten up the screws to fix the wick.

  6. Drip some liquid on the wick and vape on.

Video (Norm al Octopus RDA)

All in all, the Baby Octopus RDA (Rebuildable Atomiser) is perfect for vaping on the go.


Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience for a newbie and a thumbs up for the wizzards.Review by Pete
As a relative newcomer to vaping, (gave up smoking after 40 years of roll ups), I bought my first cigalike around 6 months ago and my shorter term smoking son joined me for the ride.

Well it was a good experience overall and worked for us both but not without plenty of annoyance and frustration with burnt wicks and crumbling threads in the cheap CE4's we were buying. We both longed for a better set up but needed to dip our toes in the water without too much outlay, maybe start with a dripper then upgrade batteries to a box mod eventually.

After spending months online searching and dreaming I got my first look in on this site and had to buy the baby octopus, after all it was around the same price as a CE4 so I ordered 2 along with 2 knuklehead drips and a bottle of the cherry that was on clearance.
First I was amazed that they arrived at lunch time the next day, (today as I write), just 27 hours after they were ordered.

Being ready coiled and wicked I just tried some of the cherry, I think around 8-9 drops, a minute to wick it all up while I got an ego battery off charge and gave it a blast, WOW!
Even in this miniature package I experienced hits that I dreamed of while watching all those Youtube review vids, good vapour production and a difference in taste that I can only describe as the difference You get in food taste after giving up smoking in the first place.

The only thing I'm worried about is the size, it's a solid product and should last for years but it's even smaller than I thought, no more than half a mil. or so wider than a CE4 and less than the thickness of my index finger, I can see this will be a bugger to recoil and re-wick, (for me), unless I make a jig I can hold it steady with in a vice or maybe use some of those helping hand gizmos with a magnifier.
On the subject of build quality, there have been reviews of this and the larger version warning of gurgling when overfilling, (why not be more careful, lol.?) well the suggested fix was already in place with the two I bought, they have solid decks with a tiny hole in the cover/bell at coil height, maybe the last of the octopus run was a transitional set up in readiness for the new series?

Sorry to go on, I'm just so hyped I guess, after all the transition from clearomisers to this is such a large and rewarding step and instead of spending £2 upwards a week on flaky CE4's I can look forward to a much better vape costing maybe 15p at most a week to recoil and a body that will last years, thank You ecigwizzard. (Posted on 23/04/2015)
BrillReview by Lisa
Love it ..small and mighty highly recommend for beginner drillers (Posted on 13/03/2015)
Great mini dripper.Review by Colin
This little thing sits about about flush with an ego style battery and works just as well out of the box with an ego or a spinner.

It's got a great flavour profile for a tiny tank. You're favourite juices will really come to life in this thing.

Highly recommended for those who want to dip there toe in the rda pool.

For first time users, you want about 2-3 drips in and let it soak. Then add another 3-4 drips as required.

East to use, easy to clean.

The posts can be fiddly to screw in/out and sadly don't have driver marks so best avoided if you find yourself firmly in the population with sausages for fingers. (Posted on 31/01/2015)
Great to get startedReview by Mark
I wanted to get into rebuildable drippers, and went for this as an inexpensive option.
Brilliant, can't fault it/ Easy to rebuild and doesn't drip. The flavour is phenomenal. 10/10 to Ecigwizard. (Posted on 28/11/2013)
BrillantReview by Asgard
Discover the real taste of your juices!!! (Posted on 21/09/2013)
dippity drippityReview by samuel
What everybody else said! Great value and easy to rebuild. The only improvement I could think of are some screwdriver grooves in the top of the terminal screw caps for those with JCB spade hands! My claws can still manage so a very minor point. Great product. (Posted on 16/09/2013)
Beautiful, inexpensive dripping atomiserReview by Mark
Perfect for my needs. I previously had a Vision Eternity which I raved about, until it snapped at the 510 connection. This little baby is half the price and gives a better vape, and from the looks of it, not anywhere near as much hassle when it comes to changing the wick.

Be aware the description "It comes pre-build so you can use it out of the package " is slightly incorrect. It doesn't come with a drip tip. I've had to use the one from my eternity, which doesn't quite fit, so you'll need to order one if you don't have a spare, but I'm not complaining.

(Posted on 08/08/2013)
nice driperReview by Shaun
very good little driper and fits love on the Mini eGo Battery and the bigger one (Posted on 25/07/2013)
Simple, Leak Free, Small, Loads of FlavourReview by Richard N
New to dripping and always avoided it because I assumed that it would be more of a hassle compared to a tank. I was wrong. The driper here does not take a massive amount of drops (probably around 6-7 using my bottle to be assured of no leaks) but this amount of juice is more or less the perfect amount for a vape of around 10-12 puffs (for me). The beauty of this is that once you have finished, the atty is not going to leak everywhere in your pocket because it is more or less dry when you are finished. This particular driper is very small and compact. With a 'shorty' drip tip is is shorter than a standard cartomizer and is more or less the same diameter as an ego battery. This would look great on an ego battery if you had a cone or flange to hide the excess threading. It is easy and very simple to rebuild, you are likely to get more or less top performance out of it even if your coil is not perfect, and it requires a lot less exactness than a genesis style. It is nice and light, and is very simple so is unlikely to go wrong. The biggest thing here though (which is true of dripping in general) is you really do get much more flavor out of your juice. I have been using the same 'all day' juice for a few months now and it tastes very different in this, flavor is much more present. For this price and simplicity, you really cannot go wrong, and this is a safe bet for anyone wanting to give it a go. (Posted on 13/07/2013)
Love itReview by Richard
The Baby Octopus RDA was better than a expected, simple to use and a great vape (Posted on 30/06/2013)
Great first time RDAReview by Mr.darcy
My first real step into dripping, wits nicely on the ego batterys for a stream lined vape , easy to get started on, its up to you to practice your coils the only bad thing is i find the cap a little lose after a while. It doesnt leak its solid and works hard. If you want to start dripping start with this! I recomend the olimpian tank plinth with this. (Posted on 25/06/2013)
The best i've ever tried for this priceReview by Yiannis
Great flavour, throat hit and it's easy to rebuild. PLUS it's cheap and looks great on my ego/vision twist/spinner batteries. I ordered another one today :) (Posted on 17/05/2013)
Very goodReview by jupuz
Gives very good taste and throat hit. One of the best drippers I've ever used! (Posted on 14/05/2013)
Very nice driper with great hitsReview by mission_uk
It's a nice dripper and a first time for me,it's small about 2cm x1cm with a punch or more like a Octopus uppercut,and rebuildable
Nice to try out flavours without all the hassle,,drip drip and away you go,and a super service from ecigwizard :) (Posted on 07/05/2013)

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